How to quickly get pregnant after birth control pills?

Draw final conclusions solely on their appearance - this at least is not reasonable. This tactic almost never hasty judgment is not justified. For example, a girl in a long time carefully to avoid pregnancy, it may be not an opponent of the joys of motherhood. Just up to a point she had planned their lives differently and act in accordance with his own reason. The reasons may be many, and most diverse: from the desire to grow as a person and a place to wait for the right moment to pause in his career, from the desire to give her husband while on his feet for a decent family to search for the content of this husband. In general, sooner or later, our heroine decides to become a mother and refuses to use contraceptives. After that, she appeared all the chances to get pregnant fairly quickly ... or not.

Quickly getting pregnant after birth control pills cancel manages about most women. Yes, as quickly as they could, and do not expect. It has a physiological explanation related to the intensity of the ovaries,
and in this article we will definitely return to this question. But some women are less lucky and they can not return to the previous ability to get pregnant. And this can happen at any age: and a young girl who dreams of his firstborn, and with an experienced mother, pauses between the birth of the first and second child. If pregnancy does not occur within two or three cycles after the cancellation of the contraceptive pill, it is not only scary, but not bad: doctors and plans to abstain from conception about this time. But if it is impossible to conceive a child for longer, it's time to worry about their health status and to seek a way out of this situation. To get pregnant after birth control pills, bear and give birth to a healthy baby.

Hormonal contraceptives: features, impact on the conception and overall health
Hormonal contraception, in particular, tablets for oral administration, is very popular today. It is not surprising, because of all the currently existing means of protection against unwanted pregnancy, oral hormonal pills is considered the most reliable and safe method of probation. The pharmaceutical industry offers a range of similar products with different price and the active substance. But in a general sense the principle of action of oral contraceptives (OC) is the same: they suspend the process of ovulation by inhibiting the function of the ovaries. This effect is achieved by action on the female body contained in the hormone drugs, estrogen and progestin. The main drawback OK - they do not interfere with infected infection transmitted through sexual contact. But the index of the protection of the contraceptive pill is much higher than the condom.

The main difficulty in the use of birth control pills - is the strict observance of the schedule not to miss the next dose and to avoid reducing the need for contraceptive effect of hormone levels in the body. But if self-discipline you have everything in order and you take a pill every time, every day at about the same time, you can almost certainly assume that the pregnancy does not threaten you. Because it OK just do not give the egg from the ovary to go, change the structure of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) to the egg in any case could not be attached to it for further development, and at the same time also make the cervix insurmountable barrier to sperm, mucus thickening her life . Less motile sperm, in turn, lose their ability to implement its main function, the more that it is nothing to fertilize. Reliable protection "on all fronts."

It is interesting that with all these properties of oral contraceptives, gynecologists sometimes prescribe them for the purpose of radically opposite origin: for women who can not conceive due to some forms of infertility. In such cases, the rate of acceptance is quite short and does not exceed 2-4 months, but after stopping often do become pregnant. The fact is that after the cessation of exposure is approx hormonal, ovary, as if waking up, start to work with increased activity. And such a shake-up times were really oppressed ovulation resumes, giving women the opportunity to become a mother in a natural way, without surgery. With successful treatment pregnancy occurs quickly enough after such hormonal "swing". But, of course, take the pill on their own, without an appointment and control by the doctor, for any purpose is unacceptable. Otherwise the consequences could be very severe.

Among the most common side effects of birth control pills can be called the emergence and / or worsening of pain during menstruation, headaches, nausea, menstrual disorders, loss of sexual desire, weight gain, and psychological distress. In addition, some patients having individual predisposition OK increase the risk of thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases, up to impairment in this regard. Problems with blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, pregnancy and / or suspected it is categorical contraindications to contraceptive pills. In addition, experienced physicians strongly recommend nikotinozavisimym oral contraceptives to women older than 35 years. Although in general, it is OK considered the most gentle and harmless method of protection from conception, when compared with vaginal spiral, and other, less reliable methods of contraception. The only requirement is to adhere strictly to the rules of admission, and the doctor's recommendations, even to long-term use of birth control pills do not prevent the possibility of getting pregnant in the future.

In this respect the opinions of experts differ. Some of them called for the fact that after the cessation of hormonal correction with pills fertility is fully restored, after a while - exactly. Others are less optimistic, and are inclined to consider the effect of long-term oral contraceptives in close connection with the state of health of the woman, her age and the duration of the course of hormonal pills. In particular, build an inversely proportional relationship between the last two parameters. That is, the older the woman, the shorter should be the course of taking her birth control pills. At the same time, the older the patient and the longer she took hormones, the longer it takes the body to restore its fertility: from a few months to 25 years of age up to several years after the 30-year anniversary. Therefore, the protection against pregnancy by using hormonal pills should be accompanied by careful monitoring of their health and attention to any suspicious symptoms. And as soon as possible, to conceive and give birth to a child. But what to do if pills are no longer accepted, and all the pregnancy does not occur?

