As well as how to choose a blender?

Blender is one of the most useful devices, which greatly simplifies the life of any owner. Blender can be an indispensable tool in areas such as the preparation of shakes, mashed potatoes, grinding of various products and even crushing ice. Some of these targets are buying food processor, which is a multifunction device. But the food processor has two significant drawbacks. Firstly, it is a much higher price compared to the blender. Secondly, the amount of occupied space in the kitchen. Because of the latter that many housewives after a period of use, dismantle combine, wash up and put in a closet.

So, if you decide to purchase a blender then you first have to determine the type of blender you intend to buy. Stationary blender. As can be understood from its name, this type of blenders installed on the table top and has a cup in which the products are placed. The cup may be made of glass or plastic. Glass cup is preferable, but it is harder and if you smash it, then most likely you will need to buy a new bl
ender, as the search for the same cup will be very problematic. Plastic bowls do not fight, but may darken with time and have a limit on the temperature of downloadable products. Also note the desired volume of the bowl. Stationary blenders has the following advantages:
  • battery life that allows you to specify the mode of crushing him and continue to do their work;
  • high power, which allows it to crush even the ice;
  • lower cost, compared to other types of blenders;
  • the presence of a self-cleaning function in some models;
  • chashoy convenient for cocktails, which has a handle and a spout for pouring.

Disadvantages stationary blender:
  • It occupies a place in the kitchen;
  • poorly suited for chopping vegetables.

Immersion blender.It is a more compact and mobile device that you have to keep in your hand while chopping food in the container . It is well suited for the preparation of baby puree. The body of the blender can be metal or plastic . Blender with plastic housing is cheaper , but again may have a limit on the temperature of the products. This type of blenders can be equipped with different beater , or ice pick .
Pluses immersion blender:
  • compact size;
  • maloportsionnyh convenience cooking dishes such as baby puree.

  • the higher price;
  • the need to keep it in your hands while cooking.

Additional tips:
  • The power and the number of speeds the blender affect the time during which he will cope with the task.
  • Check out the features you are interested in a blender , to ensure that it will meet your needs . Very useful is the pulsing mode . It is also desirable to have the protective cover from the spray , which will have to add ingredients while chopping .
  • Pay attention to the warranty period you liked devices and availability in your area service centers.
  • A rich selection of colors have blenders plastic.

After that, you can safely go to the electronics store and pick blender, who will prepare you a lot of tasty and healthy dishes.