How original celebrate a birthday?

It is important to celebrate the birthday of really fun, interesting, make a vivid and memorable holiday. Let each birthday is a wonderful triumph, it causes only positive emotions. Man over the years become more mature, wiser, for many it is associated with the loss of that magical feeling that accompanied the solemn day in childhood. But the years do not prevent to enjoy life and make the holiday really happy! Approach to organizing birthday creatively choose unusual options, do not be afraid to stand out from the environment. Assess the effect of the next celebration, your friends will do charge you an example! How original celebrate a birthday, show off creativity, capture the imagination of friends and acquaintances? How to make the holiday amazing and full of magic? After all, this day is so important to create a pleasant, relaxing and unique atmosphere! Then no one will remember that birthday - a milestone in the life of a serious man, he grows older, gradually working their way, etc. Meet your day

positively and giving joy and optimism to everyone around! Consider a few options of the original organization birthday. Choose your, and even better - Try different.

Celebrating the birthday of economical and original
It is believed that is really bright and original way to celebrate a birthday with a low cost does not come out. However, it is not. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive products , order exotic dishes to celebrate a birthday in a club or go to the seaside , to feel happy and have fun from the heart . There are quite cost-effective holiday option , but no less positive and memorable .

Traditional birthday at home with unusual design
Create a unique atmosphere - and your holiday will be an original once.
  1. Apply for an apartment.Hang all balloons , paint and bright multi-colored posters decorate the walls with garlands and flags , arrange flowers in vases . Let guests encounter a fun banner with drawings and inscriptions. Creative imagination , make accessories with their own hands .
  2. Gifts.Prepare funny gifts for each guest. Magnets sets of napkins , small little animals and aromatic candles are always relevant. Their you will be able to complement your pictures , inscriptions. This immediately lift all spirits. Consider the features of the character , the tastes of your friends.
  3. Games.You can organize a lottery, you forfeit any game on ingenuity.
    • cooking another dish;
    • reading a poem for the birthday;
    • Exclusive toast or anecdote;
    • most original greeting.
  4. Menu.It is perfectly possible to surprise your guests and holiday menus. Prepare only two or three meals, buy a big cake. Refusing the usual table decorations with candles is not necessary. And let all the rest are chosen by the guests! You probably have close to delivery service products, pizza, sushi. Well, if the next meal you'll just choose a majority of votes. And if the hero of the occasion - a woman at the party will be a lot of the fairer half of humanity. Simple dishes are easily prepare yourself online - at the request of "the audience"!
  5. Competitions.Is holding a contest , albeit a role performs toastmaster . By the way, they can be assigned to any interested guest . Your family and friends happy will compete in various skills , and reward should be cheap , but lovely and original prizes . Remarkably , if you made ​​them with their own hands , for example :
    • Diploma for the most witty;
    • Medal for their loyalty;
    • award for the most intelligent blonde;
    • Prize avid hunter - it should give lover flirting;
    • Prize of the smart and economical mistress - it can be ... the ax, but with a beautiful ribbon, because it is from a thrifty woman is easy to cook soup!
Invent , invent , open space of your imagination . Painted diplomas cut from gold foil and glue the medal of colored paper prizes compose funny inscriptions . Your guests will not only have positive energy on holiday , but will be pleased to remember your birthday all year. Until the next one!

We celebrate his birthday on the original "neutral territory"
Of course, such a holiday there are lots of advantages. You are exempt from many of the hassle , you do not have to count the number of dishes to be reserved in advance and detergents and sponges . You will rest and relax with guests at a hundred percent . Where to celebrate his birthday in an original ? Then everything will depend on your preferences, character traits guests. Choose !
  • Clubs.I'm sure many young people enjoy visiting nightclubs. There you can and celebrate a birthday! Invite guests to the house - do not suck a prerequisite. Just spend the whole holiday in your favorite club. There you can enjoy a pleasant society, have fun, relax. Well, if you will bring something to the atmosphere their places - in fact you have an original holiday! For example, when guests are ready to have fun and joke, a great idea would be karaoke. You can get it in his possession for the evening for a fee. Let your guests show off their vocal skills, or their absence, the main thing - that all had fun!
  • Fitness and beauty spa.Yes , the girls definitely appreciate this opportunity once : spend the whole day at the salon spa, relax , go through various pleasant procedure. It is not only delight but also bring some benefit . The scope of the celebration in the cabin depends on the wishes and financial possibilities . But for men it is appropriate to go to fitness . By the way, there is to go and all the guests : there is a wide open space of imagination , it is possible to run , warm up , play a game of bowling.
  • Paintball.Now this game is gaining in popularity , it is an excellent option for those who originally decided to celebrate his birthday and surprise guests. Arrange a real "hunt" to each other! You'll get a charge of vivacity , vivid emotions and memorable experiences , while well razomnёtes , bring benefits to the body as a whole. Meet birthday in motion.
  • Horseback riding.This option is well combined with a picnic in the countryside.
  • Amusement park.Feel like small children , carefree and fearless ! Rest all day at an amusement park , occasionally backed by colored cotton candy , cakes , fruit, and drank it all soda - a great idea ! You probably have not rode a Ferris Wheel , giant steps and jumping on a trampoline . Imagine how many positive emotions will get you and your friends .
  • Limousine.Holiday rentals Limousine , invite him to your best friends or girlfriends and traveled on it through the streets of your city . All participants of this event is guaranteed to get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions .
The options are many.
How original celebrate a birthday?
Extremely original and celebrate a birthday: in the air and in the water
If you are a fan of extreme sports, you are perfect for the following options.
  • Celebrate in the air.Can original celebrate a birthday in the air.
  • We celebrate his birthday in the water.Professional travelers and lovers of pleasure fused with the rivers . Why not arrange a holiday on the water ? If all your guests know how to swim , you are ready to give up alcohol, it is possible to organize a celebration on the island, swim in the boat or raft . An excellent choice - book a ticket in advance , and to celebrate his birthday on the boat .
Celebrating the birthday of the outdoors
At the birth of the outdoors has lots of advantages.
  • Crockery - it is not necessary to wash.
  • And a casual atmosphere is.
  • Requirements for the outfits - the most modest.
  • Comfortable clothes, shoes, women do not need to follow the make-up, which can be waived, and the men will not experience discomfort in tight ties.
  • Around - air, nature, beauty and naturalness!
In summer, everything is already accustomed to rest in the forest. Of course, a great pleasure to bask in the sun , barbecue and enjoy the warmth . Of course, this birthday will be a great holiday, where everyone will feel great .

But winter does not become an obstacle: in the cold season can also be beautiful and original way to celebrate a birthday.
  • Take a plate, on which you can warm up food.
  • Prepare a few dishes, pack them.
  • Stock up garlands with light paper and stuffed toys.
  • Take sparklers.
  • You can bring your own barbecue grill and cook directly on nature.
Let your winter birthday remind the new year - but it will be your personal. It is also a milestone which marks another year of your life. Celebrate and have fun from the heart, play snowballs, ride a makeshift rollercoaster, enjoy the frosty air. BLIND whole family around a snowy Christmas trees selected. Incidentally, the figure can be clearly paint and then to photograph. Dress up the trees, light lanterns. Everything will shine, and delight you and your guests. A festive dishes in the cold seem even more delicious! Celebrate the birthday of original, happy holiday!