How to fix the entry in the workbook?

Every working person knows what employment history . And that record in this document confirms the seniority , which is important for the payment of hospital and retirement, too, they know everything. But employees of HR departments often filling work book , make mistakes , which are fraught with serious trouble for the owner of the document. What to do in such situations? Of course, to correct the record. And, of course , is not alone. In this article we will talk about how to correct the entry in the workbook , following the requirements of the legislation .


What is the employment history?
So, what is the work book? According to the law of our country work book is an official document of the established sample, which confirms the work and experience of the employee. Its form is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation from 16.04.2003 year №225. The same decree approved the Rules of labor books, according to which documents should be included: information about the employee, information on the
work carried out, transfer to another job, rewarding, layoffs. Moreover, all entries must be made in the book in Russian and confirmed indication of numbers of orders, decrees.

The workbook has three sections:
  • title page;
  • information about the work;
  • information on the ceremony.

And for each of the sections has its own rules of filling . A must is also the fact that all the records should be made pen , gel or ballpoint pen ink blue, black or purple , without abbreviations . This date should be indicated by Arabic numerals in the following format: number - 00 per month - 00 years - 0000 .

Regulatory Documents
When completing the work books, as well as make corrections, should be guided by the following regulations:
  • Labor Code (referring to the part which refers to the language that can be applied in the work book).
  • Rules of storage and work books - 26-30 (approved by the RF Government Decree №225 «On labor books").
  • Instructions for completing the work books, approved by the Ministry of Labour of Russia dated 10.10.2003 №69.

The rules and procedure fixes in the workbook
According to the rules of work books during the initial filling of the document fixes generally not allowed . This means that if the first job the person in completing the employment record of the personnel department employee had mistakenly entered some data , then spoiled the form should be destroyed , and instead filled with a new one. As for the other patches , they are allowed, but with proper corrections without using the equalizer .

All made to work record correction can be divided into:
  1. How to fix the entry in the workbook?Changes.Changes are permitted on the front page of the book. They contribute when the need arises. For example, if you change the name, surname, date of birth and other personal data. To make changes, you need to carefully, one line to cross out the old data and store new data. This is obligatory reference to the document (eg certificate of marriage or divorce, etc.). Link to document indicated on the inside cover of the work book (you need to specify the document name, number and date of issue, as well as to assure a record signed by the responsible officer and seal of the organization). But if it is not a change of name and that mistake in the spelling of the name or middle name, when the initial filling of the form will be discarded, and if an error is detected by another employer, the employee will be asked to go to court to establish membership in the work book. And then on the basis of a court decision incorrectly recorded name will be fixed and a link to the document.
  2. Add-ons.Approved changes (properly called their amendments) relating to qualifications and trades workers, which are specified on the cover page. It often happens that an employee in the course of work at the institution is educated and protects the diploma. And then in the workbook must be supplemented by line "Education" and "special". There, after the initial recording, a comma to make the new (level of education, profession) on the basis of a diploma. Crossed out in this case does not need anything, and supplemented record indicates that the employee has raised their qualifications. You do not need to specify a reference to the document on education on the inside cover of the work book, as is done in corrections to the information on the front page of the form. But sometimes the employer, which the employee worked at the time of graduation, forgets to make an addition to work-book. In this case they must pay the next employer.
  3. Corrections.As for the patches, they tend to refer to information about the work or ceremony. These sections are not allowed strikeout, and all the corrections made through the improper recognition of the invalid entries and making a new record. This means that in order to correct the entry in the workbook, you must first be pointed out that: "Write this for a number (the number of the incorrect record) is invalid", and then make the correct entry point and the basis for it (an order, an order , above). In addition, if an employee in book entry was made erroneously to dismiss for violation of labor discipline, he is entitled to issue a duplicate of the book in which this record will not be.

In order not to think about how to fix the entry in the workbook, already having left a previous job, you need to advance carefully read the document and finding fault, contact the Human Resources Department about correcting them.