How to check the reliability of a tour operator?

From what you have started to prepare for the trip? With the choice of destination, to check the weather forecast, collect the suitcase? All these actions are really necessary, but not in the first place. But first you need to check the reliability of the tour operator with which to go. Seasoned travelers this advice may seem trivial - but of course, because he is no stranger to travel and tourism market, they had to study up and down, so that the reliability of the tour operator for them - the issue was settled long ago. By the way, if you have such friends, do not forget to ask them about reliable tour operator - they are likely to give useful advice.

And the rest we recommend to think about choosing a travel agency as soon as possible . Especially those who are not planning to extreme adventures and enjoyable holiday for fun. To this pleasure was not spoiled at the very beginning of vacation , do not bother to formally and to really test the reliability of the tour operator . How ? To do this, we have p
repared a material in which concentrated practical advice on choosing a tour operator and objective reviews .

The difference between the travel agency and tour operator.
Inexperienced tourist travel market may seem a large collection of companies that sell tickets. In fact, the tourism industry there is a gradation , which divides all participants ( "sellers" of permits ) into two main categories :
  1. Tour Operators.
  2. Travel (travel agency).
The difference between the tour operator and travel agency principal . First , they are much smaller and are a step up , whereas the latter are dependent on them , and there in large numbers. In fact, the travel agencies are in a subordinate position with respect to the tour operators. Not in the literal sense fulfill their orders, but are totally dependent on them. Here are the main features and differences of tour operators and travel agencies :
  1. Tour Operatorsnot just sell , they form a minute routes , tours . Tour operator thinks all the details , select and book hotels , ordering and buying tickets , can book a private flight ( the so-called charter ) , decides on the granting of discounts . In other , words, the tour operator is literally " out of thin air " creates a finished product called " round " . Tour operators selling tours not only travelers ( individuals ) , but also other, smaller businesses ( travel agencies ) .
    tour operators and travel agenciestour operators and travel agencies
  2. Travel agenciesThey also travel agency, in turn, buy and sell tours, tour operators formed. Accordingly, the travel agent is obliged to comply with the conditions of the tour operator, and change them, he can not. The task of travel agencies - to persuade a customer to buy a particular tour, travel agents are highly qualified sales manager. During his mediation work travel agency receives a fee, a percentage of revenue. But this does not mean that travel agents voucher necessarily more expensive than the tour operators, travel agencies because they buy at a special price.
The main thing that a tourist needs to know about the work of travel agencies and tour operators, is that the only tour operator is solely responsible for the content, quality, cost and trouble "work" tour. Liability is limited to the travel agency the responsibility to provide complete information on the permit and its conditions. And only tour operator able to make adjustments to correct deficiencies and satisfy the claims of the customer. Therefore, it is obvious that it is safer to buy a ticket to the tour operator. So, at least, the number of links between you and the master of the situation will be minimal. Although companies often combine the functions of tour operator and travel agency. To check the reliability, just to find out all these details.