Conception after stopping hormone pills
The chances of getting pregnant in the first months after stopping birth control pills are very high. But in order to make it really happened, according to your wishes and without complications, you need to adhere to certain rules and during use OK and after. Simple measures allow reasonable precautions to preserve the health, having a healthy baby, and control over their lives and the lives of his family at their own discretion. At the same time aware of the risks and in any case to be ready for that kind of an extension would have to pay a slightly higher price than those women who did not interfere with nature in the implementation of the extension order. Or do not have. But this question with precision you can answer only your doctor, we do ourselves a courage surely give some useful tips for those who want to quickly get pregnant after birth control pills:
  1. Undergo a medical examination.Even if you always keep an eye on their health, on the eve of a planned pregnancy to ensure his well-being is necessary. It is not always hinder themselves pregnant pills - sometimes become an obstacle hidden disease, which can activate the changes in hormonal status. It is especially important to seek diagnosis if pregnancy does not occur in spite of your attempts to conceive a child, even a few months after stopping the tablets. Besides basic blood and urine tests, a visit to Laura and therapist, you eliminate the risk of internal inflammatory processes, determine the status of the immune system, check for a tumor. Be sure to go through a mammogram does not hurt to consult a geneticist (for genetic diseases) and surgery (in terms of conditions for the gestation and vaginal delivery). In general, you have the standard medical examination designed for those who plan to replenish the family. But with the focus on the individual characteristics and hormonal fluctuations are known to your permanent gynecologist and under its constant supervision, as well as all the upcoming term of pregnancy.
    How to quickly get pregnant after birth control pills?
  2. Observe the rules for admission to the UC last tablet.This means that, even for the most ardent desire as soon as possible to see the two bars on the pregnancy test, you can not speed up the process longer than that provided prescription drug. And he strictly specifies that all pills from one package should be drunk on schedule and without violations. But there are always risk are people who think that it is better guided by doctors in their own body. They are willing to throw the package of birth control pills and immediately begin to act. And these women should be prepared for the fact that the sudden elimination OK may cause bleeding, pain, and menstrual disorders, recovery of which takes much more time than was necessary to wait until the end of the month portion of hormones. So think twice before committing to bold experiments with their own health. Especially, that soon we will have not only the responsibility for itself, but also the responsibility for the child growing inside of you. A habit, as you know - is second nature, so getting used to the prudence now.
  3. It is better not to hurry.Due to the very effect of the pendulum or, in scientific terms, the rebound effect often pregnancy occurs soon after the abolition of the contraceptive pill. In osvobodivshiemsya from hormonal "oppression" body ovulate and successful fertilization. But, despite this, most doctors advise to wait and wait for the time when the process of ovulation and menstruation to completely return to normal rhythm. Usually, it takes two to four menstrual cycles (roughly calendar months), then you can safely proceed to active attempts conception. Although, by and large, the recommendation of waiting can be considered obsolete because they appeared at the time when hormonal contraceptives contain active ingredients in high concentrations. Modern birth control pills are much softer and have no negative effects on the fetus that was born after the end of their reception. In general, in this regard, much depends on your personal plans and delicacy. You may want to wait and thus feel safer and calmer - wait a couple of months. Very want to get pregnant as soon as possible - on health, good luck and successful conception! A morale, as you know, too many things affect.
  4. Give up bad habits.As I mentioned above, OK reluctant to prescribe smoking women due to an increased risk of thrombosis and other vascular diseases. Furthermore, it is obvious that prior to pregnancy clean his body from harmful substances - naturally default. This is not only after taking birth control pills, but before planning pregnancy under any circumstances. Among other substances, which is undesirable to take simultaneous and / or after the hormonal contraceptives, there are some medications and even traditional medicine. The exact instructions for their joint reception can be specified in the instructions on the packaging, but better - directly from the doctor. Uncontrolled use of certain substances can cause serious complications, poisoning and other side effects. But in general, a child whose mother drank before his conception hormone pills, the risk of deviations in development are much lower than that of an infant whose mother did not find the willpower to give up nicotine and alcohol for him and his health.
  5. Unforeseen situations.These include, first of all, after the onset of pregnancy, and during reception of the contraceptive pill. The probability of this is very small, and the reasons for it somewhat. Basically it is a wrong and irregular pills, pass the time of ingestion. In second place - digestive problems, because of which there was vomiting and / or diarrhea. In this case, the body just washed the components of the drug, and hormone levels are insufficient to prevent conception. If, during the reception OK is happening to you like this - be sure to take an extra tablet (the rules of admission for emergency plan detailed in the instructions on the package). Finally, the "inaction" of oral contraceptives can provoke other drugs taken at the same time. On this account the recommendation given in the previous section: Exclude initiative and self-reliance, and to always consult a doctor. Regarding the need of abortion if the pregnancy during the reception OK, this question can be solved only by a physician, in each case individually. But this risk is practically excluded from the disciplined patients taking properly fitted gynecologist pill.
As you can see, taking birth control pills, a reasonable approach and compliance with all the rules, does not prevent getting pregnant, to give birth to a healthy child, and experience all the joys of motherhood. Modern medicine gives women all the opportunities to protect their health, raise offspring happy and live a full life without compromising themselves and their families. So thank fate and nature, enjoy your life and enjoy its benefits when you see fit. But in any case, do not abuse it and do not forget to consult your doctor aware of all the subtleties of the delicate processes in the female body. Love, happiness and a strong family with a lot of satisfied karapuzov you!