How to become a balanced and calm?

They say all diseases of the nerves . We will not be as categorical : not all . But some for sure. And indeed , without any obvious ills vanity and imbalance can spoil the mood , character , life ... Of course , sometimes it is simply impossible to remain impassive . We are all human beings, not robots programmed to perform practical tasks unemotional . All of us are not happy, irritate and even put out some life circumstances , unpleasant people , their own luck.

But it depends on us how we will express our attitude towards them. Especially when our reaction would not affect the reality . This fact disturbs more , and you are indignant . Instead of further development of the conflict we suggest you take a deep breath and try to become more balanced and calm . As it is easier than it sounds .

Calm, just calm
Absolutely cold-blooded perception - not the best way to live a bright and interesting life. But the other extreme - excessive fervor - negates all the fun you could get from the outside world. A solutio
n, as usual, is somewhere in the middle, to "draw" the territory. And it is in balance, a reasonable use of shutter speed and excitement, patience and resistance, indifference and passion. In addition, it is equally important to independently control their own emotions and show them only in the form, and then, where appropriate. One of the main disadvantages of excessively hot nature is that you do not control the emotions, and emotions control you. This automatically makes any tense situation, need to be resolved, not just the uncontrolled and truly unpredictable. In addition, in a fit of temper, there are other negative consequences:
  • When you're overexcited , your body produces stress hormones : adrenaline and cortisol . Once in the blood, they provoke greater speed of blood circulation due to rapid heart rhythm. All this is fraught with high blood pressure , arrhythmia , tachycardia , and migraines .
  • Psychosomatics - communication with all the nervous system and other organs of the manifestation of mental disorders in different parts of the body . Gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers , allergies , hair loss , and more can easily be the result of an unbalanced mind.
  • Close people are not always to blame for your bad mood or a sudden flash of anger. However, impressively demonstrating their dissatisfaction , you slowly but surely rushite foundation of trust and psychological comfort , which built and friendships and family relationships.
  • Even at strangers irritation produces an unpleasant impression. Perhaps in the heat of the moment you and said that you are not interested in the opinions of outsiders. But among them may be those who is important to you . Anyway, why do you need a reputation hysteric ?
So, has this information about the dangers of hassles is to encourage you to work on your character. Of course, immediately be perfectly balanced and calm is unlikely to succeed , because the temperament and habits - stubborn things . But should try , especially as it comes to your own health .

How to become a quiet man
Calmly look at the raging around the world, far from perfect , and the energy balance ? Why no! In the end , each of us lives in his own subjective world, and you are quite capable to do it in such a way you want . Comfortable, cozy and reasonable . But it will have to start with yourself. You are able to overcome their own weaknesses - get harmony, calm and strong nerves in the bargain. The Action Plan is as follows:
accuracy and consistencyaccuracy and consistency
  1. Persistence.It is believed that accuracy - the politeness of kings. We add that the precision - it is also a guarantee of inner balance, the cause and effect at the same time. You can not be punctual to pedantry, but to restore order in their own lives are required. Understanding what, why and when is happening to you, provides incomparable peace and confidence. But we need to do something just to streamline daily routine, sleep and wake up at about the same time, do not deplete the body strict starvation diet, excessive amount of work and a complete lack of output. Make time for sports and recreation loads in silence. All this brings into your life stability (or at least the feeling), and eliminate the majority of the reasons for the hassle.
  2. Meals.Your nervous system needs a building material is not less than the other tissues and organs. Nerve cells do not regenerate only if they have nothing to "eat." But they need to supply vitamins (mainly groups B, D, E) and minerals (magnesium, potassium, sulfur). The body reacts to their lack of fatigue, chronic fatigue, irritability. If you noticed that virtually no forces to contain negative emotions, try to eat more tselnozlakovyh cereals, seafood, fruits and herbs, adding them to a complex of vitamins. Instead of black tea drink green and decoctions of mint, lemon balm, chamomile. Alcohol, coffee and too spicy foods stimulate nerve reactions, so their number should be reduced or even abandoned.
  3. Exercise.It is noticed that after training the athletes feel physical fatigue and emotional lift. Thus, the focus as it moves, and the body receives the brunt themselves, allowing the mind to rest and to "reset". Those who regularly laid out in the gym, not really prone to outbursts of anger. And there is such a phenomenon as "euphoria Runner": after 30-40 minutes of jogging mood markedly improved, and the world is seen in bright colors. Finally, yoga, and other practices Bodyflex aimed at creating an internal equilibrium, perfectly calm and teach self-control in all situations. In general, choose the method that would be more effective for you personally.
  4. Recreation.The importance of rest as such for the nervous system is indisputable. On it it is also clear that the different ways of entertainment have different effects on the psyche. If you notice an excess of irritability and a tendency to outbursts of anger, you should not abuse the bungee jumping, snowboarding and other extreme entertainment. It is better to give preference to a quiet and relaxing exercises, more often outside the city, walk around in the woods or the river. On weekends, rarely look at the TV and more - over the water, the horizon and the trees. Green calms and fresh air adjusts to the good mood.
  5. Hobbies.Get a hobby that requires a measured, unhurried action painting, cultivation of flowers ( in pots or flower bed ) , crafts. Listen and read the classics , look good , fun and quality films . Avoid dark and flashy colors in clothing and interior. Get a pet that will cause positive emotions , and his presence will reconcile you with the imperfections of others.
  6. A positive example.Setting inevitable, though not always explicitly, affects our behavior. To become calmer, communicate mostly with good-natured and positive people. When you feel that is about to explode, and do not see another way out of the situation, imagine how would your place entered person who is for you a model of prudence. Copy it to the behavior of the imaginary time, the second, and so on, until the judgment and emotional control will not enter you in the habit. If possible, attend trainings, workshops and lectures psychologists and other professionals you just interesting.
  7. Debts.Sometimes we do not know what kind of a shame gnawing us from within. To formulate it, and identify the source of irritation is not possible, but it affects all the words and deeds . As a rule, the cause is the cargo backlog of broken promises and planned and do Affairs delivered and implemented tasks. Try to finally give these " debts" themselves and others - it is possible that think and live after becomes freer , easier and safer .
    Information FilterInformation Filter
  8. Information filter.The media has long called the fourth power for their ability to influence the thoughts, actions and emotional state of the recipient. Not to be receptive mindless mass sift through deliberately false, negative and biased data coming into your inner world outside. Learn the news from trusted sources, and the rest did not even look down, once again not disappointed. Instead, guided by structural facts: educational books and movies, high-quality literary works, etc.
  9. Voice.The human voice affects the emotional responses are much stronger than you might think . Its volume , timbre , pitch and cause certain reactions in others, and in ourselves . To take advantage of this natural tool specifically try to talk quieter and slower than usual . You will notice that this voice does not want to speak harsh , harsh words , he has to comprehend what was said. Will listen to you , and do you start to get a kick out of that , how, when and to whom you speak.
Change temperament is impossible, but to adjust the character - completely. These techniques do help to become calm and balanced, but only if you truly want it. Otherwise, even some regular and peaceful actions do not cause anything but the next surge of irritation. And in fact it turns out that the aggressors so try to get the attention of others, understanding, love. So love yourself, to protect yourself, your nerves and health. Radiate in the world of mind and confidence. It's much nicer than offended and angry - you'll see.