As noted pink wedding?

Pink wedding celebrate ten years after the date of the wedding. This is the first really serious anniversary, a round number. This impressive figure shows the stability of marriage, the union of the fortress. Family life has become customary, the couple closer as much as possible, they delve into each other's affairs, literally breathing the same air. Most spouses at this point already have children. As noted pink wedding celebration to remember, he brought a lot of vivid impressions, became a happy and memorable? It is necessary to prepare for a pink wedding in advance. Of course, it is best to pay attention to the organization of the festival's wife. Surely spouse and so remember the wedding date, but to capture in his memory a great holiday - not too much. Let the anniversary year will be joyful and positive milestone, anticipates many more years of happy family life.

Symbols pink wedding: tin and roses, flowers and metal
Pink wedding itself becomes evidence that the couple chose at the time of each othe
r is not accidental. That took 10 years , and they are together, loving and creative, decided to celebrate the anniversary of marriage. The two main characters pink wedding - tin and roses.

Tin - durable and soft metal
Tin is not by chance became a symbol of the pink wedding.
  • The two components.This metal is divided into two simple matter.
  • Solder.Use a tin for soldering of other materials.
  • Soft.For all its properties, the tin can be still and soft, gentle, compliant. This can be understood in two ways. Users are able to compromise, spouses consider each other's interests, so they are not afraid of an alliance minor problems, troubles. At the same time, it recalls the softness of tin and possible threats to marriage: the metal is not strong enough to save him from severe shocks and obstacles. For example, after 10 years may well break out a new passion, when the child grew up, feelings were a little less bright, there is a need in the unexplored sensations. Therefore, you must take care of the family and after the tin anniversary.
Of course, the wedding is called the tin is not accidental. It reveals the date of this symbol with the different parties , lets look at the anniversary of a little more seriously , to understand it more deeply . Be sure to get more than one tin decoration, a few souvenirs of this metal , so they took their rightful place at the festival .

Custom: pewter wedding celebrate properly, with tin
There is an old custom that knew our distant ancestors . During the celebration of the wedding of tin need to husband and wife to wear in the pockets of a tin spoon . Of course, the pocket on your dress may not be, but figure out a way to carry on the clothes a little pewter spoon in a pink wedding celebration . Hide it in the folds of her dress , sew a tiny pocket . The same hand the spoon and your husband .

According to ancient beliefs pewter spoon it becomes a symbol of prosperity and mutual understanding in the family income.

Roses and Rose
Years go by , but family life has not become so accustomed to begin to forget about the pink , romance and passion. The couple is very young. Delicate rose symbolizes love, bright feelings and impressions . At the festival will certainly be present roses and things outfits in pink.
  1. Pink.Mark pink wedding should not only bright , fun and solemn , but also thematically . Remember symbolism, take the time to look for tin souvenirs and accessories . Of course, special attention should be paid to all the pink . You can pick up different shades of crimson and coral to burgundy and purple , but will certainly make it a general range of pink . Imagine that your celebration came complete strangers . They just need to cry , "Oh , it's a pink wedding ! "
  2. Outfits.Who made a bright pink to emphasize the symbolism of the wedding dresses.
  3. Husband and wife.Wishing to mark the wedding really bright pink, is to pick up pre-catchy and stylish outfits for spouses. Well, if it will be engaged in a wife. For the husband is better to choose a light suit, white or bluish-gray, with a pearl tint. To him perfectly suitable pink tie and a pink scarf, which should show a little from his breast pocket. For the wife the perfect outfit - a pink dress, satin or gloss, trimmed with lace and beading. Costumes should simultaneously remind about the wedding, and the symbolism of the anniversary.
  4. Mother and children.Children are also the best dress in pink . The boys quite some enhancement in a given tone , for example, the necktie , and the girls will be delighted with a pink dress . Relatives also need to stick it in dresses of pink tones.
  5. Guests.But visitors may already be more free in their costumes, however, and they require at least one pink accessory garment.
When such a " pink " by you and go on nature, a restaurant or an amusement park , all eyes will be on you ! As if you're celebrating a wedding again . It should capture your wedding and pink in the photo - and the heroes of the occasion , guests will look just fine , but on the album do not even have to do the inscription . Naturally, this pink wedding !

Dressing room
If you decided to celebrate the wedding pink house is to take care of decorating the rooms . Of course, the primary here will be pink. However, to do everything only in one tone is not worth it , otherwise the freshness of perception quickly lost . Combine pink with white , lilac , shades of purple and scarlet , you can add green and yellow colors.

As the decorations can be used:
  • napkins for the table;
  • embroidery and lace napkins for furniture;
  • furniture covers;
  • bright tablecloth;
  • Balloons (best location: on a wall near the table, above the entrance to the room, apartment);
  • souvenirs, stuffed toys;
  • figurines;
  • candlesticks and candles themselves;
  • lamps.
Note : When planning a holiday in the evening, you can perfectly use different kinds of lighting , to focus on the candles and lamps. Scented candles bizarre shapes and shades of pink , spectacular lighting on the walls and tables beautifully emphasize the symbolism of the celebration and create a pleasant atmosphere .

The main decoration of your holiday - a rose.

Festive table on pink wedding
As noted pink wedding?And your holiday table , you too will be able to make a rose ! Just think through in advance menu to dishes " equilibrated " with each other, not very much undermined your family budget . The table should not be too congested , but also gourmet dishes required - even in small quantities. Here it would be appropriate in your " pink " table :
  • chicken in pink sauce - take the recipe and cook it yourself;
  • Different types of red fish: salmon, trout, salmon (including costs to prepare meals);
  • red and rose wines.
So best to decorate the bouquets with pink, white and red roses.

Where note pink wedding?
Each couple chooses its own version . Someone is most impressed by the celebration in a cafe or restaurant . The wife is completely eliminating the need to cook, wash the dishes . However, such a holiday on " neutral territory " certainly needs to be supplemented : it is worth noting the anniversary and at home, for example, alone with her ​​husband . There also can unleash their creativity to capture the imagination favorite !

An excellent choice - note pink wedding in nature.

Alone pink wedding note on resorts, hotels.

And, of course, the magnificent one pink wedding celebration becomes a romantic dinner where the couple are alone, enjoying the company of each other exclusively.

Celebrate the wedding of bright pink and romantic!