How to decorate a wedding champagne bottle?

At the wedding to give gifts and souvenirs . One of these gifts can be beautifully designed and decorated with a bottle of champagne . It requires imagination , consumables and instruments defined composition . In some European countries there is a tradition of decorating two bottles of champagne for the bride and groom a satin red ribbon or each bottle to draw their comic image.

Beautiful painted bottles with their own hands
As champagne is the traditional drink for the wedding, and the bottle can be painted festive and unusual.
  • brushes of different sizes;
  • paint (preferably acrylic);
  • decorative elements (sequins, sand, bulonki, feathers);
  • colorless liquid glue;
  • stencils;
  • clear varnish (eg, nail or hair).
First of all, you need to consider the future composition. If the wedding is held in a certain style, theme , and then the champagne bottles can be decorated by following this style . For example, for a wedding in Hawaiian style with fine sand , paint and feathers can create a beach landscape . All decorative el
ements are sold in stores for creativity or nail art ( art nail decoration ) are the optimal size and easily mounted on a liquid adhesive . For each topic , you can select a suitable composition.

If a traditional wedding, you can paint the bottle of champagne doves, rings, hearts, or abstract patterns. For example, the lace. Before applying acrylic paints wipe bottle degreasing solution and allow to dry. So lay down smoother strokes, lines will be clearer, and the pattern will last a long time. To make better use of patterns thin brush, as well as for drawing. For larger items (body dove, cars, bride, groom suit, etc.) - thick brush. If you are unsure of your creativity, you can use the children's stencils, striking figure on them. In the painting, apply a protective clear coating (varnish). If this hairspray, then it is necessary to spray, keeping the vial in 25 cm from the bottle. Protective coating is applied only on the drawing completely dried.

Beautiful label with his own hands
If you are drawing far from ideal or want something a little more interesting, you can make the label to decorate bottles with their own hands. For example, a photo newlyweds on one side and the other regards. Photography can be ordered in a special workshop where they were printed on self-adhesive paper. The second option - the usual photo and paste transparent liquid glue, glue the edges carefully. In both cases, the image must be applied carefully and evenly. The label can be issued with regards to any particular style, for example, to print out the template. Or fully draw by hand, with the date of the wedding, the name of the donor. It is desirable to have a beautiful and neat handwriting. The label also can be done at the very bottle, engrave on glass. It is important to choose a master of his craft, to come up with the original request.

Beautiful celebratory bottle of champagne in each country is perceived differently. For example, in France, the couple donated two bottles , one open on the anniversary of the wedding , and the second birth of the first child . This tradition is gaining momentum in Russia now . In Germany, it decided to keep the two bottles to fifteenth wedding anniversary . At the same time no one stops to think out and their family traditions . Perhaps uniquely decorated wedding champagne bottles become a symbol of family well-being ?