How to spend the birthday of a child 10 years?

Birthday 10 years - this is the first anniversary of the real baby! Behind - infancy , the first forced separation from her mother and admission to kindergarten, first grade and first friends . Quite a bit, and your beloved toddler come into puberty . For this reason, the first anniversary of the child should be intriguing , interesting, memorable. So that your child can proudly show off to their friends and classmates that he was the best birthday !

Where to spend the holiday?
There are two main options, which would be to organize a holiday for the baby: at home and outside the home.
  1. Holiday home.If you decide to organize a holiday for your child at
    home , immediately think through exactly how this can be done ? After a birthday coming children, and they need a lot of space for fun and active games . If the area of your apartment does not allow to take a dozen younger guests , it is better to think about holding the event outside the home.

    Parents note! If you do decide to arrange a holiday for your child at home , be sure to remove all the breakable things. Children will not sit still. Young urchins would jump , frolic and cavort . It can not survive Czech glass vases , as well as paintings , statuettes and other fragile items . Before you come to visit, inspect the apartment space and remove all the things that kids can smash, smash , knock out and so on.
    celebration at the cafecelebration at the cafe
  2. Café.This is one of a win-win option for a children's holiday . Parents do not have to cook, and then wash the mountain of dishes after the festive celebrations . Employees will lay cafes and arrange tables brood animators - amuse children and give them a memorable holiday.
  3. Waterpark.All the kids just love to swim, ride a water slide and a fun splash in the water . If your child is not an exception , it organize an unforgettable birthday party at a water park . Let the kid will invite their friends , and make a real little restless water fight . After the water park all the merry company , you can invite in the cafe.

    It is important! A visit to the water park - fun, but still quite a dangerous undertaking requiring parents of maximum concentration. So, before you invite a band of children, and lead all the water park , think about whether you can keep track of each child come to the feast ?
  4. Bowling.The perfect place for the organization and conduct of the holidays is a bowling alley. On the one hand , kids will not sit still and usefully spend time . On the other hand , the staff of the club will lay the tables and will be served delicious meals and birthday , and all of its guests. During the holiday bowling parents will not have to think or how to entertain , nothing more than to entertain the children , who came to the birthday party.
  5. Picnic in the open air.If your baby was born in the summer, then a wonderful option for the organization of his birthday will be a picnic outdoors. This, however, parents need to work hard. First, select the venue for a holiday: the distance from the city roads, the bustling streets and the "outsiders" eyes. Secondly, you need to consider a backup plan in case if it starts to rain. An excellent option in this case is to install the tent. Thirdly, it is necessary to make holiday menus and out and take all the products themselves. Fourthly, it is necessary to organize competitions for children and fun outdoor games outdoors.
Animators at the festival
Animators at the festivalAnimators at the festivalIt's no secret that today all the advanced parents seek to organize a holiday for the girls and boys in its class. That is why they are invited to a children's birthdays of professional animators. Not to be mistaken with the choice of the artist, it is necessary to take into account several important points. Firstly, it is necessary to find out (if you do not know) the child, what kind of cartoon characters it attracted. Secondly, the need to accurately count the number of guests at the celebration of the baby. For example, with five little tomboy easy to handle and an animator, but a dozen boys and girls have to invite two or even three professional actors.

When selecting animators should pay attention to the following factors:
  • the number of hours during which will last entertainment program;
  • quality portfolio of earlier children's events involving characters who would you like to invite to the tenth anniversary of their child;
  • positive feedback from customers about spending holidays;
  • The fees of the artists.
All these points will help parents choose the animators who not only did not spoil the holiday for children, but also to fill it with joy, smiles and positive emotions.

So, you have decided on those where you are going to celebrate the anniversary of your child, who will come to the celebration, the artists invite the public and how to treat boys and girls.

Baby gift for a decade
a gift for a decadea gift for a decadeChoosing a present for the tenth anniversary of the child simply because at this age children are diverse interests. Today, they are passionate about dancing, football tomorrow, after tomorrow - singing and so on to infinity. Boys and girls try their hand at different fields, but almost 90% of today's children main hobby is the computer. That is why a great gift for a decade could be a fancy wheel or joystick, headphones, funny mouse or pad, unusual flash drive, stand under the wheels, actually, desktop computer or laptop.

At the age of ten boys and girls have great feel their gender identity, so the gifts for them may vary.

Young urchins are mad about Lego , consisting of a large number of parts , as well as the incredible, huge puzzle . Boys may also inspire a diverse set for burning , as well as self-adhesive model ships or machines . By the way, in the age of ten, the boy will be delighted and interesting book about the incredible adventures of the travelers. If a child is seriously interested in football , then he can bring new shoes, form number favorite player of team Russia or gym bag .

Choose a gift for a ten-year girl is not so difficult. At this age, young ladies love to dress up, so a great gift will be new shoes or clothes. In addition, girls tend to do needlework, so you can pick up sewing and beading. Young ladies love to decorate your room, so you can give the girls a decade and unusual vases and table clock and lamp, and a lovely sofa cushions. The girls are happy and the first jewelry: gold earrings, brooches or pendants. Your daughter will always remember its tenth anniversary, if you give her a ticket to the concert favorite artist. This will be an excellent opportunity to spend time together with your child and get to know the interests of your baby. In addition to these gifts, the girl would be delighted and interesting book, and developing DVD-discs. If a child is interested in creativity, it is possible to please soap making kit.

The final touch of the holiday - the birthday cake
tortetorteThe final finishing touches festive evening will be birthday cake . You will order it from a professional pastry chef or buy in a store - it does not matter . The main thing on the cake has to be exactly ten candles in a festive atmosphere that has to blow out birthday . Sing along with the guests «Happy birthday to you», to create for your child an atmosphere of real celebration.

At the end of the evening with the heroes of the occasion and spend all guests required to thank each of them, that they took the time and graced with your presence your celebration.

The first anniversary of your child - this is truly an exciting event , filled with joy and children's laughter , exciting time and boundless happiness. Your children grow up , and growing up with them and you ! Give your baby a real holiday , and he will remember it as one of the magical events of his life !