How to find the words of a song?

The haunting melody, infinite scroll in the head - one of the most painful sensations. You know what's worse? When only remember one phrase or verse of a passage, and all the rest - no. We have to repeat this short piece that I feel like continuing, but it is impossible. And listen to the whole song, too, is impossible, because neither the name nor the artist you are not familiar. It remains the only way out: to find a song in the words of it, as long as they are not forgotten. Perhaps, it is generally the only way to find the song of passage, not knowing the name.

No, of course you can try to sing the melody to your friends and cause an explosion of laughter , but if you can not boast of a perfect ear , then this attempt is unlikely to succeed . Patient and shy can wait until you hear the desired product back on the radio. And if you hear ? And anyway, why reinvent the wheel and spend time , if you can find the song on the text in Russian or in English , for only a few memorable words .

Search Like a song.
Information space around us is full and even overflowing with music, text, some fragments and scattered fragments. Whether they are less - it would be easier to navigate in this continuous stream and catch out of it exactly what you need. Internet even more crowded useful and useless information, and accurately distinguish the former from the latter is not always possible. But it helps to find the Internet a grain of truth in the chaos of sounds. Minus by minus gives you plus - which is why the easiest way to find a song you like, without knowing its name, it is in the network:
  1. Just surf.The most obvious and easily feasible option with a non-obvious , but serious drawbacks. Just imagine how many people every day (yes there - every second ! ) Is introduced into the search engine queries , most of which are quite typical . Popular songs often also not original , so when looking for the lyrics into Google, Yandex , Yahoo and / or Bing, you risk to find a lot of similar songs , instead of the one that is needed .
  2. On a special website, a collection of songs.The narrower the scope of the search - the higher the chances of success. But only if the desired result is there at all . On the one hand, a site with lyrics does not contain other materials , which means you will not waste time browsing stories, poems , and just coincidentally phrases. On the other hand , the database may not be entirely new or little-known songs and unclaimed retro hits.
  3. On discussion forums.Word of mouth has always given odds to other sources of information . Because there is always a chance that animate the sides help to find something that is not familiar with the search robot . Disadvantages of online forums to find the songs too evident: not the fact that the topic would be enough visitors that there is a music lover indifferent and that he took the trouble to respond to your cry from the heart .
  4. In social networksa lot of people and that these people like : music tracks , video clips , pictures and quotes . Search for a song on the passage in such an environment it is quite logical . Especially because not only did you get into such a situation , as is easily seen by noting that the songs in the playlists are often not named these headlines and text fragments.
  5. On Web sites, radio stationsThat support active feedback from listeners. Also etheric planes , radio and online forums for communication with DJs and fans , there is a useful function : the history of radio . In fact, a list of all the songs that have been made in this wave in the last days , and sometimes longer. All you need to find a song without a title and artist name - is at least roughly remember when you hear it.
Mobile gadgets easier to find songs anyway : just install the application and time to activate it until the song . This method is momentary , but it does not help to find the text of a song that you've heard before. Although there is one life hacking ! Some applications might recognize the song if you napoete it into the microphone. So try to sing the passage that you remember . And do not misinterpret the melody , or none Shazam with Saundhaundom not help to find the unknown song .

How to find the words of a song from it?
Pros and cons of each method of search lyrics can be reduced to two conclusions. Firstly, none of the sources are not 100% guarantee that you will immediately find the right song using words from her. Secondly , it is better to look for a song according to various ways to increase the likelihood of finding. For its part, we would like to suggest a few nuances that facilitate and accelerate the search for the songs on the texts :
How to find the words of a song?
  1. Quote for which you are looking for a song to be unique. By law, meanness usually remembered most absurd and incomprehensible passages - but it only prevents find a song by words. To avoid information noise , try to remember the unusual , unconventional phrase from the song , the kind that is not found in other songs .
  2. Songwriter trying to be original in the chorus . Therefore, to find the words of the song chorus is much easier than for any other part . If you do not have to choose , look for the words of a song verse or bridge , observing the most accurate quotation.
  3. Song title - not the best set of search terms . The name may be too short / artistic / typical and therefore does not conform to any idea or the main text of the song. Do not be surprised if you eventually find in the words of a song from an unexpected name.
  4. Literally, the stored type into the search engine the phrase in quotation marks, you do not accidentally choose to search all similar phrases.
  5. To find the full text of the songs on the passage from it , enter the search string you famous phrase from the song + lyrics . Otherwise, the search results will include not only poetry , but also all mention of the song , including the same seeking as you .
Literacy affects the search results, but not critical . Most likely , the search engine itself correct the mistakes you and / or offer the most likely correct option . But it will take time and take away from you in order to finally find a song by words. In an extreme case , if the search for a passage did not give a satisfactory result , try to look for lyrics at random, in an alphabetical index of performers, novelties charts and popular compositions .

How to find a song in the words of the English language?
Remember to Google and drive a piece of a song in Russian is easy , but what about foreign hits ? Are you sure that no errors rasslyshit , understand and reproduce the text of the English language ? And then there's the music interferes with listen , and performer " swallows " the vowels ... In general, to find the words of the song in English, French , German or any other foreign language , will have to try . Rely on the robot : the search engine will correct obvious typos , if the entire phrase will be written more or less correctly . But you need to comply with two conditions :
  • Try to limit of the quote in which you believe.
  • Do not use quotation marks, or search engine finds himself no right to interfere in your "copyright" writing.
When searching for the lyrics in English enter first memorize the words and then lyrics, to limit the search results is the text rather than announcements , discussions and other indirect references . It is possible that because you will find sites with bilingual content : original lyrics and their translation into Russian .

Chance to quickly find a song according to depend on your memory skills and Internet search . For the first time this task can be difficult . But over time, you learn to find the songs a few words from any part of the verse. Good luck and good new music in your playlist !