What do you call a wedding over the years?

Wedding - happy, but troublesome event. Even if the couple did not try to please the many relatives and arranged a holiday for yourself, by the end of the day it is inevitable fatigue. But everything is just beginning. This history of heroes tales rounded at the altar. In reality, you will find a story, you can decorate a wedding anniversaries. These personal celebrations provide an opportunity to recall the important thing, brush up emotions and think back on the birthday of your family. In order to truly please your soul mate, it is not necessary to learn by heart as called marriage for years. But this information will further inspiration and help come up with cute and symbolic gift.

Names of weddings over the years
  1. Green Wedding- 0 years "of your age." The time has gone, but that day will not happen again. And, most likely, you were not even aware that your wedding is called today still green. This name goes back even to the pagan tradition to decorate wedding table wreath of green plants. Each of them h
    as its own special characteristics, but more often used myrtle. The modern wedding is also full of flowers and bride's bouquet has become a great alternative to the crown. The entire first year of marriage green wedding is celebrated every month, on the day of the wedding. What is not a reason to decorate the family nest fresh bouquet?
  2. Calico wedding- 1 year, the first symbolic milestone. Well, your feelings are as easy to break as calico rag? Or for the "flower" year they blossomed and matured? Keepers traditions disagree on the meaning of the sacred name of chintz in this anniversary. Some compared the simplicity gingham fabric with a life in which you are plunged into the first year of marriage. Others on the contrary tend to consider this matter, cheerful colors and fresh character still vivid emotions. Whatever it was, a year after the wedding, decided to present to each other the fabric. Think sundresses and bright dresses of calico outdated? Give bandanna.
  3. Wedding Paper- Family 2 years . Surrounding curiously watching your union , but feel it is still fragile and brittle . Prove to everyone that this is not so . Celebrate your anniversary trip to an exotic country , and photos from your trip be sure to print on paper and readily show all the doubters . You can think of other paper gifts : a book , moleskin , romantic letter in an envelope. Money, after all!
  4. Leather Wedding- 3 years. This material is noticeably stronger than the previous ones. The skin represents the reliability and flexibility . By this time, you know each other well and have adjusted to the peculiarities of character. At the same time , it is still a very small segment of life, so that a loved one still should cause goose bumps on your skin. It would be nice if other than an expensive leather bag or purse you gave half a massage in their own performance .
  5. Linen wedding- 4 years of marriage. If all goes according to plan , the string and thread your hearts intertwined already quite firmly . Natural linen - not the cheap stuff , that is, the young family is growing and can afford to live with a certain comfort of home . As for gifts , the linen clothes is perfect to fans of ethnic style . All the others can celebrate the anniversary dinner by candlelight because the second of its name - Wax wedding.
  6. Wooden wedding- The first 5 yrs . If you build a house and the birth of a son you still procrastinate , it's time to at least plant a tree. Wood - a reliable building material , but it needs to be protected from fire . Although no one will prevent you celebrate " with a twinkle ," you both deserve it . As a gift, you can buy an environmentally friendly wooden wardrobe for her dresses and suits. Or at least update the bedside tables .
  7. Cast iron wedding- 6 years behind. The powerful but fragile metal. A heavy cast iron, as well as your family life , cracks by careless handling . Take care of each other, do not be routine , avoid heavy thoughts . And on a holiday you can prepare pilaf cauldron full and call the same guests that walk on your wedding. Well, do not give the same cast-iron frying pan , right?
  8. Copper Wedding- 7th anniversary of the family life. If by that time your co-existence has not covered himself with a copper basin, it has every chance to safely survive the crisis seven years of marriage. It just so happened that psychologists and folk wisdom unanimously repeat of the difficulties of this period in the life of the spouses. However, this is the first precious metal in the name of the wedding feast, so that should be noted with pleasure and panache. Water, Fire, copper pipes behind - and thus the rest of you will overcome together. And as a gift may make exclusive accessory, wrought-iron grate or grill.
  9. Tin wedding- 8 years from the date of the wedding. Again the metal , this time white and shining . Folk traditions conventionally associated with updating sheet . Well, it never hurts . It is time to make the repairs , and then you can refresh the senses in a romantic trip. In short, do not let your emotions zastaret . Every year , you are moving away from the wedding day , the ability to enjoy each other is becoming more important. Buy chocolates and biscuits in tin boxes , arrange the mad tea party .
  10. Faience wedding- 9 years of family experience . After the " metal " anniversaries - over fragile material ! It should serve as a hint of noble beauty and vulnerable compliance marriage. At the same time , faience symbolizes the comfort of home . So only you can decide what is more suitable description of your pair . It is not necessary to present it as a gift crockery . But if you want to keep the symbolism of the anniversary , easy to pick up a beautiful service, an original mug , a thermos or a non-stick baking dish .
  11. Tin wedding- 10 -year anniversary ! Feel resistant soldiers in the first round family date ? You have every right to be proud of their marriage and to mark the anniversary in a big way . Fortunately, the second title of the 10th anniversary of living together - pink wedding . So invent pewter gifts are not necessary, just donate an armful of roses luxury . And continue to do it regularly - in fact there is still a lot of happy dates.
    What do you call a wedding over the years?
  12. Steel wedding- 11 years together. Now you probably know firsthand how the Steel Was Tempered , and can transfer this valuable experience to the younger offspring. "Steel " family as strong and reliable as this useful in the metal sector . Knives and forks of steel you for sure this time , and so has accumulated enough so that the giving piercing and cutting items not worth it. But steel bracelet for hours or jar - not a bad idea for a gift.
  13. Lace Wedding- 13 years. Baker's dozen years of marriage - like not a round number , but do not give up the holiday. Remember how good was your bride on the same day 13 years ago. Probably since she became only more attractive and seductive lace underwear is perfectly accentuate . For its part , the wife can give a beloved husband ... themselves in a weightless lace negligee .
  14. Crystal Wedding- 15 years. We can say that now your mutual feelings not only clear and transparent, but also have been faceting time. Here and prove to each other that still value the beauty and tenderness. The ringing of crystal glasses that day is mandatory . Swarovski crystals become relevant and pleasant addition .
  15. Porcelain wedding- 20 years together. This holiday is not destined to be noted every family , so you two are definitely worthy of respect . Tell the children how to reach the same understanding. Porcelain - refined and harmonious material , so that the gifts from him, too, to obtain decent . According to tradition, in this age of the couple appreciate the expensive dishes , and most importantly - the attention of a loved one .
  16. Silver Wedding- 25 years of marriage.
  17. Pearl wedding- 30 years.
  18. Ruby wedding- 40 years.
  19. Golden jubilee- 50 years of violence. On this anniversary is usually children and grandchildren are going to congratulate the couple 50 years after the date of their marriage . Golden ring you wore these fifty years , so that any gift of gold will confirm the commitment, patience and love .
God bless you and your families to note Diamond ( 60 years) , favorable ( 70) , oak (80 years ) , granite ( 90 years) and red ( 100 years of living together ) wedding. At this age, the couple appreciate the warmth and wisdom of each other, and material gifts - this is only a minor nice addition to the main priceless gift - a long-term love. Take care of each other, and let your family will always be a reason for a small personal holiday !