How to make a frog out of paper?

In order to make a frog, you'll need a square piece of white or any colored paper. A toy to take vivid, prepare two small black or dark green circles for eyes. Paper can be made of two types of frogs: croak, which will open and close the mouth, or jump. If you decide to engage in the manufacture jumping wah, keep in mind that the denser cooked paper, the better your frog jump. "Jumping" Paper beauty will depend on its size. In contrast to the croaking of frogs, their bouncy girlfriends better to do very little.


  1. Take a sheet of A4 paper.

    a sheet of A4 papera sheet of A4 paper

  2. Since the sheet is rectangular in shape , and as mentioned at the beginning for making frogs need a square , then to correct this misunderstanding . Fold each of the upper corners to the opposite side and carefully cut or tear off the rest of the sheet .

    sginaem listsginaem listand cut off the excess portionand cut off the excess portion

  3. Fold the sheet on the other diagonal, and then expand it.

    mark up the second diagonal sheetmark up the second diagonal sheet

  4. Then fold it in half and expand.
  5. Using these lines, fold the corners into
    the shape as shown.

    add up the square into a triangleadd up the square into a trianglefolded in a triangle the squarefolded in a triangle the square

  6. The two lower angle the top of the triangle fold the top to the top corner.

    podginaem one upper cornerpodginaem one upper cornerand anotherand another

  7. In the same direction Fold these same details again, as shown in Fig.

    these angles add up againthese angles add up again

  8. Bend out the upper corners and bend them up to a future formed frog eyes.

    otginaem top cornersotginaem top cornersThe result is an eye frogThe result is an eye frog

  9. Turn the workpiece and tighten the two corners inside, so that they touch at one point.

    Bends one of the bottom cornersBends one of the bottom cornersand the other insideand the other inside

  10. After that, remove the data outside corners as shown.

    turn down the corners of the outside dataturn down the corners of the outside data

  11. Step back about 1.5 cm from the bottom line and fold in half frog.

    We do oneWe do oneand second to create a spring stpenkiand second to create a spring stpenki

Try jumping frog on.

Now you can paste the frog eyes and invite the child to color it with markers and paint as he imagines real live wah.