How to make Easter table?

Easter - a holiday that symbolizes rebirth, a new beginning , and to emphasize the rise of the senses, which , of course, cover every man , Orthodox Christians , choose a warm, life-affirming color scheme designed for the decoration of festive table. After the festive atmosphere not only depends dishes prepared mistress , but from serving and table decoration . It is thanks to a special and original design you can make an unforgettable celebration of Easter .


Yellow color - a symbol of vitality, joy bright sunlight; Green - represents the nature awakens and freshness; Red - the color of love and forgiveness, which is the feast of the Resurrection Light gets a deeper meaning, symbolizing a great love of Jesus to all people without exception, the sins of which he redeemed with his own blood. Also in the design of the table should be present neutral white color that always looks pretty solemn. Complement the overall range of subtle shades of different bright colors and warm pastel colors.

There are many centur
ies of Easter traditions provide comprehensive advice on the festive table decorations . For example, Easter eggs were allocated a special dish in which the hostess in advance for about two weeks , germinated wheat seeds or watercress . This " clearing ", in which the young grass placed multicolored balls , is a special Easter table decoration .

To grow grass to a clearing , it is necessary to pour into the dish a little bit of land , mixed with grains of wheat or oat seeds or watercress , with water to bring the mixture to the consistency of sour cream sparse , and then put in a warm place .

At the end of the week we will have young shoots.

If you can not grow a " dish - clearing " can be built on the festive table ' moss hill " and put her Easter eggs . Appropriate in such a composition will spring flowers, branches of trees with blossoming green leaves on them and " hidden" in the pits small " bird " nest woven from straw and twigs . By the way, instead of natural moss can be used artificial , which is sold in stores decor .

We can not say that in creating such beauty will welcome the children involved.