How do I check on the authenticity of the diploma?

Who and what can check the certificate of authenticity ? This is usually done by employers for one reason or another are not confident that the degree applicant for the position currently . Or the knowledge worker has to carry out labor activities do not correspond to their education. Information about the education of any person related to personal data , so they can be checked quite complicated. On the formal and informal ways of checking the diploma , as well as prospects in this area we describe below .

In some cases, the employer is obliged to check the certificate of authenticity ? Such cases are not so much. Mandatory procedures are checking certificates of applicants applying for positions in the Interior Ministry , to work in the organs of state security , for carrying out work in the aerospace and defense industry.

In other cases, the decision about how to check the degree of the applicant for the position or not taken by the head of the enterprise.

How to verify the authenticity of the diploma?
According to the labor law , namely , Article 86 Article 3 of the Labour Code , any personal information about yourself in the workplace provides the employee or applicant for the position . Another option - to obtain data from a third party , but only with the consent of the employee . Moreover, this agreement must be submitted in writing.

By law, the employer must inform the employee where, how and for what purpose he was going to check his personal data.

If an employer is going to strictly follow the letter of the law, then he has two official authentication method diploma.
  1. Official request to the police. This method is usually used in cases where the employer is confident spuriousness diploma and wants to prove it to the applicant or employee has suffered an appropriate punishment. Evidence of fraud in this case will serve as expert and a certificate from the university confirming that the applicant have not been studied. At the request of law enforcement agencies obtain a certificate from the university quickly and easily. Penalties for the use of false documents: a large fine, corrective labor or arrest for up to 6 months.
  2. First, under the form requested a written consent of the employee to check their personal data , in particular the degree. If the employee refuses to give such consent , it may already serve to confirm the assumption of forgery . In this case, the employer can act first by sending a declaration to the relevant authorities .
If consent is obtained , the employer makes a request in accordance with the prescribed form ( official form , check the reason , signature of the holder of the diploma , stamp and signature of the employer ) and sends it to the institution in which the diploma was obtained . If the school was disbanded , the request is sent to his successor .

It should be noted that the verification request through the university does not always guarantee that the employer finds out the real situation. Many companies that sell counterfeit diplomas, advanced in its activities so far that bought certificates directly in the universities . Therefore, these documents on education have a real recording in the archives. In this case, to prove that a fake diploma , it will be very difficult.

Other methods of authentication diploma:
  • Through social networks . Such communities as " Classmates " and " in contact" have extensive and detailed database of educational institutions in our country and around the world. If you know the full name, school and year , you can get information about studying whether such a person in this school really .
  • Send a request to the institution , indicating the number of diploma and asked to confirm its authenticity could , in principle, any person who is not even using official letterhead and seal . But in this case, the institution may refuse , considering illegal request .
  • The request of law enforcement authorities in one hundred percent of the cases is satisfied , and some employers take advantage of this with no intention of initiating a criminal case. But this informal way and to implement it is necessary to have friends in the police.
  • If the request authenticate the diploma will come from the its owner , it is guaranteed to be satisfied . Therefore, an applicant or employee , self-righteous , but suspected of forgery , he can send a request to the school or , if possible , visit the school and obtain the corresponding certificate in the archive .
  • On Web sites, some schools have a new service : after entering a number of diploma you can get information about the training activities of the former student. This includes the names of coursework and diploma , evaluations , etc. If a fake diploma , then this information will not be detected .
The electronic database of diplomas of higher educational institutions

This project is ripe for a long time and work on it is now being quite active.

According to the draft, the registry will include the following information:
  • Last name, first name and patronymic of the graduate
  • His passport data
  • The code of the university the Russian Classification
  • Name of institution
  • Year graduated
  • Specialization
  • These diplomas: series, number, date of issue
Such a registry already exists, it is conducted by the National Accreditation Agency in the field of education since 2005, but the access to it now only have administrative structures.

Law enforcement agencies report that in Russia there are thousands of companies that sell fake diplomas . And hundreds of thousands of citizens working in such diplomas . Perhaps , after the creation of a single register , the likes of which exist in all developed countries , the number will decrease.