How to apply for a day off?

Sometimes the circumstances are such that there is a need to take time off from work or take the day off . The reasons for the time off may be many : a visit to the dentist , children's party , pre-planned arrival of an electrician exam in the traffic police , a hike with the dog to the vet , and more. But the lack of workplace must somehow documented , otherwise it will be considered truancy and will result in penalties for violation of labor discipline . How to apply for a day off ? We understand the issues .


Day off: is there such a thing?
To begin with, the notion of " time off " in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation is not provided. This is purely a colloquial term that refers to an unplanned (additional ) holiday. But for convenience, we shall conditionally call it a day off . So, you can get a day off in consultation with the organization and in accordance with part 3 of article 153 of the Labour Code , which states that the missed time can be designed as "another day of rest ."

How is it given a day off?
Day off (output) may be granted to an employee in a few cases:
  • for processing or working in a day (provided that the employee has refused to pay or overtime pay is not provided under an employment or collective agreement);
  • in respect of paid annual leave;
  • as leave without pay.

At the same time the output of the processing or access to regular work day is paid as a normal working day. That is, in the timesheets in such situations, usually affixed normal working hours, and the application itself is written purely formal and ordered on the basis thereof is not made. But there are rare cases when on the basis of the statement yet issued an order, in the table and put down the day off. Then he is not paid, and paid the day when an employee (again, according to the order) really went to work. However, for full-time work in the output specified in the employment contract, the law put double payment, and employers are going to such rare.

If the employee takes one day (or days) on account of vacation, then these days accrued vacation pay.

How to apply for a day off?And when it comes to vacation without pay, the holiday is not paid, and in the table on the basis of the order is put unpaid leave (such leave can not be granted to the employee before he will work at the plant six months). But we must remember that unpaid leave is available to the employee by the decision of the head of the institution, which may refuse to grant leave. However, you can not deny everything. According to the labor law (Article 125 of the Labour Code) is a category of workers that such leave may be granted upon request, you just need to apply for a day off (or rather, leave without pay). These include:
  • employees - participants in the Great Patriotic War (they have the right to leave to thirty-five days a year);
  • working pensioners by age (they are entitled to leave until the fourteen days of the year);
  • working people with disabilities (they are entitled to a vacation to sixty days in a year);
  • employees - spouses or parents who died in the service of military personnel (have the right to leave until the fourteen days of the year);

In addition, the law provides for the provision of unpaid leave for a maximum of five working days for all categories of workers in specific cases:
  • Marriage registration;
  • birth of a child;
  • death of close relatives.

Also, additional leave and the conditions for their provision can be provided internal regulations of the organization, such as a collective agreement or contract with the trade union organization ( if available ) .

Writing an application correctly
Once the concept of " time off " officially does not exist, respectively , and there is no application form for time off . But there is an application for output on account of leave, the provision of leave without pay c / o board and for providing the output of the previous time worked . So, take the standard A4 paper and write by hand ( but you can type text on your computer ) :
  • " Hat " . It is written in all cases the same: in the upper right corner indicates the position and name of the director in the dative in two lines , and then - the position and name of the employee in the genitive in two lines without a preposition " from ."
  • Name of the document.
  • Statement on the output of the processing. If you worked in your weekend or stay at work beyond the statutory time due to business need and the decision of the head , but did not get paid , then you are entitled to a so-called day off . In this case, the text of the statement should indicate : "Please give me a day off for the previous year 02.02.2013 time worked ( to indicate when you have worked the required hours ) ."
  • Statement holiday by holiday . If you need a day off and relax at your own expense , you do not want to , you can take a number of days required in respect of paid leave . Then wording would be: "Please give me a day off 15.05.2013 at the expense of paid annual leave ."
  • Application for leave of absence without pay . If your paid leave , you are not going to cut , but you really need a holiday , you are entitled to take leave without pay . Then we must write: "Please give me leave without pay for a period of one ( two, three ... ) calendar day from 04.03.2013 on 04.04.2013 year."
  • Date, signature.

If you are going to take an extra day off, do not forget to apply for a day off . Even if you have a great leader who promised you an additional day of rest , do not rely solely on the word - a signed statement is much more reliable .