How to behave at the airport?

A man who loves to travel, well-versed on the railway station and the airport. But how to behave at the airport to the one who for the first time the ticket is purchased on the plane? How not to get lost in an unfamiliar building large as not to be in unpleasant situations that take into account? Perhaps the most important rule is to know "pioneers": need to arrive at the airport two hours before the flight. This is the train station, where there are no areas of customs inspection and control strips, you can easily come about ten minutes before the train whistle farewell airport does not accept such a hurry.

How to speed control
So you've arrived two hours before the flight. At the entrance of the airport terminal you will be asked to pass a preflight inspection . You will pass through a metal detector , putting luggage on the moving belt . Do not be alarmed if the detector suddenly starts to issue a squeak . If you know exactly what you are not going to carry a weapon on the plane , nothing terrible will h
appen . He can respond to any decoration of metal, for watches, belts and lighters . It is better to remove them ahead of time and send in a special tray.

Airport staff - are serious people, joke with them does not.

Having a metal detector , you will find yourself in the main terminal building , where there is a display indicating the flight departure time , reception rooms . If you come to the beginning of registration, do not waste time and immediately go to the tickets and documents to the rack. Here you will be given a boarding pass with the location . If you 'll come earlier, will have a choice . You can ask for a place closer to the toilet , to the door to the cockpit .

After receiving the coveted boarding pass immediately go to the customs control zone . There will be the same metal detector as entering the terminal , but the staff will examine you more meticulous , you have indicated interest in certain subjects in the declaration . The list of things that are subject to mandatory declaration inquire in advance. If you have a large amount of luggage , you have to pay for the advantage.

Further, the border guard checked his passport and put the necessary stamp . And here you are in the area of ​​border control . Do not rush to the shops " duty free " . Find out first in any gate you have to pass to get on the flight . Near them need to be about 20 minutes before departure.

What not to do at the airport
It is proved that in car accidents kill more people than in a plane crash . But sitting in the car , a little nervous one . But before the flight there trying to relax , to eliminate fear . Alcohol in the terminal building to drink is not recommended. Chances are good that a flight you will not be at all. Drinks purchased in " duty free " at low prices , it is forbidden even to unpack !

History Zhenya Lukashin from the film " Irony of Fate " know all Russians . But the conclusions from it , few do. If the Security Service will set you in a drunken state , explaining , " I did not know how to behave at the airport for the first time " will not be accepted .

Do you want to smoke or go to the toilet?

The major airport is always a risk to run into a thief . Watch your luggage and do not leave it in the care of strangers. Do not be tempted by generous promises the same random passengers , appealing to smuggle anything in his own suitcase . Always be on the lookout .

How not to lose the luggage
You came to another country and see that your suitcase is not on the conveyor belt. Do not panic! The airline is responsible for baggage. It may come off the registration tag, porters can be mistaken, sending him on board another aircraft. As a rule, the luggage is searched quickly, because the staff will wear your airline application for his loss in the international search system. If baggage is not there, you can get compensation. But to your suitcases found quickly, give them additional signs, such as bright stickers. Well, when the suitcase is and the name tag with your contact details.

Things most valuable in your luggage to take it is not necessary.

How not to lose in the shops, "duty-free"
Seeing branded goods at low prices, some people simply lose control , sweeping the shelves duty-free alcoholic beverages, souvenirs , cigarettes . However, at the exit of the store waiting for an unpleasant surprise : the amount of alcohol and tobacco, which can take on the plane, it is always limited ! Do not be tempted by low prices , the surplus confiscated , and compensation for them, you just do not get it.

Once at the airport for the first time , behave calmly and confidently . Even if Beijing airport or the United Arab Emirates , through which tens of millions of passengers a year . Never be afraid to ask for help from the staff of the terminal !