How to learn to speak in public?

The ability to intelligently , coherently and persuasively to talk is the one which is really worth to learn in life. Subsequently , it can not provide you with a good service , starting with an interview for a prestigious position and ending with the holding of an important conference , in which you play a key role. And in everyday life communication will help to solve many problems , creating an impression of you as an intelligent and pleasant person . How to learn to speak in public , to achieve all this ?

Oratory is a very broad concept, which is composed of many small parts. This vocabulary and the ability to think logically, and your credibility and confidence to the audience. If something of these components you will not miss it learn to speak in public you just do not get. This is especially true fear and lack of confidence in public speeches. Some believe that they can be overcome in the process of constant practice, while others insist that it is innate and completely get rid of them fail.
But if you're like most people, do not aspire to the heights of oratory and just want to learn how to learn to speak beautifully, you need to know about these simple things. In public statements, it all comes down to the question of how to win the trust of the audience? The answer is simple and concise. It should be acquired in the eyes of its authority. In the recent past, Bill Gates makes the following hypothetical proposition: "For ten years, all laptops will be used as a TV. Television sets that we use at the moment, will be old-fashioned and irrelevant. " In many ways what happened. Now imagine that these same words would have said, for example, Britney Spears, not a guru of the computer world. Would you believe it, and all would listen to her? The answer is obvious. Therefore, it is very important initial phase of confidence, that is, your credibility before you start to say something. If your audience already knows that you are an expert in some area, you do not have to worry about his authority and try to make it in his speech. But what to do if you are not a recognized expert in the area, which is talking? The answer is simple. You need to build credibility based on his speech.
  1. Advertise yourself.If you already have some experience in those matters about which it is told , then mention it in his speech . Avoid overt bragging and lying . Keep it short and simple. Remember that credibility is earned rather slowly , and lost very quickly.
  2. Make your audience.Try to determine the mood of your audience before the start of your keynote speech . Even if you are going to talk about controversial things , you have to find a way to give the impression of the unity of your values ​​and a common language .
  3. Speaks.The persuasiveness of your speech is very important. If you do not feel confident in your speech, your audience is very soon it will understand. Avoid words-parasites in his speech, such as "here", "well", "in general", "how to" and so on. It's hard to make it eloquent and confident, if you monotonously read out pre-written text. Instead, the best solution is memorizing the text and a few rehearsals your speech in front of a mirror, or family members. You have to talk loud enough, clear voice connectivity in compliance with all speech and language rules.
  4. Arguments about.For beginners, it is very important to use the speakers facts, examples , statistics and testimony confirming your ideas . It sounds much more convincing terms that the budget for health care is planned for next year 5 billion . Rubles, than to say that incorporated a few billion . In addition, you should use data from reputable, proven and unbiased sources.
  5. Be logical sequence.Your speech should consist of an introduction , main body , revealing your ideas and opinions . You can, of course, immediately upload your audience dry statistical data , giving them the ability to parse by the audience , but in this case, your ideas may remain unclear , and the ability of the public rated as very low .
  6. Refer to the emotions of the audience.The emotional appeal and its role in the performances always caused a lot of debate . There are even tips to try to avoid attracting the audience due to the impact on her emotions . We do not agree with this statement . Many speakers in their speeches achieve credibility through the optimal combination of logical and emotional component in his speech.
    In order to enhance the emotional appeal of using words and phrases that can affect the feelings of the audience. There are no universal solutions , and everything will depend on the particular audience. At the same time you have to be very dlzhny during a speech pronounced feelings, which you will cry .

If you can learn how to speak in public in front of a large audience , then apply their skills in communicating in small groups in the professional and domestic environment, you will not be difficult . You will be surprised how nice the ability to speak affects the people around them .