As a matter of weeks of pregnancy?

Since pregnancy is always associated with numerous tremulous expectations and experiences . During this period, the woman carefully monitors every change in your body, especially if the first pregnancy . One of the most exciting and frequently asked questions expectant mothers is counting weeks of pregnancy and the onset of labor. After all, so many things still need to have time to leave.

There is a category of women who are accounting days of the menstrual cycle on a daily basis by measuring the rectal temperature. So they can accurately determine the date when conception occurred, to further their own to count the weeks of pregnancy. However, such diligent women usually are rare and more accurate data provides a gynecologist. When statement on the account in female consultation gynecologist will determine the size of the uterus period and the results of ultrasound, and later - on the first fetal movements. This timing may be different.

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Counting weeks of pregnancy - is not just a whim or a whi
m expectant mother or the doctor who observes it . Timely count weeks of pregnancy will follow , whether the developing fetus , tells you when the time to correct possible deviations will determine the time of birth and the period of maternity leave. It should be noted that the timing of pregnancy - obstetric and true - considered differently. Obstetric period determined by the doctor from the first day of the onset of the last menstrual period , and true - from the day of ovulation and conception.

Argued that the right to conduct a report timing of pregnancy and her attack from conception . It lasts for 38 weeks of the lunar calendar , as the entire month biorhythm based on lunar cycles . The child in this case is considered full-term . However, the vast number of women are not able to accurately set the date of conception , so doctors prefer for your convenience, counting from the first day of the last menstrual period and pregnancy, in this case , is considered to be full-term as early as 40 weeks.

Torque reference weeks of pregnancy
  1. To determine the approximate time reference weeks of pregnancy, it is necessary to recall some specific physiological characteristics of the female body.
  2. First of all , it is helpful to keep a personal diary records the beginning of each menstrual cycle , and an indication of its duration in days. Keep it desirable from the occurrence of the first menstruation in girls and before the end of the reproductive functions in connection with the onset of menopause. Keeping a diary helps track and detect the slightest deviation in the female body.
  3. The moment of ovulation can be calculated by measuring the basal or rectal temperature . Moreover, rectal temperature , which is measured in the rectum , gives a more accurate representation of the true picture of temperature changes . 24 hours before ovulation internal temperature is slightly lowered , and with the onset of ovulation , it rises to 0.3-0.6 degrees.
Of course the school of anatomy, physiology and hygiene , studied in high school knows that the process of ovulation is the one moment when the egg is matured by the enzyme destroys the integrity of the allocated envelope follicle and released from the ovary into the fallopian tubes .

There she gradually begins to leisurely move toward the uterus. If the sexual life of a woman is sufficiently regular and devoid of nervousness and stress , then at this point usually happens fertilization . Actually with this and start during pregnancy . Knowing when to happen this process , it is possible from it and start to count the weeks of pregnancy , which lasts a total of about thirty-eight weeks.

Typically, ovulation can occur around the middle of the menstrual cycle, although sometimes there may be small deviations related to individual characteristics of the organism.