How to entertain guests at the table?

Have you already thought out menu for a party or a holiday home , guests were invited to the future , ready to dress and stylist hairdresser waiting at the appointed hour . But the holiday was a success and its long remembered all those present , and those who did not manage to get there , bite your elbows and jealous of all this is not enough. In addition to all the above and still have to take care of all that was fun.


Of course, you can charge it difficult to professionals : toastmaster or animators of the leisure center organizes fun competently. Of course, if you're lucky . The opportunity to spend the evening with a joke , young Petrosyan is also possible in this case will not only boring , but also shame : for taking the money spent .

However, you can take matters into their own hands and personally make sure that no one will dare to miss.

Telling funny stories and interesting to say toast - a must!

Fortune Cookies
Bake a meal is simple: it is only important that the cookies were hollow inside.

Who are you ?!
Pretty funny entertainment, for which you will need a pack of stickers and a pen. It is necessary to write the names of various famous characters - one on the sticker, in strict accordance with the number of participants. It could be anyone, from Bun to Sigmund Freud, the main thing - to all those present knew them. Then, stickers with names pasted on the forehead each participant feast. It turns out that everyone knows who is who, and only with respect to his person left in the dark. Now the problem: using leading questions to which only you can answer "yes" or "no", you need to determine who you are. A rather fun. Furthermore, the question "Who am I?" Is better to ask during a feast, than the next day.

Question answer
Another way to have some fun on the soul - the game of questions and answers.
  • Whether you eat frogs?
  • Do you wake up in unfamiliar places, not knowing how to get there?
  • Do you think about the eternal at a reception at the dentist?
  • Do you kiss strangers?
  • Do you sleep in a fur coat?
  • Love I watch adult movies?

Well, and so on.

For example, some companies will Homeric laughter the question "Do you wear ugg boots?", And another - "You're still driving on winter tires?".
  • Yes!
  • Never, that's just not right.
  • Only if you drink a lot.
  • My God!
  • I admit, it is.

Again - invent options . So the cards are ready and distributed to each of the two - a question and answer (better make them two different colors to avoid confusion ) . Now everyone reads the question from the card , and the next he responds by reading the answer. And ask your question. The beauty of this entertainment that the cards can be collected and re- distribute - and still be fun.

Another old but no less interesting entertainment. Each " rents " some little thing : jewelry , pen or simply a champagne cork , remembering at the same time , what belongs to whom . Select presenter, who, seeing that it gets from the " common pot " gives all sorts of ridiculous tasks. Thus he has in mind , one of these tasks have to perform himself.

If a company is creative and can give everyone the opportunity to shine literary talent and wit. Preparations need a minimum : sheets of paper with pre-prepared rhymes and pens pencils. Perhaps poetic masterpiece no one will , but for many it will be the perfect way to show their best side .

That's really it is able to give pleasure to every guest ! Because deep down, we all believe in his talent and artistry . The main thing - properly choose the repertoire, and then the Internet to help you - you're sure to find songs that loves your company . But remember ! Exactly at 23.00 the coach should turn into a pumpkin , and loud singing - in a quiet , conducive to proper rest neighbors.

Forget about it intellectually and fun pastime is simply impossible.

Board games
Of course, we do not offer to arrange a chess tournament . For the merriment is not the best idea . But the play "Mafia " or " Monopoly" or throw the ball in the roulette table your guests probably will not refuse . Who does not want to feel like a mogul or a brave Commissioner ?

Whatever ways to entertain guests at the table you choose, there is one rule that must be followed strictly. In no case did not turn on the television ! It will kill your party . Even an ordinary intimate conversation , without any " notions " will be much more interesting than watching TV everyday .