How to find out the reliability of tour operator
Travelers who prefer to cook tours, know the names of reputable tour operators without exception . Never too late to get this information on their own , choosing a tour operator in its sole discretion . And in order not to make the wrong choice , guided by the basic features of a reliable tour operator :
  1. Longevity.Ask how long the operator is on the market. This information opens in front of you at once two aspects: the stability of the company and the amount of expertise. Choose a tour operator that has been operating for several years. The young tour operator - does not mean unreliable. But it is likely that he has not yet worked out perfect interaction with hotels, airlines and other tour operators abroad. Therefore, the choice of an older, with more "seniority" of the operator rather protect you from possible confusion, mistakes and linings. And even if it happens in renowned companies (and the old woman is proruha no one is 100% immune to the force majeure), its employees already know how to solve the problem quickly.
    Site tour operatorSite tour operator
  2. Website.Site good tour operator - is both his face and a working tool. Moreover, it must be comfortable and functional for both staff and customers. Therefore, except that the site should be simple, watch his mind quality filling. Reliable tour operator can not limit small website consisting of a couple of pages with bright pictures. Credible companies post on their websites a detailed description of its own services, information on the countries, the hotels and airlines, as well as tools for self-search and selection of stages on the options you want.
  3. Guest.This is a very delicate and important point. First, details on the above website of the tour operator shall be possible to comment, through which customers can leave their comments. Second, unscrupulous companies worthless fake testimonials and / or remove unwanted, unflattering comments. Therefore, analyze the responses carefully. Put mental advantages tour operators that: allows you to leave not only the praise; responds to visitors' comments; It has a feedback system / rapid response on site. Even so, be sure to read the reviews on neutral forums, sites and communities not belonging to a particular tour operator.
  4. Organization of work.It is, first of all, the work with your documents. Before making payment figure out when you get a package of documents on hand. If it happens once directly in the office - excellent. If you promise to hand over the documents at the airport / train station before boarding - turn around and leave. The only thing that is allowed to receive other documents later - is a visa for the issue of which need more time. But the signed contract with the seal, tickets, hotel booking confirmation and ticket buyers take very soon. With regard to the documents of the enterprise, the license (with the current period of validity) and other authorization papers (certificate of conformity and certificate of registration) you are entitled to see. Very well, if the tour operator is officially accredited foreign embassies.
  5. Specialization.Broad specialty tour operator (a large selection of travel) - is both good and bad. On the one hand, but is firmly standing on their feet, the operator can afford to plan, build and sell a variety of tours. On the other hand, specialization (work with only a few countries in one part of the planet) involves a better knowledge of the specific areas. Highly specialized tour operator has a better chance to work out a scheme of work with local hotels, transporters, guides and related organizations.
There is also a list of tour operators, approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Therefore, if you are going to purchase tourist permit in Russia (it does not matter, want to go abroad or to relax at home), you may consult with him. Federal Agency for Tourism is the single register of tour operators, update it, and ensures that the tour operators who are on the list, have financial security. That is, these companies - not bankrupt and not "ephemeral", and after the purchase of the tour you will not be abandoned to their fate.

How to check the reliability of tour operator
Let's say you have chosen one or more tour operators, who have impressed you reliability. But the worm of doubt still does not relax and enjoy the dreams about the upcoming trip. To ignore the inner voice can not . Better mental intuition thank vigilant and take a few more steps to verify the reliability of the tour operator :
analyze reviewsanalyze reviews
  1. Analyze reviews.That is, do not just read the information and do not take literally. Try to understand between the lines, who writes and for what purpose . These reviews of real people , as a rule , do not like the carefully worded praises , and may contain the discontent and spelling errors . In addition, the dummy reviews often contain specific words or phrases , for example, "reliable tour operators in Italy , in Greece ", " Best Tour Operator in Kiev , Moscow, Minsk ," etc.
  2. Do not flatter yourself.Fabulously cheap tickets , the price of which is significantly different from the average for similar content, should alert you. If the operator offers to buy a ticket is much cheaper than it is even in the " burning " option, then either he is working at a loss , or just cheating on you . As you know, the second option is much more likely .
  3. Read the contract.No matter how trite it sounds this advice , but often buyers are pierced at this stage . Take the time to read and understand all the points , because it affects your mind. Pay attention to the amount of the contract (not on one or two sheets , and the thickness ) and the type ( not a contract " for the provision of advisory services ", and the contract of sale of the tour ) .
Finally, a constant way to test the reliability of tour operator - is communication. Not only to customers and not only on the Internet . Do not hesitate to ask questions to the company manager about everything that interests you. In his reaction, and the content of the answers you will be able to draw a conclusion about the competence and reliability of tour operator. I sincerely wish you did not make the wrong choice and to find a great tour operator that organizes your vacation without problems. Bon voyage !