How to choose a driving school?

If you have decided to get a driver's license and drive a car yourself - congratulations ! Science itself is not too difficult , but the benefits that will give it the ability , can not be overstated . The question is only one - where to study ? If you believe the advertising - all as a driving school are highly professional teachers and trainers , magnificent park cars and low prices . But how to choose a driving school where you can get a really high-quality knowledge and skills ?

To determine the place where you'll get the basic driving skills need to carefully examine the existing proposals and to make the right choice.
My first thought -ask for advicehave friends who have recently received the right , they can suggest something . The key word here - recently . If your boyfriend learned not in good school a couple of years ago , not the fact that there is still great so far. Could the change of owners , officers leave monolingual . Opinion friends be sure to take into account , but only to base their ch
oice on it just not worth it . In the end, may be the best option , which your friends just do not know .

With advice from friends and advertisements, select three or four schools that visit in person. And one of the most important criteria would be the distance to the house. Driving will already take the time you used to spend on something else, whether it is necessary to add to it a couple of hours on the road? Note that if the announcement stated, "We are ..." and address that is right for you, it does not mean that classes are held there. Perhaps it is only the office address. Be sure to specify where classes will be held. Pick a convenient schedule to be late or miss classes - in which case the gaps in knowledge will be difficult.Take a look at the licensedriving schools from the Ministry of Education and make sure that it will not end before your training . This circumstance undoubtedly let all the work for nothing. And do not look for the easy way and short courses . To master the basics of the art of driving, you will need a minimum of three months of intensive training .

How to choose a driving school?Examine training cars. If the fleet is obsolete - better to find another school . Ability to drive something older than you , of course , can be very interesting skill , but in practice, unlikely to be useful . The same goes for the classes . They must be spacious , equipped with computers and visual aids. An additional advantage may be the existence of a driving school of modern teaching aids such as computer simulations and special driving simulators .

Specifyhow many will be driving lessons. Some driving schools reduce the price by reducing the training workshops, it is a bad idea. By the way, if you are trained in the summer , it is necessary to repeat the course of driving with an instructor once again - in the winter , to learn how to confidently stand on a slippery road .

Carefullyexplore agreement. Do not let the will confuse that he was " typical " and " like everyone else ." Check whether the value of fixed or it may vary depending on the circumstances , as well as the payment is whether the cost of driving lessons or she will be charged separately .

Comments and complaints. Check them out on the Internet, on the website of the school. If you find nothing but positive characteristics - perhaps they do not trust . In reality, there will always be people who do not like it , even in paradise. So the lack of negative reviews should alert : most likely , they simply removed . But complaints about the fact that it is difficult to learn , the requirements are high, complex task - on the contrary , a very good sign. So it should be : high standards , tough job and a decent level of fitness.

If you are offered training in an automatic transmission - it is better to politely refuse. Despite the fact that recently adopted a new law which introduces a separate category of rights for drivers trained to drive only with an automatic transmission, in the future this will significantly narrow the opportunities for your choice of vehicle. On a car with manual transmission, you get behind the wheel can not, as it would amount to driving without a license. Better one time to learn and be able to move on any car. The instructor who teaches you how to pass the exam, categorically wrong. Its mission - to teach you to safely move around the city. Remember - you can choose an instructor, and in case of any difficulty or doubt his professionalism ask him to be replaced.

Choosing a good driving school , you do your studies interesting and exciting , and exams - quick and easy. It should however be remembered that even the best school , give knowledge and skills only to those who are willing to work hard at their assimilation .