As noted calico wedding?

That went a whole year of family life. For someone quietly, and someone has already experience some difficulties of family life. But the family still quite young, husband and wife are called newlyweds, the feeling is not had time to become familiar, fresh and bright impressions. Loving accustomed to live together, to lead a common life. Someone is about to appear or has already born baby. Many events can fit in the first year of married life! There was a wedding, honeymoon, gradually tighten and weekdays. And it is time to mention the cotton wedding - it was exactly 12 months from the date of the wedding. It is important to make the holiday bright, memorable and fun. There is no place for the official solemnity and rigor. Everything is nice and homey, cheerfully and original. Welcome jokes, laughter, humor, and funny greetings.

Preparing for calico wedding
When a question arises , how to mark the wedding of the cotton , the main thing - do not be without important material . Calico , of course ! Try to arra
nge your celebration , wherever it is held , in accordance with the theme . No guest should not forget that it is celebrating the cotton wedding , not wooden or silver .

Here's what you certainly come in handy:
  • multicolored fabric: calico, calico, silk, chiffon;
  • buttons of different sizes, shapes and colors;
  • lace;
  • multi-colored ribbons;
  • balloons (preferably helium);
  • small stuffed toys, souvenirs of fabric;
  • bright colored handkerchiefs;
  • bows.
Now you need to start decorating . Everything will depend on where exactly you decided to celebrate the wedding of the cotton . On the street you will be able to use trees, shrubs, to place them all your jewelry. By the way, the cold season is also not become an obstacle - in the snow your bright accessories will look even more brightly . In the summer , of course, also possible to celebrate the wedding of the cotton in the street to fame.

Special attention should be home decoration.

Create: for calico wedding decorations
Give play to your imagination. Suppose you do not seem to be your accessories too unpretentious - in this is their chief charm ! Your calico anniversary so delicate and fragile , it has no solidity and solemn monumentality . Now you still live and love - how to play, ease and fun. Such an atmosphere is and should be on your holiday.
  • Bows and handkerchiefs.Handkerchiefs and bright ribbons can hang directly on the thin colored rope, tesёmochkah by pulling them along the walls and the ceiling.
  • Flags.Make a colorful flags, also find their place: wall mounted on the doorposts, decorate doors and curtains.
  • Decorate curtain.Blind - is generally a great place for jewelry.
  • Decorative screen.You can make a special decorative screen on the free wall, if you are not ready to turn into a " calico extravaganza " the whole apartment . Tighten the wall cutting off a few , well , if this will be the materials with different textures . For example , bright velvet, chiffon , silk and cotton with a catchy design. A screen attach all your creations !
  • Self-made toys and souvenirs.If you prepare in advance for the holiday , take time , and for tailoring a special gift toys. They can be done fairly quickly , for example, small " cakes " and " cake " of a dense material with berries on top , colored hedgehogs , balls , handkerchiefs embroidered with wishes. Will you give them to your calico wedding family and friends , decorate their house .
  • Balls with color "skirts" and "tails."Already stocked up balloons ? They, too, can be issued with a cloth ! Choose the lightest materials such as chiffon . From fabric to make broad and thin skirts fluttering "tails ." You can even specifically to calculate the weight of it so that the balls were flying at a certain height by themselves, without strings. Then they will move freely in your room, but do not soar too high.
  • Tablecloth.The best option - to make the "queen" of the holiday tablecloth. It will symbolize the hostess skills , hard work of her husband , wealth in the family, a long and happy life. For the basics , you can take a real tablecloth , and you can use a regular otrez calico. The main thing - a bright and diverse to decorate . Take the beads , buttons , beads, ribbons and braid your lace. Embroidered tablecloth and decorate to your taste.
If nothing do not limit yourself, dream heart's content!

As noted calico wedding: organize a celebration
Cotton is best to celebrate the wedding in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to the whole atmosphere was positive , fun and sun . If desired , of course , you can go in a restaurant or cafe , but there you will not be able to fully demonstrate their skills and show hostess creativity. But at home or on the nature of this you will be a full-fledged queen of the festival !

Nature and flights
As noted calico wedding?Great fun is already included young people in the tradition. You can celebrate the wedding of the cotton in the nature, together with friends and family at the same time as fun to fly kites , let the sky colored balloons , glowing lanterns . Well , if your flying heroes will be assigned a variety of holiday wishes.

You can and you will go in flight!

Picnic and Entertainment
Here you will need colored ribbons, rope bright and shiny ribbons.
  • Labyrinth.Good fun - a maze.
  • Trees with toys and gifts.Winter and summer will look great trees with ornaments.
  • Relay.When the holiday is mainly gathered young people, should give preference to sports games and competitions.
  • Surprises and humor.Well , if the guests and organizers of the festival , and the couple prepare themselves funny greetings, couplets , poems . It calico wedding is perfect for pranks, jokes and fun. You can beat the great "huge" period of family life , which honorably withstood the newlyweds , a symbol of the anniversary - cotton , a durable and beautiful, soft and supple .
Well, if the program of your holiday will be a diverse, vibrant kaleidoscope remind everyone, and visitors will not notice how much fun will come to an end.

Your holiday "calico" wedding table
Striking an excessive amount of refined dishes on calico wedding is not necessary.
  • Salads.They must be primarily from fresh vegetables, fruits.
  • Sandwiches.They are also very relevant to "cotton" table.
  • Snacks.All meals should be light.
  • Drinks.Minimize alcohol, well, if you are limited to champagne, wine.
  • For guests did not leave hungry ...Cook the cakes with different fillings, set a few dishes and cakes.
  • Cake.It does not hurt.
Of course, you can use other options.

Wishes to celebrate wonderful calico wedding in a cafe in the company of witty and resourceful Toastmasters, invite clowns and artists, go together with friends in the karaoke bar or the movies to several sessions.

Some prefer to celebrate its first anniversary in private and family life for such a case is removed for the day chic "suite" at the hotel or go to the tourist recreation . Someone at all for the holiday fly directly into warmer climes ! After all, on the coast , you can relax a couple of days , marking as bright and memorable date.

Happy Holidays!