How to mark the anniversary of the wedding together?

Another wedding anniversary - an important event , an occasion to reiterate the words of love and remember pleasant moments spent together . Preparation for it should start in advance. And, of course , decide on the venue for the celebration . Options to mark the anniversary - a great multitude, as the reasons themselves . But the most important in the celebration is the very desire to celebrate , renew a sense , tell a loved one to love him and thank you for reciprocity.

Romantic way to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding together
  1. Romantic dinner.It can happen in a restaurant , at home , on the roof , in the nature of a picnic . And maybe in a simple pizzeria , the main thing - the feeling with which you are to go out and enjoy the company of each other. If you are cooking dinner at home, please be romantic attributes: many hearts , candles , flowers help evening to remember.
  2. Time in nature.It could be a walk in the park, admiring the sunset, spending time on the beautiful pond, or boat trip.
  3. Friends of our smaller.Communicating with animals will fill your soul touching and gentle feelings.
  4. Refresh your memory.Arrange viewing photos and video from the wedding.
  5. Walking through the memorial places.Visit the places where significant events have occurred to you: for the first time joined hands, the first kiss, the first declaration of love.
  6. "Children's rest."Go to the park on the rides , visit the water park , go to the circus , ride on the children's railway . Remember the childhood , give feelings and emotions . Enjoy the moments , a few years ago . Laugh , be fooled , even cotton candy and ice cream stain your hands and face . Sharing the fun even more you pull together .
The methods require capital investments
  1. Photoshoot.
  2. Wedding.
  3. Honeymoon.
Extraordinary way to celebrate a wedding anniversary
  1. Canoeing.
  2. Parachute jump.
  3. Hiking.
  4. Massage.
And remember, the main thing - not the way you celebrate the anniversary ? and not even then , if you remember about it at all, the main thing - love. There is, to continue and strengthen marriage. Give it to your loved ones every day , not just on the anniversary of the wedding!