How to celebrate New Year 2015 - Year of the Blue Wood Goats?

That does not tell me about the New Year's holidays - all banality, all have repeatedly said. However, year after year in the late fall, we again wonder how to celebrate New Year and the upcoming 2015 - is no exception. Women choose festive attire, the men - the place and the company for the New Year. Still interested in the name of the new year on the Chinese calendar. And then, as a rule, they laugh and make fun of another funny name. And no wonder: here in 2015, for example, - the year of the Blue Wood Goats. For the Slavic ear and sense of humor is more than comical.

But while the ancient eastern calendar is still for the majority of our compatriots something mysterious and exotic, we would like to consider some mysterious features inherent in each particular year. That is to say, "appease" his master, the way it is and goat, and even wood. The best way to do this - the right to celebrate the New Year 2015 Year of the Blue Wood Goat will start soon, so it's time to prepare for his meeting. If you have
not decided where, what and how to celebrate New Year 2015 Blue Wood Goats, our tips will tell you everything you need for a fun holiday and a successful next year.

New Year 2015 on the eastern calendar.
The tradition of assigning each year the name of the animal, its accompanying qualitative adjectives, goes back to ancient times. East Asians used it for chronology and many household needs. The Chinese calendar to help navigate the timing of the start of sowing, harvesting, destination wedding dates, definitions and other holidays ritual everyday needs. Western civilization, to which you and I, used to use the Gregorian calendar, with its division into 12 months and 365 days. The Chinese calendar is based on a more complex cycling, combined from duodecimal and decimal sections.

Each year of the 12 years corresponding to one symbolic animal, every two years from 10 years - the element. Furthermore, each element has a characteristic color. They follow each other in a strict sequence, but due to the different duration matching is constantly shifting. Therefore, each time an animal "becomes" a new characteristic. For example, in 2014 - the year of the Blue Wooden Horses, 2015 - the year of the Blue Wood Goats, etc. For many thousands of years the Chinese calendar spread on the territory of Asia, and in different countries received their treatment. So come down to us and generally accepted to date version of discrepancies. For example, a goat is sometimes translated as sheep. Therefore, you can also call 2015 Blue Wooden Sheep, and it will not be wrong.

When will the new year 2015 on the Chinese calendar
East calendar different from Western, not only symbolic and complex cycle, but also the date of the beginning of each segment. It was originally determined by the new moon, so that does not coincide with the beginning of the year in the Gregorian calendar. In particular, this time the new year on the eastern calendar will be in the February 19, 2015. So, if you want to properly celebrate the year of the Blue Wood Goats need to wait for this day. Although this convention might be omitted in order to meet the new year 2015 in our opinion, together with the whole country. And even better - to celebrate the New Year twice in 2015, in order not to offend friends and to please Blue wooden goat. Or sheep that according to the Eastern sages, almost the same thing.

What will 2015 Blue Wooden Goat?
the nature of the Goatthe nature of the GoatYou are not surprised why animals? Why not precious stones or useful plants? Pets elected symbol of the year is no accident. In the folklore of each of them has a unique character, whose properties are transferred to the new year and, of course, born in the year of the people. Therefore, throughout 2015, we will be under the auspices of the Goat, with all its consequences. And these consequences are quite good. Goat (Sheep) as an animal promises economic benefits in business and career success. Goat tied to the people, so that we expect from her tricks do not need. Simple and hardworking, astral Sheep dealt well with the same useful activities aimed at people. Wood element will make a particularly good year for creative professionals and anyone who is not devoid of imagination. At the same time Wood Sheep stubborn, so it is better not to anger her too much carelessness, loud quarrels and reckless spending. And please note that the wait for favors from the Blue Goat can be used only if you are able to celebrate the New Year 2015 is correct, taking into account its flavors.

