How to clean the dog's ears?

Small lapdogs some kept at home, not letting them out. But even in such cases, the ears pets gets dirty, and possibly mites, unit tunes in the street, for example, on the soles of shoes. Of course, when the dog regularly happens on the street, the risk of getting into the ears of mites, various infections rises sharply. In addition, even in perfectly healthy animal ears anyway accumulate dirt, fat deposition, formed an unpleasant gray plaque. It is necessary to inspect and clean the ears, to have an idea about the general state of the pet.

It is the color of ears, their appearance can say a lot about the health of the dog. For example, red ears, the appearance of dark spots indicates inflammation, colds, allergic reactions to food. It is important to constantly examine the dog's ears, make about 2 times a week, a thorough inspection. Of course, you will need to clean the ears and gently, not only removing the dirt on the outside of the ear, but also pulling accumulation of plaque on the inside, penetrating
directly into the ear canal. Of course, you must be very careful to use the right tools and carefully follow the hygiene. Remember recommendations to know exactly how to clean the dog's ears correctly.

How to behave, so that the dog did not worry during the cleaning of the ears?
Try to create for your four-legged friend the most comfortable conditions, otherwise you will be quite difficult to examine the ears, and at the time of purification, you can make a mistake, causing the dog pain. Of course, many people know that dogs are patient enough to listen to the hosts and used to execute commands. They behave during unpleasant procedures is much better than cats. However, the most educated dog can pull his head sharply, suddenly swerve to the side, if it is uncomfortable. It already poses a threat to the health of your pet as easy to damage the ears. Remember a few secrets to the process of cleaning the ears went perfectly.
  • Discipline. Your dog probably used to walk in the street. If you usually prints it on a promenade on a leash, a collar, she had already established certain association with these accessories. Explain your pet that you have to walk in front of his ears explore. Put a collar, fasten a leash, and then pull the gloves on his hands and get to work. Hands is better not to wash, because during this time your dog is already distracted. The dog must understand that in collar and leash is required of him a special discipline. He certainly will behave during the inspection, cleansing the ears.
  • Positive associations. It is important to make sure that your dog understand : after the not very pleasant procedure followed by a happy event . Let your pet waiting for a walk , treats after cleaning the ears. Do not forget each time to please the dog. For example, let's favorite delicacy , or print out the pet in the yard .
  • Without strong pressure. Sometimes pet owners prefer to completely fix the dog in a completely stationary position. So they want to provide maximum security to prevent possible injuries during the procedure. In fact, it is not necessary to provide for the animal undue pressure, completely deprived of freedom of movement. So you just scare the dog. The three of us gather around the dog and keep him from all sides is not necessary. Suffice it to you gently hold the dog with one hand behind his head, or collar, or to ask about this one man.
  • All of their.
  • Caution. Be extremely careful when inspecting dogs ears , cleaning them . We must act carefully , but gently . Do not attempt to clean the entire ear canal , do not enter a cotton swab too far . Movement should be smooth , slow enough . Avoid any sudden movements , because the ear is easily injured .
  • Delicacy.
Please note: you have to act cautiously , but steadily . If you 're worried , you feel insecure , and your fear will be transferred to an animal. When owners are afraid of their own to clean the dog 's ears , it is better to contact your veterinarian . The specialist will do everything himself .

check the ears of a dogcheck the ears of a dogTo start you need to prepare all the necessary inspection and cleaning ears items.
  1. You will need a collar and leash can be attached.This will give your pet to understand that we should behave.
  2. Solid sticks, cotton pads.Use only strong, long enough stick.
  3. Small but bright flashlight.It is better to choose a lamp with a small diameter, which resembles a stick.
  4. A small mirror.It may be necessary and the mirror to get a better look at the ear canal.
  5. Ointment for cleaning of ears, a special gel, green teaor herbal infusion , " seawater " or salt water with calendula tincture . You can clean the ears and plain water , but it must first boil and then cool. Green tea is good softens ears, relieves irritation . Infusion marshmallow , chamomile, calendula also softens the skin , while it has anti-inflammatory effects , as well as " sea water " . For its preparation is necessary to dissolve a spoonful of soda , salt in a glass of water. Be careful not to leave grains .
  6. Tool to simplify the procedure.When the dog is quite capricious , is to use a special ointment to clean the ears. Since it is much easier to operate . You put the ointment in the ears, and then removes it when it disperse on auricles . This method is particularly relevant for small lapdogs who usually do not like such procedures , begin to act up .
  7. Dainty gift.Encourage the animal should be every time you view, clean ears.
When all you need is already prepared , it can be made ​​to work. Note : clean the ears thoroughly when they are quite heavily contaminated. If there is only a small plaque on the outside of the ear , you can just take it off and do not clean the passage .

Clean the dog's ears
First, make sure all the necessary inspection and cleansing ears items in place.
  1. Prepare your dog for inspection . Play with your pet . You can " introduce " him with a cotton swab disk. Let the dog sniff an unknown object , inspect them and make sure that they are harmless . Of course, these sticks will not need to use .
  2. Put a dog collar, leash.
  3. Wash your hands or wear medical gloves.
  4. Take a flashlight, a clean, dry cotton pad and stick.
  5. Please pay attention to ear.
  6. If dirt is not very much, enough to wipe the ear trained staff.
  7. When the ears are very dirty , you need to thoroughly clean the ear . Then gently clean the ear canal . It is better to use the ointment , or moisten a cotton swab in green tea , herbal infusion . Movement should be smooth , cautious. Guide them inside pass outward to remove it the dirt and not condense sulfuric cork.
  8. After cleaning the ear canal from the heavy pollution, it is necessary once again to remove plaque from the ear.
After cleaning the dog's ears, it is desirable to treat ear special soothing composition, herbal extract.

Be sure to entertain your dog after the procedure.