How to congratulate her friend happy birthday?

You know all the mysteries and secrets of each other, and after spending the whole day together discussing everything in the world, you still calls up the evening to have a little chat. Birthday girlfriend scale preparations a little different from his own: you and thought through the menu, instead of choosing her outfit and made up the guest list. Only in addition to all the efforts of those still need to figure out how to congratulate her friend on his birthday - a fun and creative (boring and official congratulations here, of course, irrelevant). So, we offer you some ideas for fabulous congratulations.

Hello, we are looking for talent!If it is good sing, draw, write poetry - it's time to do it in the name of a girlfriend. Draw a picture of her, dedicated to her touching (or funny) line, sing in her honor a good song. If any of this to do is not possible, you can prepare a fun collage of her photos and comic signatures. Another option - with modern technology - to prepare a slide film about what it is c
lever and beautiful, it can also be done with humor. The main thing in all this - let all the jokes are good, and only emphasize what she really cool!

Write me, write
Create labels on the pavement for some reason considered to be the prerogative of men . Of course , writing : "I love you " and " sorry " - that is their problem . But " Happy birthday , dear ! " May write you. So we armed with colored crayons and start . Even more spectacular ( and, incidentally, is not so expensive ) way - stretching banner greeting. This will have to take care in advance , but it will make sure greetings to impress her .

Drawings and representations
If your city has a service organization of leisure (and they are, perhaps, in all the cities), you can make a very vivid and memorable greeting. Creators and studios come up comedians funny joke (or you can offer your own), or your friend a happy birthday to congratulate her favorite movie heroes, appearing directly to her home. Today is a snap to organize something magical. If you are confident in your tact and sense of humor, drawing organization can take over, calling on the help of friends. But - do not forget! - Mood girlfriend in any case should not be affected.

Original prezenty
You already prepared a gift , no one doubts . And now is the time to complete it - funny postcard , or, for example , a bouquet . Just let a bouquet of flowers will not , and from sweets or fruit . It looks very nice and touching.

Another option congratulations - give her flowers that never fade (in a pot), it's a symbol of your friendship - forever.

Attach your gifts can and tickets to the event, which she would like to visit, and a certificate to a beauty salon, and a notebook in a beautiful cover, where she will be able to record your plans and dreams.

No matter how you choose to congratulate her friend on his birthday , the most important is a good mood and sincere wishes all the best. Decide you use one of these tips and come up with something different , more original, if in greeting put the soul , it will be a real holiday decoration .