Where he met the new year 2015 Blue Goat?
Literally interpreted the character of the zodiac Sheep is not necessary, but something that can be taken into account. For example, the fact that the goat - pet and careful, not striving for radical change and revolutionary events. Therefore, to meet the new year 2015 is better in a familiar, or at least calm atmosphere. Ideal to meet the year of the Blue Goat Wooden family and / or old friends, at home or in the cozy atmosphere of a modest. If you have a vacation home - go to celebrate New Year 2015 to inviting some of the most loved ones. City apartments do not need to decorate too bright - would be sufficient traditional garlands and Christmas toys, especially if they are transferred to your family from generation to generation:
focus on blue colorsfocus on blue colors
  1. Focus on the blue-green color.
  2. Use wooden accessories.
  3. Beat in the interior of the bells.
  4. Garnish not only spruce, and houseplants.
  5. Turn on the imagination and engage in needlework.
How to celebrate New Year 2015.
Noisy festivals and mass celebrations leave for another year because Goat loves comfort and silence. Of course, you can afford to run a few fireworks shot into the ceiling and champagne cork - is sacred , sheep do not mind. But instead of incendiary parties organize spiritual home party . Let it become the center of simple but richly laid table :
decorating the holiday tabledecorating the holiday table
  1. Goat and sheep - vegetarian . You can not share their preferences , but must ensure the patroness of the year a lot of vegetables and herbs . They can be fresh , salted , pickled , salads and slicing - the more , the better. And for dessert, do not forget about the fruits and dairy products .
  2. Feel free to afford meat and / or fish, but prepare for the New Year's table maximum light, low-fat varieties.
  3. Wooden goat New Year's Eve will be pleased if champagne glasses you put pieces of fresh fruit.
  4. Cook the berries and / or fruit sauces for meat.
  5. Take the time to prepare a special dish "Chef" and "for the Blue Wood Goats": wide dish with vegetables or fruit.
What to wear for a meeting of the new year 2015?
Some thrifty girl probably already noticed that in 2014 and 2015 are held under the auspices of the animals blue. And if so, then we can celebrate the New Year in the same outfit as the last . Their flirtatious girlfriend will disagree with this approach and will want to indulge in new clothes in honor of the holiday . We know how to try both, and what to wear to the New Year's Eve 2015:
what to celebrate the New 2015what to celebrate the New 2015
  1. Prefer natural fabrics to synthetics , even though she is very beautiful . The goat will take you as his own , if you choose to celebrate the New Year in the clothes of wool, cotton , linen, silk . Especially the best one will be hand knitted items . Fluffy Angora wool sweater , stylish sweater with large braids , knitted dress , etc.
  2. Colours of New Year 2015 - it's not just blue, green and all shades of beige and gray . It allowed any color that you face. Just try to stick to soft , not screaming and natural shades . Fashion acid and extravagant colors leave for other holidays .
  3. Sheep and Goat - girls , so unadorned and other girlish pleasures can not do. If you can not afford diamonds are a girls best friend , choose a beautiful , but not tawdry jewelry. Good fit into the Christmas mood rocks blue and green colors: aquamarine, sapphire, emerald ( natural or substitutes ) . Do not overdo it with rhinestones and a balance of matte and sparkling textures.
  4. Chevrette loves endearment , and has a gentle sheep wool. This character must be transmitted throughout the New Year's appearance. Choosing between smooth and buklirovannoy structure between satin and velvet give preference to the second. This concerns not only clothes, but also hair. 2015 New Year's Eve - a great excuse to curl hair in curls naughty .
  5. Men should dress in a modest New Year's Eve , but with taste. To be comfortable , feel free to wear a well-fitting jeans and a cashmere sweater or cardigan . If you love jackets - wear tweed or wool blazer , you can even with leather patches on the elbows . Such a democratic style , the mistress certainly have their liking .
Gifts for the New Year 2015?
Finally, to Blue wooden goat butting and not in the whole year was in a good mood, you need to think about Christmas gifts. Lamb does not welcome big spending, value comfort and practicality. Based on this, the best gift may be the kind of thing: wool sweater, scarf volume, mittens, socks, leggings. Depending on the age and lifestyle destination, choose fashion accessories and high-quality sports equipment for skiers and snowboarders. In general, gifts, as well as all the festive entourage - as an individual matter that universal advice in this area simply does not exist. Only you can know what brings real joy to you and loved ones. Therefore, we wish you to meet the new 2015 Blue Wood Goats in harmony with themselves and their families - is the best traditions and the best gift. Happy New Year!