How original congratulate her husband on his birthday?

Birthday - a wonderful holiday, but attitude is ambiguous. The older a person gets, the more he thinks on this day of the past and the future, analyzes, doubts, regrets about leaving, respectively. Of course, the problem of close - to make this day a real holiday, cheerful, positive and sunny, full of wonderful memories and love confessions. How original congratulate her husband on his birthday, that he remembered it as an endless series of happy moments and was looking forward to the next wonderful day? It is important to take into account the preferences of a spouse, to show imagination and come up to the task responsibly. Of course, you should try to show their love, turn the holiday into a celebration for the two hearts. My husband will appreciate the sincere feelings and creativity wife!

Choosing a gift for his beloved wife: a few secrets
First of all, when will celebrate the birthday of all think about the present.
  1. Choose a gift his wife , not himself . Even if you are very much like the set of dishes
    or a chandelier in the store when you're looking for a present for her husband , do not buy them. Focus on the tastes of your loved one, and not your own. Just imagine how my husband would react to a specific thing that might cheer him .
  2. Try to find out in advance about what the subject wants to mate . Perhaps there are some rare or too expensive thing he would like to have, but he did not consider it possible to spend the money for the purchase , acquisition seems it impractical. Birthday is just perfect to indulge a loved one !
  3. It is advisable to buy a gift that will have to appeal to her husband , he will be pleased , but not too practical. Even completely useless souvenir, nice and beautiful , share your love will love the man and touched him, will be a symbol of your loving relationship .
  4. If you can not decide between choosing a practical and spiritual gift, buy both.
  5. Try to stick to a reasonable budget framework mortgaged when buying a gift to her husband. Unfortunately, not always possible to afford everything you want. It is important to observe the golden mean and not spend too much . Otherwise, even a great gift and well conducted by the birthday can leave an unpleasant aftertaste if it was invested too much money . Economy husband eventually just upset.
It is worth noting that plays an important role , and how exactly you will present your gift . You can turn the presentation itself a present a real show , which will increase its value in the eyes of her husband , and all will have an additional charge of positive emotions .

Where to celebrate the birthday of her husband's original?
You should determine in advance where you will celebrate the birthday of your beloved husband . What matters is the time of year , the circumstances and preferences of a spouse. For example, if on that day he works , and come home in the evening , it is better to organize and holiday homes . Try to make a solemn holiday , but do not overdo it : your husband has to sit back and relax in your day , and not overdo it on the vanity.
  1. The original location.You can immediately turn a celebration into a unique and memorable , if you choose the original location . Then it itself will determine the whole mood of your holiday . For example, you specifically went to celebrate the birthday of the wife to the mountains , the water park , go to rest at sea or fly a balloon into the sky . Such exotic locations have already made an unusual holiday .
  2. Birthday in nature.This is a great option for those who appreciate beautiful scenery, fresh air, all natural and useful. It is in the nature, in the woods or on the river, the lake, you can organize a wonderful holiday. It is worth noting that for security reasons to such outings it is better to go with friends. So relaxed, and ready with all the holiday table more fun. In addition, young people are happy to play in the fresh air, plunge into the atmosphere of childhood memories will solve charades and pass the baton, to come up with a phantom. This birthday will be remembered for sure!
  3. Home atmosphere.She, too, can become extraordinary and memorable.
  4. Restaurant.On a location where you originally congratulate your husband's birthday , too, should not be forgotten . It is quite possible that the restaurant will be for both of you the best place for confession . And you do not have to cook, wash the dishes . At the same time continue to celebrate a solemn date you may well at home after returning from the restaurant.
  5. Unfamiliar space.It is curious that now more and more increasing interest in luxurious hotel room, mini- hotels , country cottages , which are removed on the same day. An unusual situation , a set of services , support and new experiences are most popular with young people . It is possible in such a situation , and note birthday. You will be completely taken out of the familiar environment , will feel somewhat unusual , you will be able to create your own little world , interesting and a little magical.
Choose a meeting place for the birth of your husband carefully. Try to arrange everything so that your husband did not notice the preparations and fuss. You can make a surprise favorite , unexpectedly went with him to an unusual place or restaurant . But remember that not all men like to unforeseen circumstances , let everything was well planned . Be sure to observe the habits , temperament and character traits of your spouse .

Congratulations to the original and leave a souvenir
Consider a few great ways to congratulate her husband's birthday, when your loved one will be a great souvenir.
How original congratulate her husband on his birthday?
  1. Handmade.Any souvenir prepared by your hands, will be a great gift. Think of the original version is not only the gift, but also its delivery. For example, men will love if you, without further ado, to congratulate him from the doorway. He had just returned from work, and you will immediately hand him a beautiful box. Then you will celebrate, to enjoy a romantic dinner, but it will get your gift right away. You can embroider handkerchiefs, make the hands tie clips, cufflinks ... Everything that you can think of and prepare yourself! The main thing - your creativity and attention.
  2. The inscription on the memory.The gift from the store also sparkle with new colors, if you supplement it engraved or inscription, photo printing.
  3. Travel for the gift.You can organize the process of original delivery of gifts . For example, make a real journey through the apartment or your suburban garden when your spouse will solve puzzles , charades , perform humorous job , moving to Present at the signs. He is sure to be remembered for this fun game !
Love recognition
It is important to be able to bring in the original form to the wife of your love . Confess your feelings , do not forget to do it, even if you have great gifts and elegant gala dinner. Your love - it is the most important thing is it is concluded the full potential of your relationship.
  1. Love in the Matryoshka.Once upon a time a girl so decided to congratulate her husband. I bought dolls , has written several amusing zapisochek - humorous greetings from different fictional ladies with a list of their virtues. From each of dolls - a funny text. And by the smallest matryoshka pinned a tiny envelope with his photograph and a simple greeting , and a brief spiritual - with words of love .
  2. Unusual tea.You can use the previous version (the husband will surely be touched ) , or a little of its diversity . For example, buy a box of teabags , and attach to each sachet of leaflets with the wishes and declarations . Be sure to include all the advantages it to your loved one, as well as its positive and cute features.
  3. The mysterious little notes.You can surprise touching little notes and congratulations to your husband if he meets a birthday at work.
Put them in his diary, purse, pockets.

Think of the text in advance, you can write greetings in verse.

Just a few ideas
Of course, an original way to congratulate the birthday of her husband very much. It should stay for a few more trivial ideas. They are already used in some families , but not yet as widespread as we would like. Take the time to and your spouse can enjoy this holiday !
How original congratulate her husband on his birthday?
  1. Magic Room.It focuses on decorating . You can turn the room into a restaurant , a corner of nature, a kind of parallel space , the world of memories. It all depends on your preferences and tastes of the spouse. Pick accessories , photographs, souvenirs , consider everything in advance. For example , a room of memories can be very fun : decorate it with your tape joint photo .
  2. Romantic dinner.What could be better than a candlelit dinner!
  3. Erotic dance.And a way to congratulate the original spouse birthday impossible to ignore.
  4. The video clip.It is very popular in recent years was the creation of greeting rollers. With heart and feelings taken in secret from her husband clip is sure to become for him a very pleasant and unexpected greeting . One example of such clips is as follows .

Congratulate your beloved husband of the soul, show imagination and do not forget to show your affection, affection.