How to behave at the interview?

Find a job that would bring pleasure afforded the level of income that you need, and with the opportunity to realize their talents , not so simple. And if such a meet, and you have in your mind draw a successful career in the company and " settles " for a new desk - it's great ! But often enough to be a great professional and promising " scenes" to get it , you still know how to present themselves .

When the work between you and your dreams is the last obstacle - the interview - knees begin to tremble treacherous. Even if you have confidence that you are the ideal candidate for this place, that there are doubts as to convince the future boss or employee of personnel service? How to behave at the interview? What do I need to say, and what should be silent? Here are some guidelines that will help you pass a strict "face control" and occupy the coveted post. Although the standard interview and lasts 15-20 minutes, often experienced personnel officer in the first 2-3 minutes of an opinion on the candidate, an
d then change it would be very difficult. So first you need to make every effort to have these three minutes to wrap up in their favor. That's what it would require.
  1. Prepare five copies of well-written resume . To learn how to write a resume , we have been told in the pages of this site. Why five? If you are sobesedovat few people , it is extremely desirable to each of them to give your resume . Usually the number of interviews does not exceed three people.
  2. Properly dressed. We will not repeat the truism of how both meet and see off . It seems to be the perfect clothes for an interview - a classic suit for men and a skirt with a blouse for women. I will not argue , a good option, but it is better still to find out the dress code of the place where you plan to work and to dress in accordance with it . If you need a programmer or a position , for example, a designer , a formal suit is not always the best choice.
    How to behave at the interview?
  3. Hair and make-up . There should not be zealous - spending all morning in the cabin to come real star . It can not make the impression that you want to . Hair should be neat and makeup for women - restrained.
  4. Beware of perfume.
  5. Greets friendly and calm. When prompted to sit down , if there is such an opportunity - is not located in front of the interlocutor , and next to him . So he probably perceive you as an ally , while the table will create a barrier between you . However, if you offer to sit down on the only possible place , do not worry - it's just one of the factors . The remaining candidates were in the same position as you .
  6. Your eyes must be open and not tense posture . See your interlocutors eyes open look. If you are in a conversation avert their eyes , or nervously run them , it will give reason to think that you have something to keep back , or trying to hide . If you look into the eyes psychologically difficult , try to focus with them , such as the nose of the person you are talking to at the moment.
    There is nothing to fumble or fumble clothing.
  7. Extra points you can earn , if will demonstrate awareness of the company and be able to express a great desire and enthusiasm to obtain the desired position . Perhaps these points and allow you to win over the other candidates , who only managed to create the impression that they are looking for a new place to make money.

Often candidates admit blunders , answering questions . Sometimes the host country deliberately ask " double bottom " . Let's look at these subtleties now to X per hour to know exactly how to behave at the interview .
  1. " With difficulty you have found ( found ) ," " he gets ( reaching out ) an hour " - it is unnecessary to start a conversation . It is useless to hint that the company is in the boonies . So you almost cross out yourself from the list of candidates. To find the right addresses are not ended late , find out the road and leave home early.
  2. " What do you expect to work with us? " For your employer is important, what your motives are driven . Although at first glance the answer is " a good salary and office next to the house ," seems the most sincere, the potential boss , he is unlikely to enjoy . Think in advance. This can be a creative fulfillment , stability and opportunity to show themselves .
    How to behave at the interview?
  3. Tell us about yourself. This issue is likely to sound . Do not specify "What is it? " - To prepare a small speech , consisting of the major milestones of your professional career , education, and do not forget to list the major successes . Complete a short ( 2-3 minute ) presentation of a list of recommended attributes that will help you in this job . But make the right choice : great diligence and accuracy characterize accountant or a bank employee , and the courage , creativity and creative approach needed reporter .
  4. " Why did you leave your last job ? " . Uncomfortable question, but it will have to respond. And even if everything was awful , and the former boss - a real tyrant and a tyrant , not a time to talk about it . Whatever the reason, it presented in a favorable way for himself . If you have gone yourself, because you do not ustaivayte , voiced only those factors that are not in the new location . Otherwise, you get them to believe that here , too, you do not like .

    Some interviews, knowing that to this issue will be prepared, come to the other side and asked: "Under what conditions would you be willing to return to the previous place of work?". In this case, your task will be to transform their home preparation for the answer to this question. It's simple enough. If the direct question "why you left a previous job," you were going to say "because I do not see prospects for professional growth," then the question "Under what conditions would you have returned" answer "if he saw prospects for professional growth in the company ' . The main thing is not to get lost and quickly re-orient that only emphasize the flexibility and speed of your mind thinking in unusual situations.

Now that you know how to behave during the interview, it remains only to arrange a time to come - and get the job that you certainly deserve.