How to find a song on the music?

Life without music would be boring and difficult, but the music is even more difficult! When affectionate tune all day long in my head is spinning and you do not even know the name of the song. Excerpt tunes - that's all that remains in the memory of the composition, overheard on the radio or in a cafe. However, there is something else: the ability to search for a song by song. If the same problem will arise in front of you the first time you order will be surprised how it is relevant. And you are far from alone: ​​friends in misfortune and just savvy developers have created a program to search for songs on the music on the Internet, online or by appointment.

Mobile gadgets are also not left behind. It is only necessary in advance to download the application to search for the music at the right time to quickly find a song for music through the microphone - in a matter of seconds. Smartphone or tablet is almost always at hand, even when asked the name of the song , there is nobody. No song title or artist n
ame is not named in the air . Well, now it does not hurt you to find song by the sound , rhythm and melody passage . Moreover, you even have the choice of how to do it.

Search songs in tune.
Any melody consists of seven notes, but harmonious chords and harmonies are so many that each musical phrase seems unique. However, to find a song in the text is more complex than the sound , even if the melody sounds long. The main thing to have time to remember or record it on tape . Moreover, knowledge of music theory and / or ear training help to find a song sounding , but not a necessary condition . Even people without musical training can find music on the passage a suitable manner :
  • Mobile applications submitted for the first place , because they allow you to find the song of the melody faster and easier. The only condition - do not forget to pre- download and install the program on your smartphone or tablet. Connecting to the Internet to search the song title and artist name it instantly. The main drawback of the application to search for music - possible noise and other sound disturbances that often accompany the music in public places and interfere with the right to determine what song is currently playing .
  • Computer software to search for songs on passage - a kind of music libraries . Search the archive them in several ways . Firstly, you can download the file from an anonymous track and learn the song title . But for this you should be at least very brief record desired music. Second, you can run the program during the song , and it will determine its real-time . In this case, to prevent find the song on the melodies can except that the error in the setting of the microphone.
  • Internet sites provide an opportunity to find a song for music online . The specifics of these resources is that they are convenient for people with at least a basic musical training. For example, to search for music in the database need to squeal its rhythm on the keyboard and / or sing a leitmotif . The lack of an ear for music makes this task almost impossible .
Pros and cons of each method to find music make it ideal, but together they certainly help you find the right song on the melodies and without errors. In extreme cases, your service is always good old chat forums. Download the audio track and ask other users to identify the tune. The popular theme - the greater the chance that you will prompt the right answer. Simple and effective , but lately less demand for high-tech devices .

Mobile Apps.
Let's start with the most simple and fast way.
The smartphone applicationThe smartphone application
  1. Download and install the application to search for music . Most of them are cross-platform , that is, work on different operating systems : Android, iOS, Windows Phone. The best , and therefore not simply untwisted , and regularly updated , and the most effective are the application Shazam, SoundHound, TrackID, MusicID, but you can choose from analogue PlayMarket or AppStore.
  2. In order not to lose precious time during the song in advance Practice using the application.
  3. Principle of operation and application interface to search for similar songs . For example, if you choose Shazam , you 'll see a big round button blue. In other applications, the button is colored differently and / or have a different shape. Click this button when you want is playing the melody .
  4. After pressing the button the application starts to listen to the sounds and scan . Therefore, it is desirable to minimize interference : say nothing , do not knock and rustling papers , possibly located in a quiet environment. Comply with these conditions have a few seconds : usually the program deals with scanning of music in less than a minute.
  5. After listening you will see on the screen the name of the song and its artist . As a bonus, the application demonstrate additional conditional useful information : name of the album and the year of its release , tour schedule , posters and / or the place in the charts . You can even share the discovery in social networks and at the same time to see what your friends are looking for .
  6. The application will identify the music even without an internet connection, but you'll get the answer later when the connection appears.
If the application will not be able to determine the melody of a song , it is fair about this report . How often does this happen? Depending on the popularity of the novelty and the track recognition accuracy ranges from 90 to 100 % of cases. Fortunately, positive or negative response is issued fast enough , so you have time to try to find the same song with a different application - install several . And if you are not lazy , involves searching both on phones and tablets , but with different applications .

How to find a song for music on the Internet?
Sites with music files and program to determine the sounds are very similar, so we consider them simultaneously.
search for songs on the Internetsearch for songs on the Internet
  1. To dispense with the installation, find the song on the music online , log on to the service , " Mead » ( You open an intuitive interface , which consists of the standard menu , bright banners and search box . It is something you and you need : click the magnifying glass and start listening. The sound source ( speaker player, radio) , it is desirable to bring the microphone closer to the computer. By the way, when you first use the site the system will ask to allow access to the microphone and camera , without which it will not start listening .
  2. Before you find a song from the video, advertising or YouTube, you will have to dig into the settings of your computer. To get started, go to the menu item "Recorders" (opens when you click the right mouse button on the speaker icon on the right side of the toolbar). In the "REC" tick "Use default" to Stereo Mixer. Now the site will be able to identify the music played on your computer or a video player on a different website. The procedure for this is as follows: first, the launch of the search site, and then start the video with music, sound a few seconds, stop the search and title in front of you!
  3. The program is free Audiggle songs passage, but the sound quality to be at least satisfactory. Dictaphone recording and fragments shorter than 20 seconds Audiggl often not or wrong calls . But in the case of a successful search, you get not only the song title and artist name , and album name , and links to online music store . The site Audiggle have information about the tour , discography and news. The program keeps a history of the search , which can be viewed again .
  4. To find a song on the record from the recorder , go to the service Audiotag ( Its main difference from other sites for online music recognition - perception dictaphone files in .amr. This entry can be quite short , only 10-15 seconds , which Audiotagu will be enough to find a song by the sound .
  5. Site " Ritmoteka " is unlikely to be your primary tool to find songs, but he definitely deserves the attention of music lovers . To determine the beat of the song her own need to " fill " on the keyboard , but if you want to sing also . For greater efficiency , try to squeal excerpt from the chorus or the main theme , that is the most typical for the desired composition.
It's just a few popular methods among which worth mentioning also MusicMagicMixer, Magic Mp3 Tagger, Tunatic, Musipedia, MelodyCacther and others, in its own interesting and useful resources . Perhaps we should get to know everyone, to select the best for himself . The accuracy of the search depends on the songs of the library , its specificity ( domestic or foreign songs ) , recording quality and technical capabilities . So a variety of means , as always helps and helps to find a song on the melodies . Good luck and plenty of good new music!