How to choose a digital camera?

The availability of digital cameras wider range of people made a tremendous contribution to the development of amateur photography. The rapid development of digital photography, as well as continued cost reduction in price with an increase in the volume of information storage media, such as Flash-drives, allow ordinary users to make a large number of photos, quickly view, read, edit and organize during storage. Highlights of any holiday, birthday or other event in your life is now forever can be stored in the memory card, hard drive of your computer or on photographic paper using a color printer. Now you do not need a film of display solutions, dark room and the red lamp. Everything has become much easier.

So, how to choose a digital camera?
Roughly speaking, all digital cameras can be divided into two groups. This so-called "Soap" and digital cameras "classical" form. The name "Soap" came into use with the advent of cheap Central Asian production of film cameras, which are shaped like a product of the sam
e name. Despite the somewhat disparaging name, this type of digital device, adequately satisfy the needs of fans of "household" survey, have a low cost, compact size and light weight. If you do not want to delve into all the details of the process of photographing, the data unit is for you. But this does not mean that you shut down the road to the world of classic cameras. In all of them there is an automatic mode that will do everything for you, but you will get better quality images than using the "shoot cameras."

If you want to know all the insight about the process of photographing , to have maximum control over them and management , and thus possess the financial capacity , then you definitely need a "classic" digital camera . The cost of these devices for at least two to three times higher than the "Soap" and if you subsequently decide to equip your camera different lenses , the price can differ by an order or more.

The choice of "classic" cameras and lenses for their entire websites devoted as it is a very broad topic with many nuances. If you wish, you can always find this information on the Internet. We will deal with it in this article will not, and look at a short list of rules to select the first consumer digital camera type :
  • Do not try to buy the number of megapixels in the camera.
  • Based on the preceding paragraph, give preference to devices with glass lenses.
  • Optical zoom is the best digital, as it provides more opportunities for photography.
  • If you plan to shoot in low light conditions, then pay attention to the work of built-in flash and modes of work.
  • Pay attention to the additional features that you might need, such as the self-timer.
  • Find out how much of removable media support your selected model.
  • Learn about the type of device used in batteries, their capacity, longer battery life and battery charger available for them.
    Look at the ports through which you connect to your computer to save your photos.
  • For photos 10x15 cm fit almost any modern digital camera.