How to get a girl to work in the police?

To protect the lives and property of fellow citizens, to enforce the law of the Russian Federation, to faithfully serve the Motherland - the dream of many young men and women. However, the latter often have to work harder and harder to make this dream a reality. To serve in the army or the internal organs of girls and women harder than men. There is nothing you can do about it, so historically. But, if you are not afraid of difficulties, and you're ready to actually prove that a woman copes with the duties of a police officer is not worse than men - welcome to the ranks of the Interior Ministry.

People take on the police force?
On the basis of the Federal Law number 342, which was adopted in 2011, the year, in the service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the persons who meet the following requirements:
  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • lack citizen residence permits in another Member State;
  • Age: from 18 to 35 years old.
  • fit for service for health reasons;
  • past psychophysiological diagnostics and test
    ing for drug and alcohol addiction;
  • no criminal record, open criminal cases and bringing to administrative responsibility for offenses within one year from the date of receipt of the service.
Sex, religion and ethnicity do not matter.

Education Requirements
To work as a private police officer , rather diploma that you graduated from high school. If you plan to hold officer positions , investigator or inspector to work , you must have a law degree . To become an inspector of the juvenile , you will need to get a degree in teaching , etc.

How to become an employee of the Ministry of Interior
If you fit the above requirements, it is necessary to make sludyuschee:
  1. Contact the Human Resources Department Ministry of Internal Affairs district office to find out about job vacancies.
  2. If the interest is there job , you will be offered to pass a medical examination and testing , as well as - to fill an autobiographical profile. Be honest and careful . Remember that all information received from you HR staff will definitely check out .
  3. Wait solutions department. If you come for the selected position , you will be informed about it . First, you will be enrolled in the service as a trainee , then , if your work does not cause complaints , it will be made an order on your official appointment .
If you are refused in the personnel department , and you think that this was done unfairly , there is infringement of the legislation of the Russian Federation , you can always turn to the head of department on work with the personnel UVMD in your area. Appointments to it can be the secretary of the regional branch of the Ministry .