How to protect against the envious?

Few happy when faced with envy and gossip. Unless the heads of PR companies of stars of different levels: they are somehow able to turn speculation into revenues. But if you do not plan to be in the pages of the tabloids and tabloids provide a fascinating story, and the dream of a happy family life and quiet operation, increased public attention to you to anything. And if your progress cause someone gnashing of teeth and the desire to hurt, - is quite unpleasant. Immediately there is a desire to protect against the envious, and how you can reliably.


Is it important?
The first thing you need to do to protect themselves - is , oddly enough , to cease to be protected . Do not be surprised by this paradox . In fact, everything is logical: defending , you acknowledge that the envious person is a real danger for you . And the more you are afraid , the more power you have over the foe , and the more damage can bring. So the most effective way to protect themselves from the effects of someone else's envy - is to ig
nore it as such.

If you think that this is not so easy - think carefully what real harm (other than moral ) can cause you envious . If the situation is serious and foe can really threaten you - it is an occasion to refer to the competent authorities . If he just spoils the mood , ignore . Eventually , you have to have a lot of good life , you can focus on what (not for nothing that you are jealous ! ) .

Silence is golden
We must admit, sometimes we ourselves provoke human envy, to the place and out of place talking about their achievements. This is especially true for women. Of course, we do this without any malice, just the joy overflows and it is necessary for someone to pour. What can I say? Pour out selectively. Only someone who can this joy to appreciate. For example, children will be delighted by the news of your salary increase (they have long wanted a new tablet in the international camp), and the chief share your pride from the fact that you are ahead of schedule completion of a project and made it brilliant. My husband truly be delighted when you announced that you have passed the online course culinary skill. In general, choose the appropriate target audience for its news. And make a "black list": those of you who do not need to know anything. You can not imagine how you simplify this life for themselves and their.

Here it is necessary to highlight another important caveat: never brag girlfriends (and indeed any women ) her man ( husband or a new lover - does not matter) . Maximum - modestly downcast eyes , declare that you have everything in order. And on the unconditional merits or tell himself or my mother . And, no matter his or Your rejoice for you , and it will receive an additional reason to be proud . And at the same time I think that you are not the worst match for her son .

A friend in the proof that life is good , better show off a new dress , coat or handbag : at least , if they are your new device would have very much to his liking, they can buy the same or even better. And my husband and I , you know, so it does not turn .

"Let's talk to each other compliments ..."
Why are people jealous? Do you think that because they think you better (prettier, luckier, happier) yourself? No, because they consider themselves worse than you. That is, there is in any case have psychological problems. You can just stay away from such a man, and at the meeting can truly make him a smile and a compliment. Just do not be hypocritical and twisted smile, in which case it would be better just to pass by, people feel perfectly false. But if you look at the envious something good, not a variable to tell him about it: "Oh, I envy you, such great bake pies. If I cook! ". Or, "That's how you are able to taste things so choose? You're in the stylists had to go! ". Or: "And as you have enough patience to sit up late at work. Yes boss you should wear on their hands! ".

Believe me, blushing in embarrassment and make excuses to your envious will be much more pleasant than to wish you fail with all of your perfection.