How to become a confident girl?

Confidence is needed to everyone, and the girls - is a must. It is much easier to go through life confidently looking ahead and confident in their abilities than ever to look at the opinions of others and to be afraid of each new step. Bold and strong women always attract attention , including jealousy less successful friends. The only question is how to become a self-confident woman , if you do not have so strong character , not to be afraid of criticism. It is in your hands, but on the character and self-esteem quenching have to work .

Fortunately, even in such a delicate matter, as love itself, you can correct past mistakes. Let a child you do not consider yourself a beauty and / or a good girl, and the parents are not instilled the belief that you can do anything. Never too late to raise the self-esteem girl if she feels the need. The inner desire - is the first step on the path to becoming a confident person, regardless of age, lifestyle and gender. In the end, our grandmothers were much more difficul
t to express themselves, while modern girls have every opportunity to become more confident and happier.

What is confidence and where it comes from?
Women's self-confidence - a relatively new phenomenon, as strange as it may sound after that we were told about a matriarchy at school lessons of ancient history. But that school years are often, and contribute to the development and / or strengthening of self-doubt. Girls teens doubt their attractiveness and are afraid to look ridiculous, and it would be nice if the mother, or even a school psychologist explained how to be confident. But, alas, the majority of girls and older with more or less complexes rooted in their soul.

Women's confidenceWomen's confidenceJust a century ago, women did not think about how to be confident. Commoner once had to worry about such things, and noble ladies have an innate self-confidence. However, that confidence was of a different kind than the one possessed by modern women. Today, in order to become self-confident, the girl must first love yourself and take all the advantages and disadvantages. And then, step by step, to change their relationship to merit. But it requires the very confidence and reliance ... Is full circle ?! Do not even think upset. Simply click on the small test confidence. Think of what constitutes the ability to love yourself and be confident in yourself:
  • Family relationshipslay the foundation for self-esteem and self-love. Or dislike - it 's as " lucky ." But the fact that our systems have their origin in childhood , no doubt. You believe in yourself , if you admired since childhood and admired . If parents do not stint on the well-deserved praise and willing to communicate with you , you will just be confident. Conversely accusations and lack of love in childhood negative impact on self-esteem in the future.
  • Character and TemperamentIt lays the nature and upbringing can only slightly adjust them . Therefore, even the youngest children behave differently : some boldly , some timidly . But parents can help the child to become more confident , if the time to orient and teach him to love and appreciate yourself no matter what .
  • Surroundingsaffects the self-esteem of a girl when she talks to classmates , friends, acquaintances and strangers. Sometimes even a random phrase , which fell on fertile soil of children's complexes sprouting deep self-doubt , get rid of which can only with great effort , and even then not always.
    role in the appearance of self-confidencerole in the appearance of self-confidence
  • Appearance and Healthnot always depend on our will , but always affect self-esteem. Pretty girls always like first adult , and later - their peers . Children do not cause awkward adults storm of positive emotions feel less confident in the team peers. Prevailing ideas about themselves is difficult to change , even in adulthood.
  • Luck, luck- Absolutely unpredictable , but powerful factors shaping confidence. Yes, and how not to believe if life circumstances are in your favor , and the success accompanies in all your endeavors . Here it is important to understand what is the cause , and that - a consequence . That is, you believe in yourself , because you are lucky , fortune smiles or thanks to your confidence.
In this duality lies the secret of self-confidence. If you unravel it , you can improve self-esteem and be sure to become a self-confident woman . Of course, the way to be a considerable and challenging , but at every step you will notice a change for the better, every day will become more confident and calmer .

