How interesting to give money?

Long gone are the days when a wedding or anniversary it was decided to give massive sets, kitchen sets, large household appliances. Today, everyone understands that the best gift for any occasion are the rustling bills of different denomination. However, giving money in an envelope - it's pretty boring and monotonous. Of course, it is possible to present the person responsible for the festival and a gift option, but it is unlikely your Presentation will be appreciated. Most likely, your envelope with the money get lost among the many similar gift, and after examining the gifts, the originator of the solemn event, most likely will not understand what kind of a bundle of money you gave him exactly.

Give money and still make a hero of a nice holiday and a surprise - it is quite a simple matter.
  1. Piggy.Piggy - is a special container for storage and accumulation of both coins and bills.

    The essence of the ideas : Piggy - is a great option unusual and original way to congratulate the culprit celebration with a si
    gnificant event in his life. Young families can give piggy bank with various themed slogans " on the machine ", " for sale " , " to the country ."

    Things to consider : Savings can be disposable and reusable . When choosing a gift for the hero of the day is preferable to choose the second option . If the hero of the occasion will want to , it will continue to put coins in your piggy bank. And if not - it will be able to easily remove the gift through the hole . In this case, the birthday or the newlyweds will have a chance to get it without problems and donated money, donated to save the treasury .
    cash umbrellacash umbrella
  2. Money umbrella.Umbrella - it is not only the subject of items, which allows reliable shelter from adverse weather conditions, but also a great gift for any occasion.

    The essence of the ideas : the perpetrators of momentous events can present a convenient and practical " cash " umbrella. Birthday or couple be happy gift, but at the moment you open it , and heroes of the occasion a real gush avalanche of bills . The money can be tied to the spokes by means of ordinary thread or staples. If the bills are not very many , they can be diluted with dummies .

    Things to consider: how to fix, and then withdraw the money should be very careful.
  3. Magic Tree.Money Tree Crassula or - a traditional plant that is widely used in indoor horticulture . Many growers cultivate this flower at home , piously believing that it will bring into their home wealth. In fact, the so- called flower only because its leaves shaped very much like a coin. It is this money tree can be decorated very real bills and give the person responsible for an anniversary celebration , or the newlyweds in the wonderful moment of their birth family.

    The essence of ideas: In fact, the tree should be two. It is desirable that they were planted in the same gorshki.Odno you decorate banknotes and coins, the second will keep its original offer vid.Mozhno birthday or newlyweds play in "Field of Dreams." First presented perpetrators tree festival, no decorations. Ask the birthday child or newly minted husband and wife put a coin in the ground near the tree. Then ask the heroes of the occasion to close his eyes. While they are together count to three, and you meanwhile quietly change it to another tree. When the perpetrators of the holiday open their eyes, in front of them will already be showing off a miracle tree, decorated by real bills!

    Things to consider : two trees must be roughly the same. Of course , the couple or the birthday boy will understand that you are simply replaced the tree , but a sincere belief in the magic of the moment has not been canceled ! Such a surprise will be pleasant both women and men of all ages absolutely .
    Pirate chestPirate chest
  4. Pirate chest.Stories about pirates loved by children and adults, without exception.

    The essence of the ideas: Make your own or buy at the store a pirate chest.

    Things to consider: chest to withstand everything that you put into it.
  5. Matryoshka.Traditional dolls, sisters, painted whimsical designs, have long been considered a traditional Russian souvenir.

    The essence of the ideas : The smallest doll to place the cash gift, and then collect all sestichek - dolls together. When you present a gift hero of the occasion , he might think that you are giving it a traditional Russian souvenirs , but open all the dolls, birthday or bride and groom will find your money gift.

    Things to consider : Do not buy too many dolls . It suffices to set consisted of 8-10 pupae. Otherwise, the heroes of the occasion just faint , opening one doll after another , and the very charm of surprise that you so carefully thought out and planned to simply evaporate.
  6. Funny Balloons.Who does not like balloons?

    The essence of the ideas : It's very simple , you inflate balls , first placing in each banknote , and giving hero of the occasion . First birthday or couple can not understand that in each of the balloons hidden surprise. They will have to work hard to get the money from a present balloon . This original congratulation enjoy not only the heroes of the occasion , but all the guests .

    Things to consider : When the newlyweds , birthday or holiday guests will clap balls , hoping to get the cherished money bills can get lost on the floor between the tables and chairs . In order to prevent such an unpleasant situation , it is better to heroes of the festivities presented by clapping their balls in the open, where it would be easy just to collect donated money.
Give money original hero of the occasion - it is very easy! Today, we have described to you a number of ways that are sure to help you beat the interesting cash gift. Connect your imagination and you will succeed !