How do I know if a passport ready?

If you are overcome by lust for travel and adventure, it's time to get a passport - a document required for international travel, and travel to distant lands. And when you consider that today in many states for Russian citizens visa-free entry is open, as soon as you get the coveted maroon booklet, will be able to just buy a ticket and plan your first trip. However, the formulation of foreign passports - not a single day process: first you need to submit all the documents and then - wait for the passport will do. What documents must be submitted and where and how to find out whether a passport ready? That's what we'll talk in this article.


Passport - the door to the world of travel
According to the law of our country documents on which citizens can leave the country and enter back deemed passport, which certifies his identity outside of the country (ie passport), a diplomatic passport, seaman's passport, service passport. These documents may include electronic chips, on which are recorded personal data and
biometric passport owner. Electronic media is in the new passports, which are better protected against counterfeiting than the old-style documents. And they increased to forty-six pages, and significantly improved the accuracy in the determination of the owner.

Today it is possible to obtain a passport of both the old and new sample.

Who can apply for a passport?
Documents on the formulation of foreign passports are accepted only from those who are in the hands of a valid proof of citizenship of the Russian Federation . This may be an internal passport or a valid passport (and for minors liner on citizenship ) . The specialists of the Federal Migration Service , which deals with registration of passports , it is recommended to apply for registration in advance, when the term of the existing document at least six months .

If a valid passport (internal or foreign) at the time the documents are not (for example, expired the previous passport and the inner considered invalid, because he was not promptly traded to the age of twenty-five or forty years), before issue passport, the relevant authorities will be required to confirm the presence of man has addressed Russian citizenship. And here it is worth noting that the time it will take, will not be included in the period of issuance of the passport.

Required documents
To become a proud owner of the passport, you must apply to the authorities of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in the place of incorporation or place of actual residence:
  • the application for a passport (it must be submitted in duplicate);
  • passport (if you have one, and if he has not expired);
  • internal Russian passport (he, of course, must be valid);
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • Photos (two);
  • military card / certificate from the recruiting office , which will contain information about that at the time of filing a citizen does not conscripted ( this certificate on request can provide men under the age of 27 years who did not serve in the Armed Forces of the call and did not pass the alternative service ) ;
  • Resolution command, which is made in the prescribed manner ( such permission must provide the Armed Forces servicemen and employees of the executive power, which provides for military service : Police , Emergency Situations Ministry , Federal Drug Control Service , FSIN ) ;
  • employment history (the original - for disabled citizens , a certified copy of the workplace - for working people ; the information should be in the last ten years working citizens also assured information about the work , which are specified in the annex to the statement from his employer ) .

To issue a passport to a minor (child under 14 years of age), you should submit:
  • an application for issuance of passport (one copy);
  • birth certificate;
  • a document confirming the right to a representative of the child (passport, birth certificate, a document on the appointment of a guardian / trustee);
  • proof of citizenship of the child;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • pictures (they need two).

For children older than 14 years should be provided as an internal Russian passport.

Delays in obtaining passport and the cost of services
How do I know if a passport ready?If the citizen makes out the passport at the place of registration, the law of this set period of one month , if the registration is made at the place of residence , the deadline is extended up to four months after submission of all documents. But an entry in an existing document child takes a week. We should also tell about those citizens who by the nature of its activities have access to state secrets . Under the new rules the term of registration of their passports could be extended from one month to three .

As for the cost of services , the document is old model will cost 1000 rubles for adults and 300 rubles for a minor , and document the new model - in 2500 and 1200 respectively. By the way, the residents of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad Region passports are issued free of charge ( including the new sample ) .

Can I a passport?
So, you have successfully submitted all the documents and draw up your passport.
  1. Call, come in. The easiest option - even when applying the phone number at which you can specify at what stage is the process of registration of your passport. Or you can just ask someone specifically can learn about the results of the work. As a rule, experts give citizens the FMS phone numbers, which you can ask all the questions or indicate the employee / office, where it will be possible to learn about the availability of the passport. Of course, many people prefer not to call and go into service in person, but given the large number of visitors and a decent line, a phone call is the best option.
  2. SMS-sending. Everyone knows what the SMS-mailing as to any mobile phone from time to time there are reports from the mobile operator customer service bank where a citizen has bank accounts, ISP and other organizations where you leave your phone number. The same SMS mailing operates in many offices of the FMS. This means that when your passport is ready, the system will automatically send you a message on your mobile phone (if you are, of course, enter it in the statement as a pin) that the document can be obtained. Unfortunately, this service is not practiced everywhere today. However, when submitting documents can specify whether the report in a particular branch of the readiness of the passport or need to learn about yourself.
  3. The site of the FMS . For information about the availability of the passport can be obtained by what is called a first-hand - the site of the FMS . You must register by entering your details to get a special ten-digit code and using them to find out whether your passport ready . In this case, information is received from the database is continuously updated, it means that the complete accuracy .
  4. Autoinformer. There is also an answering machine, which can use the service by calling the phone multi-channel (its number can be found in the filing of documents or on the website of the FMS). On the phone can call and Russians and foreign citizens to obtain information on the characteristics of migration control, visas, invitations, residence, Russian citizenship, obtaining the status of migrant work permits and, of course, the formulation of foreign passport. To find out whether a passport is ready, it should call the number of the internal passport. But it is worth noting that the resulting information may be partly misleading. It all depends on how often the database is updated, which is connected to the answering machine.

By submitting documents to a passport for travel abroad it is better to check with the employee of the FMS, the best way to find out whether a passport is ready.