How to buy a car?

Buying a new car - it is always joyful and troublesome task simultaneously. On the one hand you need to choose from a wide variety of models on the market that will meet all your expectations and requirements, but also ideally have a relatively low cost. On the other hand, will have to face the analysis of large amounts of information and fill nightingales salespeople in showrooms, which will seek all sorts of ways to sell you their goods more expensive. How to find the right balance and the right to buy a new car?

Step by step instructions on how to buy a new car.
  1. Evaluate your budget for the purchase and on the basis of a class defined with the future of the car and the three or four most interesting to you models in this class . As is known , the class of the car is determined primarily by its dimensions.

    A class.Most small-sized cars with a body length of 3.6 meters and a width of up to 1.6 meters.

    B class.It is very popular among women in Europe a class of machines, which is used for trips to the superm
    arket in a big city and has dimensions of length 3.6-4.0 meters and a width of 1.6-1.7 meters. Typical representatives : Volkswagen Polo, Opel Corsa, Lada Kalina .

    C class.NIDA average , which is often called Golf class , which is named in honor of its most characteristic representative of the car Volkswagen Golf. The length of the car in this class of 4.1-4.4 meters, width 1,70-1,75 meters. Behind the palm in this class with VW Golf has long been competing Honda Civic, Toyota Coroll, Opel Astra , and many others . Also, the C- Class includes Lada Samara and all models.D class.It is a mistake often considered representational . In fact, this is the most that neither is on the middle class with dimensions of length 4.5-4.7 meters in width 1,75-1,80 meters. Class representatives are the Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Avensis, BMW 3 - series , Opel Insignia, all models of car Volga .

    E class.Upper middle class length over 4.7 meters and a width of 1.8 meters.

    F class.How exactly is a representative.

    There are cars out of this classification such as convertibles, coupes, roadsters, SUVs, crossovers, and others.

    Recently there has been a steady trend towards an increase in the dimensions of vehicles in each class , as a result of its size may not have even fall in the class , and the adjacent older. But while they are still on the European classification to the class from which already " grown up" .

    Once you have decided on class and some of the most interesting of its representatives try to find information about them on the Internet. Now virtually every model on the network, there are car owners clubs in the form of forums. On them you can find comprehensive information about you are interested in cars and most typical problems with them. If the car is very popular and sold, then you can just get lost in a large amount of information that can be also some controversial moments. In this case, the most appropriate read reviews of users on sites like,,, Or just enter into Google, Yandex or request a "car model - review" and read the information on the links. Write down all your questions on each model on a sheet of paper to remember in the future to get the answers.

    At this stage of theoretical training can be considered successfully completed and to begin more active and interesting activities.
  2. Visit car dealerships that sell the items you need . Seeing a clean , sparkling , smelling of novelty car is very difficult to remain impartial and to see not only its advantages but also disadvantages. In this case you just have to help a list compiled by analyzing data on the model in the first paragraph . In addition to interior and exterior look in the trunk. How it fits your requirements? Conveniently located if the spare tire, or dokatka if you will have to use them on the road ?

    Look under the hood.
    How to buy a car?
    Learn about the delivery date of your car, ask to pass a test drive and provide a template contract of sale used car dealership danym. It is desirable that in the present test drive the car with the type of transmission and the bundle that you are going to buy, based on their budget. Unfortunately, this little doable and you will want to be satisfied with what gave you the car dealer. On a test drive is best to go with your loved one, whose place in the back seat of the test vehicle. While you assess the convenience of management, he will appreciate the convenience and comfort of the back row of seats. Many car manufacturers are small and medium-class sin and save this NPA.

    Even if you like the results of a test drive and supply manager interested in cars , it is still not necessary to give in to temptation and to contract in the first showroom. Perhaps the next car will be even more interesting for you , or you can make a better offer . Be sure to visit all the planned car dealers, then take two or three days time-out on the conclusions and final decision .
  3. Rate, make you an offer and compare to your budget. Note that in addition to the direct cost of the car, you may take up to 5-10% of the cost of overheads such as floor mats, mud flaps, security and anti-theft devices, insurance and registration. Again, take a look at a list of questions for each model, as you remember the answers to them and choose a car for the subsequent acquisition, based on your needs and desires. Then you have two ways. Or take the car out of the presence, or to place an order on it and wait for the receipt to the warehouse. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
    Advantages of buying a car from having.
    • there is a long waiting period, which is popular models could be up to one year;
    • you really see what to buy, but do not get something for an indefinite fact;
    • possible discounts and a variety of bonus programs for cars last year of production.

    • have to buy a car "as is", without the right to choose whether or other additional equipment, unless of course, the manufacturer has not supplied exclusively fixed configuration;
    • buying cars last year, you actually get a car that according to the laws of the secondary market is already one year old will be considered with all the consequences.

    Advantages of buying a car for the order:
    • you get only the options that you really need;
    • you get only a new car, which did not stand in the showroom.

    • perhaps a long wait for delivery of the car dealer's warehouse;
    • manufacturers often make various changes in the model during the production and you can not quite get the car, which had expected.

    If you decide to book the car , it 's all very simple . Make a prepayment , the amount of which is different for different dealers and enters a period of expectation. As soon as the car comes to a warehouse dealer , pay him the remainder of the cost and get the long-awaited car .
    If you decide to take out the availability, do not rush. Telephoned the official dealers in the neighboring areas. Perhaps they will have in stock a suitable model to you, or they will be able to offer you the best conditions. Then pay and get your car. Very often, after full payment of the car dealerships give only three or four days after the full payment. This is due to the fact that the passport of technical means on the machine is not in the showroom, and laid in the bank and dealership redeemed after full payment of the cost of the vehicle's manufacturer or vendor.

Now that you know how to buy a car.