Increases self-esteem.
No one is immune from failure , misunderstanding on the part of relatives and indifference of people around them. But that's no reason to ever give up their ambitions and to remain insecure girl. Life goes on, and only you can decide what it will be today and in the future. Let the doubts and uncertainties remain in the past, and you have to decide to become , finally , self-confident . Here is an outline of your victory over the other:
  1. Analyze the parent plant.Remember how Mom and Dad turned to you as a child, he said that the elder sister, was it cozy with her grandmother. Separate warm and bright memories of unpleasant moments etched in my memory. And now understand that the little man that you were not able to earn any criticism or dissatisfaction with adults. Their bad mood - a consequence of their own problems and the then complexes. You are not to blame for them, and should not be responsible in their lives. Every child deserves unconditional love and if you had not received it when it's time to compensate for the damage yourself sincere love for herself.
    know yourselfknow yourself
  2. Find out yourself.Everyone is gifted in their own way. You are gifted with as much or even more than others, just decided to become a self-confident woman. What do you manage, and that gives a special pleasure? This is your strengths that will bring you success and confidence. Perhaps many of them have not noticed, it's time to show others that you know how to cook, cut and sew clothes, to write poetry, to find common language with children, remember long texts, translated from Portuguese and / or sing a capella. Beautiful hair, good character and hard work, too, and deserve respect - especially! - Self-esteem.
  3. Take disadvantages.If you do not believe in yourself, you remember them do not have to specifically and so you certainly keep them in mind. It's time to look fear in the face of this and recognize that they are not as bad as you used to think . Yes, you model and do not know English perfectly. Let your height 5 cm less than desired , and you can not sing , but so what ? It's not the biggest disadvantages and may not flaws at all. In any case , the world is full of people who live worse than you.
  4. GrowEspecially in view of the self-analysis as described in the two preceding paragraphs . Focus on your strengths and go ahead on the basis of already existing advantage. Adjust disadvantages if they care about you . Work on yourself in those areas that will feel more confident and proud of themselves .
  5. Choose friendsat its discretion and not let the unpleasant people invade your surroundings. Arrange thought "casting" or "interview" to be called your friend. Save the relationships with those who love you, believe in your strength and not be offended. No doubt part with energy vampires and those who lowers your self-esteem. If, for objective reasons can not yet communicate with dull stop colleague, chief petty tyrant, or a neighbor, a boor, reduce contact with them to a minimum and stick to smooth formal tone until then, until you can clean up my life from these destructive personalities.
  6. Try the image of a confident woman.It is not too difficult, because most of your fears, live only in your head, but the people around do not know how to read minds. Just do not show my doubt, pretend confident or at least cold-blooded. Good help a good example for others to follow - you can find it among friends, relatives, co-worker or even celebrities. But even better - to imagine and think about your own ideal "I" and often compare their thoughts and actions to the fact that in your place would make a confident woman, which you will soon become.
    self careself care
  7. Take care of yourself.Beautiful clothes , fashion shoes and beauty treatments - a magical action that can transform a Woman, instill confidence in it , or at least temporarily distract from the sad thoughts . Allow yourself small and big joy , praise yourself , admire them, without it it is simply impossible to love yourself and be self-confident woman .
  8. Give up perfectionismThat is, do not ask too much . Many insecure girl since childhood suffering from complex student. It is time to realize that nobody is perfect , and you just do not have to do well in everything and please everyone . It is impossible and not necessary . Look at those who are confident in spite of the many small and large flaws. And they are right , because the pursuit of an ideal, first, does not make sense , and secondly , even destroys the normal self-esteem.
  9. Do not look for problems in itself- The world is full of imperfections , and without your self-deprecation . There is a fine line : lack of confidence is often masked behind bravado and painful self-centeredness leads to doubts and fears . Understand : perhaps the root of your uncertainty hiding in an effort to pull the blanket over himself , and it is impossible to control everything . If so, then you have to learn to relax and let go of the situation , otherwise you simply will not sustain such emotional load with a minus sign .
  10. Just do itThat is, cease to doubt afraid to dig in yourself and just start to live . First for himself, then - with pleasure and, finally, with confidence and love of self and of life itself. It's hard to be active without inner rod , but you have to act , at least in order to make sure that it is not as scary as it seems.
Unfortunately, there are no universal techniques that could make every girl confident quickly and painlessly. Someone self-hypnosis helps someone - introspection. Some get rid of school pictures, where they were sealed with braces, and others are recorded in the dance studio to improve posture and tighten the figure. Every girl my way to the confidence and inner harmony, and it is so and not otherwise can become truly self-confident, their value and uniqueness. The main thing is not to overstep the boundary beyond which a healthy self-confidence becomes a self-confidence, unfounded claims, idealization, inadequate ambition and all its consequences. But we believe that you have enough discernment and strength to become a confident girl and help in this case the right one, who only have to believe and to love yourself.