How to properly respond to an insult?

In the life of every human being has ever happened to listen to insults. Intentionally or negligently, but desecrated dignity and honor! The insult brings a surge of negative emotions caused by various factors. Knowing these reasons, we can competently respond to insult or respond properly to it. People tend to different manifestations of certain emotions, but not always it turns out to contain such manifestations. And then, in a rude manner, given a negative assessment of the individual. But if you know how to properly respond to the abuse, the victims would be very injurious.


Why do people go to the insults?
Before you respond to the insult and start answering them, you need to determine what caused the aggression.
  1. Assertiveness . Insulting the opponent , the person thus wants to elevate himself . Aggression - a sign of inner fears, emotions , complexes and self-doubt. Therefore , wishing to improve self-esteem , people resorted to all kinds of abuse. Such a person should show compassion and to understand
    that , at your expense , he does not approve .
  2. Splash of emotions.
  3. Playing to the audience . Such people have a huge energy boost from the scandals in public. Here the main thing - to give people to understand that you're not the hero of his extremely topical comedy . Remain indifferent in this case , means to remain a winner.
  4. Education.
  5. A bad day or Monday syndrome . In every person's life there are Mondays , and not necessarily on the first day of the week. Day is accompanied by a heavy emotional disorders that provoke output accumulated per day of negative outside. The best option - it is to say that you understand what caused aggression, and do not ask the person to vent to you negative.
  6. Rivalry.

The status and position of insulting
The reaction to the insult also depends on who the offender is.
  • The husband / wife , relative. If it's people from the nearest environment , you need to try to preserve as much as possible between you warm relations . Family quarrels are temporary and are accompanied by a backlog of claims and settled at the round table .
  • Friend.
  • Head . Harassment by superiors hear most office workers . It is a form of communication is such a personal dislike . In any case, the very first to know, and here the second you need to find out. But do not ever need to rapidly respond to the aggression boss. You can submit it to the ridiculous and absurd situations , or simply float a smile , it will give confidence . The boss sees your resistance and recognize your psychological advantage.
  • Strangers.

In any case, do not be like insult and adopt rules of his game.

How to properly respond to an insult in different situations?
  1. Faced with a " troll " ? The best weapon against it - to ignore . The " troll " aggressive attack - is a lifestyle . Therefore, to prevent them to sow discord in society , just ignore them or send them the power of the intellect. For example, the answer is that you would have said more , but worried that hardly aware of his limited mind and take this information.
  2. Unjustified criticism of your work.
  3. Criticism appearance. Comments concerning the appearance, can considerably impair self-esteem, if you take them to heart . On the attack : " What are your black eyes ! Just awful ! " , You can answer that it is a consequence of the night conducted rapidly , adding a contented smile.
  4. Notes on clothing. Such injections often relate to the financial situation of your family or yourself and can be very offensive . In saying: "You only dress in cheap stores ! " , You can answer that on your figure any thing looks nice and profitable.

When the situation comes to insults , do not take the side of the offender , and to turn into a copy , shouting curses and insulting words at him . After all, the winner will not someone who knows a lot of hurtful words , and those who find a constructive way to resolve the conflict .