How do you know that leaking water?

Amniotic fluid - a liquid in which the child develops all 9 months , it is still in the mother's stomach . These waters are colorless and odorless . Pregnant closer to the day of delivery sometimes they start to leak. To determine this fact alone can be , but other than water can be released and vaginal secretions , and urine leak . This is due to the fact that the baby presses on your bladder woman , which is why a small amount of urine excreted . It is important to define exactly what it is allocated .

Improvised ways
The first thing to do if there is suspicion of leaking water - put clean and dry cloth between his legs. If not for too long, it has become wet, then look closely at the cloth. It should not smell anything, the moisture must be transparent or have a light pinkish hue. If the color is yellow, then it stands still urine. Also characteristic odor immediately indicate that the leaking natural selection, which is actively formed from the unstable hormonal levels. In case if you have a strong beli
ef that the leaking water, you need to see a doctor and make a smear, which precisely determine what is happening. It is worth noting that the amniotic fluid are allocated regardless of the position of the pregnant woman, her actions and the time of day. Urine or selection usually occur under certain sudden movements or night.

Signs of leakage of amniotic fluid
Recognize leakage of amniotic fluid is not hard - wet underwear all speak for themselves . There is an outpouring of water is usually not before 38 weeks of pregnancy , which is the norm . Fluids thus stands out a lot , about half a liter . After that, start the fight, which is an important symptom - birth soon . In this case, you must call the "fast" and things go to the maternity hospital.

In the early timing of the allocation of the clear liquid it is advisable to consult a doctor for advice. In rare cases it happens that the expert also did not immediately determine what happens dripping water. To be safe, buy at the pharmacy a special test on the state of the amniotic fluid. It looks like he's a litmus test that must be pressed for a while to the vagina. If the paper is colored, then the allocation of amniotic fluid is still going on. In this case, it is worth considering the competence of the gynecologist and ask another doctor.

It is very difficult to recognize their own symptoms of leakage of water in some cases. For example, when a leak occurs dropwise in small portions. In this case, the amniotic fluid is mixed with the secretions , urine, sweat , there is no risk of leakage notice . It is important to attend all the doctor's advice , to pass all the tests at the time , ask your doctor questions .

Leaking of amniotic fluid can be dangerous if it is not diagnosed in time . Because a child can grow only in the liquid , its deficiency may result as a deviation in the development of the child and lethal for the fetus . The kid just choking from lack of its normal environment. If late in pregnancy or early rupture of leakage water is considered the norm , then in the early stages we need to be extremely careful . For any emerging issue should be referred to a gynecologist .