How to write a complaint to the CPS?

The basic and most important function of the state is to ensure a safe and comfortable life of its citizens. And the work of officials - in the implementation of the function as their powers and duties assigned. Situations in which the ordinary person may need protection, there are many. And in each of them he should know in what state body he can seek appropriate help. Unfortunately, our people are not accustomed to seek support from state officials. Most attributes this low productivity of such appeals, but in fact people often stop own laziness and unwillingness to bother formalities. Though actually get a response to your application is not so problematic. We just need to know which institution receives complaints of any kind, and be able to correct an issue.

In everyday life, there is often a need to protect your rights as a consumer of goods and services . To deal with such issues Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare . So every indifferent person should be a
ble to write a complaint to the CPS .

What is CPS?
CPS - reduction of the full name "Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare." This wording seems to be doing a public authority functions more understandable, but still, every citizen needs to know what specific problems he can trust his staff. With regard to Rospotrebnadzor, this executive body implements the state policy, which means that its duties and powers are clearly defined and approved documents. This can be useful to you in case of dispute is whether your situation comes within the scope of the activities of an institution. Rospotrebnadzor entrusted control of goods and services sold in the territory of the country (including those that are imported from abroad). In order to understand the area of ​​its powers it is convenient to consult with a list briefly describes the activities of Rospotrebnadzor:
  1. Sanitary control.Maintaining and ensuring hygiene adult citizens and children : in the workplace , in schools , catering establishments , places of residence , commercial establishments ( shops , markets , etc.) vehicles. The supervision over the quality of milk , flour, bakery products and other food products. Control over the sources of radiation (radiation hygiene) and even public safety in medical exposure .
  2. Surveillance.Control over the health of all who enter the territory of the country and reside there during seasonal epidemics (such as influenza , cholera , etc.) and in the rest of the time . Preventive maintenance , development and improvement of safety measures , public awareness . Biosecurity and vaccination .
  3. Consumer protection.Receiving complaints and responding to complaints from purchasers of goods and services in all areas . Informing , explaining to citizens of their consumer rights , including during their stay abroad. Activities of advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns and other promotional activities that imply lotteries and material prizes to participants is also included in the scope of Rospotrebnadzor.
That is, you can feel free to contact the CPS, if bought in a store or on the market of poor quality (overdue) food and / or beverages, noticed a violation of sanitation in any public institution, you unfairly weighed in the sale of goods, rendered incomplete / poor service and etc., etc. In addition, the CPS deals with the registration and licensing of certain types of products and activities, provides sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, interacts with social organizations on related issues, and more. All these processes are essential for the regulation of activities of enterprises and private entrepreneurs. But sending a complaint, you are the customer and want to protect their rights. In this case, you must know and understand what are the least basic consumer rights:
  1. The right to quality: any goods and / or services that you pay should be of good quality, the obligation of the seller / artist.
  2. The right to safety: any goods and / or services that you take the seller / artist should be safe for your health, life and the environment and meet the standards established by the laws.
  3. The right to information: on any goods and / or services, regardless of the fact of purchase, you are entitled to receive comprehensive information: composition, properties, quality, manufacturer, time and place of production and sales.
  4. The right to reparation: the seller / manufacturer of the goods, artist services are set forth above for violation of consumer rights liability provided by law and / or contract.
Terms of filing a complaint with the Federal Service
So, if in the previous section, you will find a description of the situation in which you put yourself or your friends, you should not let it take its course, and look for justice. Finally, the complaint to the Federal Service - is to protect not only your rights but also all those who are also at risk to use the goods or services of inadequate quality. But in order for your complaint to have the desired effect, it is important to make and send it to the observance of certain rules. It is necessary that your message got exactly address and be properly understood. So that by accepting to write a complaint to the CPS, be sure to do the following:
  1. Before writing a formal complaint , try to talk with the seller , or by the artist: often this is enough to solve the problem . And just in case you do not want to understand and to meet the contact officials.
  2. No matter how much you have suffered heavy damage in case of violation of the rights of the consumer, and how did the conversation with the vendor / contractor , try to cope with emotions and begin drafting a formal complaint with a cool head : Define one or at most two major drawbacks to the product or service and makes according to claim one. Do not spray or write on the merits .
  3. Think carefully about your requirements: what exactly you want to achieve.
Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare receives complaints and e- mail, fax and via a virtual form on the official website You also may want to personally visit a reception , but a statement in any case need to be formalized in writing :
How to write a complaint to the CPS?
  1. Take a sheet of A4 paper standard . In the upper right corner , specify the destination : the name of the organization and name of the person to whom the complaint is directed . The names of the officials can be found on the website of Rospotrebnadzor . Then enter information about yourself : name, address , contact details ( postal or e-mail address , phone number ) . In the middle of a new line , write the word " complaint " - that is, to observe standards of business papers.
  2. With the new line write the name of the organization / data entrepreneur ( legal or natural person ) to whom you want to complain about . It is desirable to specify as much as possible full details : address, ownership , etc. They can be found in " Corner of the consumer " shop or business enterprise.
  3. With the new line state the essence of the situation: try to formulate it succinctly, that is, briefly but succinctly.
  4. If necessary expertise (if you do not know this - that in any case) describe the main defect of goods or the fact that expresses the inadequate quality of service.
  5. Back down the line and a new paragraph state your requirements: the replacement of goods, re-provision of services, the return of the money spent, providing discounts and / or others at your discretion.
  6. Depart from the last row and the right place at the bottom of your signature and the date of writing / filing a complaint.
  7. Attach additional materials to the complaint, which may help in its consideration: cash a check, receipt, contract for services / goods have been delivered, perhaps even fotopodtverzhdenie.
  8. Send your complaint to the postal address of the institution or to another person at the reception.
By law , your complaint should be registered within the next three working days and examined within one month from the date of filing . But if by mistake you have incorrectly defined the essence of the situation , and it is not within the remit of Rospotrebnadzor , within 7 days it will be redirected to the appropriate authority , as you will be notified . And in order to get away from Rospotrebnadzor as possible a full , clear and appropriate response to your expectations , when you write a complaint follow these nuances :
  • Write a complaint in two copies: a copy and send it to the CPS, and the original to leave at conflict resolution.
  • Original receipts, receipts and other materials attached to the complaint, too, copy and retain the originals.
  • Specify in writing exactly what materials you are making to the letter.
  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted and considered.
  • Enter the exact term to fulfill your requirements on the part of the manufacturer / seller / artist standard term - 10 working days.
Remember that as a consumer you have the right to demand and receive compensation for losses incurred by vein unscrupulous producer, seller and / or the providers of services. It can be as a refund (exchange for a similar or equivalent product discount), and re-execution of the work, the reassignment of its other contractors, etc. Complete failure to execute the contract of sale with the requirement to return the money spent is also possible. Do not be afraid of the examination and the fact that the case could reach trial. If you are sure they are right and do not prevaricate, putting forward a claim - that the law is on your side. The main thing to be familiar with it and know how to write a complaint to the CPS. We, on the other hand, sincerely wish that this skill is not useful to you.