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Going on vacation, the majority of our compatriots are limited to independent choice of the country to visit, and search for a particular resort, hotel, travel professionals trust. Most of these tourists have expressed a wish to rest category of "all inclusive". In this there is a certain reason, because it is a tourist agency the most complete information and can offer you a choice among many cities and hotels. From the options that match your requirements, you will only choose the best. But often the employees of travel agencies simply do not have time to search for an exclusive tour and offer customers average standard packages, or something even worse - not very popular, "stale" tour. If you're not an experienced hiker, you risk to become the owner of just such a tour.

Protect your vacation from unscrupulous tour operator is not too difficult - you need to do at least a little understanding of the basic terms of the travel market . And if you know how referred to as " all-inclusive " in the description
of the hotel, guided in the number of hotel "stars" , and can be distinguished from Alanya to Antalya - the trick you are not so simple.

Moreover, in recent years more and more travelers choose their resort, compare hotels and book a flight . Nothing complicated about it , but this approach saves you money and gives you confidence in the right choice. So if you feel the strength to become as independent agencies tourist, our advice to help you.

In fact, the notorious category of "all inclusive" has become synonymous with a certain comfort. Al (All Inclusive). In fact, these two letters (or words ) to withhold information that during their stay in the hotel you will have to feed and water without any restrictions , at any time of day or night. With regard to alcoholic beverages , the category of "all inclusive" offers alcohol in the country in which you are resting . So, if you do not think your vacations without the other brands of spirits , is ordered accommodation category is much higher . It will be denoted by the acronymUAl (Ulta All Inclusive), Translated into Russian - about "ultra all inclusive". Sometimes, this category is also called All Inclusive De Luxe. The hotel has such a category , you can not worry that the bar would not your favorite whiskey or rum served unknown manufacturer .

As indicated by As you can see , to understand the foreign terms is not difficult , difficult is the right choice. After all, the coveted "all inclusive" is not a guarantee of a good holiday by default. Choosing the category of the hotel, guided primarily on their tastes and habits : a vacation you like? How do you plan to spend this time than to fill it? How will travel with you, and what age they are ? The answers will give you the opportunity to find their way .

Experienced travelers suggest that the category of "all inclusive" is ideal for those who dream of a peaceful , relaxing vacation . If your perfect vacation - a lazy lying on a deck chair with a cocktail in hand, periodic swim in the Crystal Basin and spa treatments , is without doubt put a checkmark next to the phrase "all inclusive" in the description of the hotel . This type of recreation is worth paying attention to those traveling with children. So thank you in advance save yourself from worries than to feed the children , suddenly hungry after the game on the south coast .

But not all tourists expect to relax in the journey . Some would like to see more than the walls of the hotel, designed even the most fashionable interior designer . If you belong to this traveler , and want to travel around the city, to leave the hotel for a few hours a day, non-stop paying pension in your case simply does not make sense . You no longer fit the so-called full-board , consisting of breakfast , lunch and dinner(Denoted by FB English Full Board)or even half-board from lunch and dinner(Denoted HB - Half Board).

As indicated by All of the above recommendations concern mainly the southern countries, which are the main attraction is a beach holiday with infrequent excursions to attractions. While traveling in Europe, you quite differently fill your vacation. Most likely, your day will consist of exploring the city, and you prefer to dine in cafes and restaurants, which will meet on the way. In this mode, the category of "all inclusive" in the description of the hotel will not perform their mission, so it is better to prefer a lightweight type of accommodation, offering guests a breakfast only. Designated by the acronymBB (Bed, This board will not restrict your movement.

There are other types of food in the hotel, but they are less in demand and accordingly - are less common. At ski resorts and youth hostels offers specific principles of the settlement. Fortunately, modern tourism industry offers such a wide variety that you can always find a suitable alternative. And do not forget that the quality of food affects not only the inscription "all inclusive" in the description of the hotel, but the number of stars. The more of them - the wider the variety of dishes and drinks. And while most hotels comply with the principle of a single power supply, a set of products and range of the menu may differ significantly even within the same category. Be careful in choosing and enjoy your holiday!