How to meet the young after the registrar?

We live in a very interesting and peculiar time when tradition and progress meet, intertwine and form a new, meet new realities, rituals. And this adaptation is perceived as something logical and normal, it fits easily into life. In particular, modern wedding ceremonies inherited most of the classic techniques and scenario steps the procedure folk wedding, but it drastically changed the embodiment of some of them. This is not surprising, because our grandparents, and even more so of their ancestors, have joined their lives are not in the registry office and in church. Yes, and registry offices as such at the beginning of the last century, it was not simple. And if earlier met the young home after the wedding, but now they are met after returning from the registrar. That does not negate the need to know and use are certain rules governing this procedure.

Features meeting young after the registrar
Most people , even non- married and only planning her own wedding , and have a very rough idea of ​​how and where
the meeting of the newlyweds after the registrar , who participate in it and what attributes are used . So let's first schematic outline the main points of reference upon which this ceremony :
  1. Today, the newlyweds met two sets of parents , and in the old days did the groom's parents , the home of the bride who comes . If one of the parents divorced or widowed , it participates in the meeting alone or with your new spouse . Reception and godparents also have the right to meet on an equal basis with young family.
  2. Meeting of young begins as soon as they come out of the wedding hall . In theory, you can start it in the lobby of the registrar general , but taking into account the information in the next paragraph , it is better to move out and the ceremony is carried out indoors.
  3. Parents , other relatives and close friends showered newlyweds grain, coins , sweets and rose petals. In some interpretations of cereal and the money is used only when the output of the bride and groom out of the house on the way to the registrar. But the more affordable options allow free interpretation of the rules - most importantly, that the symbolism was beautiful and intuitive to all present .
  4. Previously, after the wedding ceremony the couple went home, where they waited for set table . Now banquets often carried out in restaurants and cafes , so that the next meeting regularly transferred to the prepared public institution .
  5. On the threshold of young greet parents , in whose hands are the icon , towel and a loaf with salt on it. Newlyweds bow and listen to their parents blessing. Traditionally , the groom's parents are turning a speech to the bride and the bride's parents - the groom (as opposed to the blessing before the wedding , when my parents farewell own child ) , thereby accepting a new member into the family.
    How to meet the young after the registrar?
  6. After the blessing, the young break off a piece of bread and eat them , dipping in salt. Anyone whose piece will be more on the legend gets a better chance to boss in the family. Modernity has added this tradition of Romanticism share , according to which the young do not eat bread , and fed them with each other.
  7. Once the pieces are eaten loaf , newlyweds tray glasses of champagne to wash down the bread . Sparkling wine to drink to the dregs , and preferably in one gulp. Empty glasses young without looking back over her shoulder throw , so that they broke "for luck ."
  8. Then carry a loaf on the table laid for honeymooners, and put in its head.
In this immediate meeting of young registrar is finished and begin to further celebrate the joyous event . When planning your wedding day , guided by these stages of developments , but do not forget that they can diversify and adjust to the peculiarities of their own ceremony. This applies to both merchandise and manipulation with it . This creative approach does not violate the basic canvas wedding , but make it more sincere and personalized .

Meeting of young registrar
So, the bride and groom have declared husband and wife.
  1. On either side of the door are all guests, creating a corridor through which to go young. Children's better to put in the front row, but in general - a desire to focus on the participants of the ceremony. Some of the relatives responsible for the procedure of "shedding" the newlyweds symbolic benefits, must first give everyone present this material. This same person know when the young and gives guests the team throwing flower petals in them (symbolizing love and tenderness), candy (the sweet life and pleasure), money (material wealth) and cereals (prosperity and fertility). You can dilute the mixture is shiny confetti, streamers, etc. It will not hurt as warn visitors not to get a young person to make the holiday did not have to endure in the Department of Traumatology.
  2. Photographer and videographer should be ready and fully capture the output of the newlyweds from the registrar . This is one of the most touching moments and beautiful wedding , so guests need to implement it as soon as possible beautiful. Soft music and greetings will be suitable soundtrack .
  3. Overcoming a corridor under a stream of candy and coins , the young sit in the car and go to the place of the banquet , and / or other festive events . At the same time parents need to discuss in advance with the drivers the way to arrive there a bit sooner honeymooners and meet them at the door.
  4. Young fit to the parents so that the bride to the right of the groom.
  5. The words of blessing may not be standardized and memorized by heart, the main thing that they were sincere and came from the heart. It is important to wish the young love, peace and well-being, they are on their own to build a happy and strong family.
  6. Young break off ( if desired - bite without using hands ) of a loaf , eating bread and washed down with champagne , swipe in decorated glasses on a silver tray . Break glasses, bow to the parents at the waist and put your hands (the bride - left , the groom - right ) , a towel tied to them at the elbows.
  7. After that, the young, and behind them - parents and other guests come into the room.
During the evening, a loaf can be divided among the guests , or to keep and take with them to the house of a young family . But the salt is removed from the table , you do not accidentally spill the salt and not to provoke a quarrel . Towel , which hands were tied , and the icons , who met the young, are stored for many years and protect young people, and then their children, from all of life's troubles. As for the flowers and chocolates , they tend to understand present at the wedding of the children and gives them a lot of joy .

All attributes used in a meeting after the young church or registry office wedding, have been tested by many generations of families. Each of them carries its own meaning and importance for the prosperity of the newlyweds. Even breaking off from the loaf can be interpreted attentive audience: simultaneous - as a sign of harmony between the bride and groom, consistent - as distributions supremacy and subordination. Therefore, if you want your wedding went without a hitch and all the guardians of the traditions of praise, try to take into account even the smallest features.