How do I find information about a person?

In today's world people are actively using the Internet and social networks to communicate, find lost friends, former colleagues, or just to find out information about your favorite girl is much easier than, say only some fifteen years ago. Then the only way to find out information about the person was using the information of the competent authorities, and to do so could very limited circle of people. Currently, anyone can with high probability to receive interesting information about the desired person totally legal manner, will not turning and not waiting until the data will be created and issued. To do this, only use the power of the Internet skillfully.


The thing is that people are spending time on the Internet or communicating in social networks will inevitably leave traces , which can be easily calculated . And the built-in search features on many websites promote rapid finding people and getting information about them .

Consider the most effective ways of how to find information about a person on th
e Internet.
  1. Start Search best with sites that are designed for this - from the search engines Yandex and Google. In the remaining time the search engines can not even spend, since they either use the results of the above major companies or have much poorer search databases , which significantly reduces the probability of finding the desired information .

    Type in the search query as a name enclosed in double quotes , or just the name and the name in quotation marks if you do not know patronymic . For example, " Lyudmila Sidorova " or " Lyudmila Sidorova ." After the quotes can refine your search by adding the year of birth and city of residence of the wanted person.

    The chances of getting the information you need on the increase as people actively spend time in the network, and more than the original combination of name he has . For a combination of " Ivan Ivanov " to seek the necessary information will be very difficult .

    As a rule, if the necessary information is not found is not the first 5-10 pages of search results, it will not continue.
  2. Consult with the popular social networks.

    Tell us briefly how and in what social networks you need to search.
    This social network is necessary to give preference , if you wanted a person is old enough , he graduated from high school and possibly secondary or higher education institution . It logically follows from the orientation of the social network.

    Go to the site Odnoklassniki , using their login and password . In the search box in the upper right corner, enter a search term in the form of " Last Name City ," but without the quotation marks . Immediately found a list of people that match your query . Focusing on photographs you can easily find the desired person , if registered on this site .

    search for information about a person in Odnoklassnikisearch for information about a person in Odnoklassniki

    If you are interested in a man found, but you can not see the desired information from the setting of the page , since it is only visible to his friends , then create a request to add to friends , and you'll see after the approval of the necessary data .

    Social network in which active audience younger than classmates.

    To find information about a person in the service sign in with your username and password. The search box located in the upper left-hand corner , enter the name and surname of the person. Found people will be presented in a list with photographs , focusing on which you can find the person , and information about it.

    Search for information about a person Vkontakte.ruSearch for information about a person

    The largest social network in the world, but not in our country.

    To find information about a person using Facebook need to login with your username and password. At the top of the page in the search box enter the query as " First Name Last Name City " ( without the quotation marks ) and view the results. Priority on behalf of the name is explained by the fact that the foreign site , and uses in its work standards adopted in the West.

    how to find information about a person through Facebookhow to find information about a person through Facebook

    My World
    Good for finding people who use e-mail and other related services . One of them is "My World ." Sign it with a login address and password. Above right , enter the query as " Last Name City " and then click " Find ." Process results .

    an information search service My Worldan information search service My World

All other social networks have a much smaller audience coverage, which significantly reduces the chances of finding the right people.

As you can see in our days to find out information about a person is not so difficult.