How do you know that you're pregnant to delay the cycle?

The absence of the expected menstrual period , which was to come on a certain day of the month makes a woman think about the possibility of pregnancy . But very often the fair sex begins to be tormented by doubts even before the expected menses. The reason for that - the signs of pregnancy . For many women the first signs of pregnancy to delay the cycle - a special signal , it makes you wonder about the lifestyle , diet change , take vital decisions .

For other women , early diagnosis - a chance to quickly and safely terminate an unwanted pregnancy in early pregnancy . It is hoped that the first group is the vast majority , women and carefully searching for these " signs " that a couple of days with delight to watch two beautiful strips that " draws " on the pregnancy test, to determine the future baby .

All of the features can be divided into probable and reliable.

For reliable features include : the presence of hCG in the blood and urine of women , the presence of the ovum in the uterus and its increase .
Outset that before pregnancy reliable sign , we can not determine . Only after the delay of the menstrual cycle , an obstetrician-gynecologist can diagnose the onset and development of pregnancy.

Each woman is individual. That is why every pregnancy is not like another . Some women thrive and lead an active lifestyle throughout life , others - are suffering from early and late toxicosis , various complications , dreaming about a happy ending soonest 9 months.

Pregnancy requires a restructuring of all body systems : digestive, endocrine , nervous, immune and cardiovascular . With the onset of pregnancy, the female body begins in the first place , "work" for the needs of the child, and , secondarily, on their own needs . From its earliest days the body begins to give signals , listening to that , you can clearly see a pregnancy or not.

The main symptoms of pregnancy to delay the cycle
  1. Dizziness, fainting.In a stuffy room you became ill? After taking a bath husband barely had time to catch you? Dizzy when climbing stairs? Think about it. Low blood pressure, as well as unfounded fatigue and weakness, dizziness, loss of consciousness in pregnant women are not uncommon. Most often it is associated with increased blood supply to the uterus. However, because of the illness may be banal hands on deck at work or stress after family problems. Consider the last weeks of his life - if there is no cause for concern, it is possible that your family will soon expects replenishment.
  2. Change of basal body temperature.Many women have long used a graph of basal temperature as one of the main improvised successful pregnancy planning . Maintaining the rectal temperature at around 37,2-37,3 degrees indicates hormonal changes in the body and the possible occurrence of the happy event . However, rely on the basal temperature is impossible. The result can be misleading because of the likelihood of inaccurate measurements , as well as the presence of errors in the thermometer .
  3. Frequent urination.We noticed that were more likely to go to the toilet , and daily urine volume increased ? This can be a sure sign of pregnancy ! After all , thanks to the increased blood flow in the pelvic area and the kidneys, the bladder starts to work in emergency mode , without giving his mistress a moment's peace . However, frequent urination can also be a sign of infection in the urinary system . Therefore, this feature can only be considered in conjunction with other symptoms .
    increased sensitivity of mammary glandsincreased sensitivity of mammary glands
  4. Breast tenderness.Increasing the sensitivity of the mammary glands is observed within 1-2 weeks after fertilization . Breast swelling , halos around the nipples darken . However, these feelings may be the result of possible impending menstruation and breast diseases . Very often , girls who before menstruation suffer from bloating and pain in the chest, usually during pregnancy feel much better.
  5. Increased body temperature.The reaction of the autonomic system to hormonal changes may be a slight increase in body temperature up to 37,0-37,2 degrees. Such a condition may be accompanied by headache , weakness, fever . These symptoms are very similar to the manifestation of a cold or viral diseases .

    It is important! When the temperature of the body is to make sure that it is not associated with pregnancy , and only after that start taking antiviral drugs . Any drugs may cause serious harm to the fetus , particularly in the formative stages of the vital organs .
  6. Vaginal discharge.In the early days of a possible pregnancy a woman needs to pay special attention to vaginal discharge.

    It is important! If you find yourself spotting, it is an occasion to see a specialist immediately . Typically, such separation may be a harbinger of the threat of spontaneous abortion . However , it may be in the normal range .
  7. Emotional instability.Apathy , mood swings , neurosis and others . - Emotional instability is often a loyal companion of pregnant women . Changes in the body contribute to the fact that the woman often feels abandoned , confused . The smallest nuisance can cause hysteria and depression. However, the instability emotionally can cause trouble at work and at home troubles . So clearly judge whether this pregnancy symptom is impossible.
    positive pregnancy testpositive pregnancy test
  8. A positive pregnancy test.The shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies are full of a variety of tests for pregnancy. Some of these products offer a pregnancy to determine whether the delay cycle. In fact, the test may show a positive result in about a week before the expected delay due to the presence of hCG in the urine of women. It should be noted that in this case, the second strip will be slightly paler than the first. The test should be carried out regularly, and the strip should be getting brighter every day. The presence of two distinct bands - this is great news for the future mother and signal your body that pregnancy develops.

    It is important!
  9. Changes in taste preferences, nausea, vomiting.Morning sickness and vomiting - the constant companions of many pregnant women. Very often , women suffer from toxicosis , from the first weeks of pregnancy until the end of the first trimester. This is due to hormonal changes in the body. But it is worth remembering that the banal poisoning often has similar symptoms. If nausea and vomiting continue for a long time , dehydration occurs - call a doctor immediately !
Pregnancy - is a happy time in the life of every woman. Almost every expectant mother, being at an early period, and not knowing about his condition, looking for all the signs of the come interesting position. Being joyful longing, be objective. If you feel sick in the morning, and you could not eat a bite, it does not mean that you are pregnant. Did you eat something stale dinner and poisoned. Reliable sign of pregnancy is a positive test, and the results of ultrasound, fixing the ovum in the uterus and heart crumbs. Possible signs of the interesting situation should be considered only in the aggregate. For example, morning sickness lasts for several days, you dream of pickles and fall asleep on the move. Listen to your body - it gives you the right signals. Learn to understand your feelings - this will help you before the delay cycle is safe to say, "Yes, I'm pregnant!"