How to train yourself to order?

Self-discipline - a very useful quality. As a child, each of us parents woke in the morning, helped to dress in kindergarten and build a portfolio of school reminded when you need a haircut, wipe off the dust, or to return the book to the library. Growing up, we delegate part of the tasks of the technical devices: Factory Service, take notes reminder on your phone. But this does not eliminate the need to maintain order in the house, in the workplace and in business. No one will do for you, and sooner or later will have to overcome laziness. On how quickly this happens depends on the success of many cases. But the main thing - to make themselves as well, you will learn how to efficiently use and as a result save a lot of time will keep up much more than before. Anyway, you start to get to anything nor incomparable pleasure of order and correctness of the surrounding space.

The importance and complexity of self-organization
Self-organization, that is, an independent organization of their own time and personal
resources - the concept is ambiguous. On the one hand, the ability to comply with the daily affairs of time and adopted once for unlimited time. On the other hand, this trait suggests a large force of will, control their own behavior and the ability to overcome laziness and unwillingness to force yourself to do something do not want to. Such self-discipline, if a habit ensures full order in all cases. But let's face it: to bring it in yourself is not easy, especially with the habit. Therefore, a reasonable tactic would be to begin to accustom themselves to the order at home, and only then distribute these useful guidelines to all other spheres of life.

The habit of the order - is not only boring duty. If you look, it's - kind of the key to success in any business, from professional activity (order of the documents, the order on the desktop and in the office) to household trifles (in the order of things, the TV remote and the keys to the apartment did not have to look around home). Accustom themselves to the order, it is important for housewives (otherwise not be able to keep up to maintain comfort and cleanliness), and students (in time to take tests, do not miss the lecture notes and do not lose). But before we learn this is not just useful, but a truly necessary skills, check compliance with all its components. Thus, the habit of the order depends on:
  • goal, that is not just dreams and desires, and conscious intentions;
  • willpower, that is, the ability to achieve the goal in spite of their own laziness;
  • motivation, ie those arguments, which help you to overcome the obstacles to the goal;
  • Planning, that is early preparation tactics;
  • habits, that is, adaptation to useful skills necessary to achieve the goal.
Each of these properties plays a role in the overall scheme of things . Therefore, if still you can not train yourself to order, check which of these options you have " lame ." Pulling it you will automatically make things easy and you can get used to the order quickly.

How to raise self-discipline
So, you've decided that the disorder has no place in your life. This laudable idea came into your head - you now need to make it happen. Perhaps in the wake of enthusiasm swept you do this quickly and easily. Well, in that case, you can only congratulate and wish to continue to not go the right way! But most people to implement even the most correct and reasonable purposes related to retraining and the rejection of old habits, we have to try very hard. It makes it a lot easier if we use some tricks. To quickly train yourself to order, try these methods:
drawing up a list of casesdrawing up a list of cases
  1. Make a list of things you have to do. So you will see and be able to objectively assess the amount of work . It is possible that he will not be so great , he seemed to drawing up a systematic plan . Looking at the list , and striking , items you will see how much is left to do and when you can relax .
  2. If even in spite of the presence of a clear plan , you can not bring myself to spend a lot of time for , select the utility activities at least a short period . For example , 20 minutes per hour . It does not bother either physically or mentally. But even such a feasible load will bear positive results .
  3. First of all do what is urgent . It will have to build a hierarchy of importance of the cases, which in itself will help organize thoughts and plans . For example, a cool day you can not go out without a jacket , then sew it to tear a button you need as soon as possible . At the same time , washing beach towels can wait until another day.
  4. Distribute all sorts of exercises on different days of the week . So you can tune in to the " theme " of each of them and no fuss , being distracted by others. For example, to restore order in the house , you can wipe the dust on Monday , Tuesday - wash the floors in the environment - clean the vacuum cleaner on Thursday - to wash the windows , on Friday - arrange laundry on Saturday - pat the laundry , and on Sunday - with a sense of accomplishment to relax .
  5. Following the above principle , try never to dump all the cases in slurred pile. Without systematization not only do they seem to be more complicated and " frightening " , but also interfere with each other , and you - hinder organize their actions. As a result, you do not do half of what , with what could easily have coped provided clarity. In addition, sorting out this mess and trying to make as much as possible at a time, you just get tired of in excess of , and instead the next day with renewed energy to take up the matter , you will come to life .
  6. All people are different , and someone more impressed just the opposite tactic : choose one day a week , which will be able to devote cases. When it comes to the order in the house, in the morning on the appointed day to work. Do not get distracted and do not stop until until you are satisfied with the result . As a nice bonus will warm you two facts . Firstly, this day will certainly not in vain . Secondly, for a week , you can forget about the unloved occupation .
    mess in the apartmentmess in the apartment
  7. Try to act according to the logic of "the contrary." In particular, imagine how difficult it will clean up the debris unmade cases, if every time they put off for later. Time flies so fast mode, but the longer you pull, the big problems have to deal later. Summaries of missed lectures are voluminous, disheveled clothes clutter in the closet all the chairs and tables in the house, a pile of documents on the desktop rise to the ceiling. It is better to do on a regular basis and gradually than to lay down his life under the yoke of impossible tasks.
  8. Find a stimulus. It can be positive (the feeling of the correctness of what is happening , praise , etc.) , or negative. For example , get a weekly tradition to invite guests girlfriend , and even better - my mother -in-law / mother in law . For guests not consider you a slob and not stumble on the scattered things , you will have to willy- nilly on the eve of hit the ground running . If the visit "Inspector" will be regular , then they indirectly help you gradually accustom themselves to the order .
  9. Psychologists say that the acquisition of a new habit takes 21 days . Simply put, if a period of three weeks you will be an effort of will to force yourself to act in a certain way , then after this period a course of action comes to automatism and it will be easy to comply with . Based on this , try to accustom themselves to the order for 21 days to 22 days was surprised to see that craving for order became second nature .
  10. In order not to have to get used to the order - not get used to the confusion . It is well known that pure , not where clean, but where do not litter . Kot Matroskin also stated that it is necessary less dirty . In general , start to accustom ourselves to the order with the fact that not create confusion around him , no matter what it concerned . Time track and do not let small " offenses" : immediately hang a jacket on a hanger , put the TV remote in the same place , wash the cup from the coffee even before the sediment at the bottom turn in the crust .
And do not forget that we are all, regardless of their level of intelligence and temperament - social creatures. Therefore, the environment greatly, even if it is not obvious effect on the image of your thoughts, lifestyle and attitude towards the order. This, of course, does not mean that an urgent need to stop to chat with cute slobs who for many years were your close friends. But at the same time it is to surround yourself with such people, and whose example will influence you positively. These can be teachers, athletes, or just interesting personality, whose success is inseparable from self-discipline.

In an extreme case, you will always come to the aid of motivational films, including documentaries and books on relevant topics. And, interestingly, strictly applied literature like "Schooling to order for Dummies" is in this context is less efficient than works of art, inspiring the changes in life. And it says that in order to accustom itself can only be achieved if you really want it. As long as the desire not to take shape inside, all external attempts will end in a fiasco. Therefore, take the right decision, and order would come into your life.