How to check your ticket?

Everyone who deals with modern technologies, will agree that they are much easier life and simplify many processes. Shopping, socializing, traveling becomes faster and no longer forced to spend time and effort in the queues. But even those people who bravely admit trends and technological progress in their lives, from time to time have doubts about the reliability of electronic systems. After all, they eliminate the error, though the so-called human factor, but mistakes due to computer crashes, disable the operating system, or banal breakage devices. And the only way to ensure your own peace of mind - it once again to clarify all details.

Computer crashes that occurred when paying the purchase in the online store or mobile payments threatens except a small hassle, and perhaps the loss of some amount of money. But if technical problems affected more serious processes, such as, for example, the order of the electronic plane ticket, they are fraught with much more trouble. And then the convenience and time sa
vings may result in loss of money, nerves and delays, particularly if the system and the direct flights between the two of you has been calculated in detail. To avoid such problems, let's find out in advance how to check your ticket before arriving at the airport for registration.

Features of an electronic ticketing
E-ticket as an electronic ticket on the train, or any other form of transport - a modern alternative to the traditional paper forms that saves material and time resources, which fully meets the requirements of today's everyday life. Worldwide electronic tickets or e-ticket, was successfully used as transport companies and customers-passengers. The first opportunity to select, order and pay for a trip to remotely via the Internet using a special electronic system, and the latter willingly take this opportunity, in return for certain bonuses.

So often the owners of e-tickets have priority over other passengers in line to check in, enjoy discounts on the cost and other pleasant services at the request of the carrier. But most importantly - they are spared the need to store paper tickets, are not afraid to lose them or forget at home. On arrival at the airport is enough to show proof of identity (usually a passport) airline staff, who immediately will check your data and information base will give you a printed itinerary receipt of your e-ticket.

Some carriers require passengers to print their own and / or submit an e-ticket on a computer screen or mobile phone. In this case, the confirmation of the ticket booking after the payment will come to your email. You just need to send the resulting document to the printer and take it with you to the airport. Sometimes it is enough to open a confirmation email to your smartphone or laptop and show it at the reception. Simply put, the electronic ticket - it is your protection against loss or damage boarding document. And most travelers have already appreciated its advantages. But even the most valuable coin is the obverse side.

Check ticket reservation
In the case of e-tickets that are sometimes the reverse side of the technical problems in the reservation system , due to which you can not pay the ticket , confirmation does not come to the buyer , or not displayed correctly . In addition, many of the passengers questioned the integrity of sellers , especially if make a purchase through intermediaries , rather than directly by the airline . For all of these cases, there are two basic reliable way to check if everything is OK with your air ticket :
  1. Through the airline.Call the help desk or department on work with clients. Call the number of your booking and / or ticket number specified in the text of the confirmation. Even if you buy tickets through an agency and not directly from the airlines, information about it should be stored in the database of the carrier. If such information was not found immediately consult with employees about what actions you should take to still get your travel document or, in extreme cases, to return the money for it. Sometimes, the information is transmitted from the intermediary to the carrier at once, so do not hurry to get upset and keep calm design.
    Some airlines provide an opportunity to verify the existence of an actual armor on its website . For that you also need to specify the number of the e- ticket itinerary receipt . In most cases, this is enough to ensure the availability and validity of the ticket booking . Especially as technical failures in large systems are rare and the vast majority of passengers do not encounter difficulties when buying and using electronic tickets .
  2. Through the InternetThat is, with the help of third-party resources that are not directly related to specific carriers, you can check the booking at any time. And all because in the world there are only 4 ticket reservation system (abbreviated GDS): Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Siren -Trevel. You just need to go to the site, through which the reservation was made. His name (as in the passport and / or itinerary) and enter the reservation number in specially designed for this field. If all goes well, the ticket is paid and issued in your name, the site will show you the electronic receipt. It contains information about the route, date and time of departure and arrival, the name of the carrier and the passenger data.
    Be careful when entering personal data if the system asks for a reservation number GDS, you must enter his name, and not an indicator of the airline or agency intermediary . Otherwise, your reservation will not be found in the common base and you have to re- re-examine its existence. But such virtual services can not only ensure the relevance of armor , but at the same time to clarify all the details of the trip , such as the type of aircraft , food menu and even the weather at the point of arrival.
Check ticket reservation via a global resource - is the surest way. Because each airline can store information about their flights and book tickets for them in only one out of four of these systems. Whereas in others it is not displayed. This is a common situation that should not scare you. But for your own peace of mind it is better to turn to international databases and synchronize your sites through GDS. The most popular of them - and it Feel free to check your ticket to anywhere in the world through these sites and make sure that your visit will take place as planned, the flight would be the best, and landing - soft and timely.