How to return an item without a receipt?

According to the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights , each customer has the right to return to the point of sale in two cases: when the purchased goods turned out to be of poor quality or when a quality product on any characteristics of the buyer is not satisfied . In both cases, the law is on the side of consumers and ensures a replacement product or a refund . Buyer's right to bring a claim the shop can be implemented if certain mandatory conditions .


How to return an item without a receipt
Most people are serious enough safety checks issued on the sale of goods. It often happens that when buying household appliances, clothing , shoes or other goods , the check immediately flying into the trash . And only the house turns out that the purchased item has shortcomings , and its quality does not meet the expectations of the buyer .

To your requirement to replace the goods or refund was granted without a check, you need to enlist the testimony of a witness who will confirm that the purchase was mad
e ​​in the store. In addition, you can produce store warranty card duly filled in on the day of purchase of goods store employees , as well as any other documents that directly or indirectly support the purchase . But even in the absence of documents store must accept low-quality goods .

To return the defective goods without a receipt, you should write an application-claim.

The text of the statement must specify the date of purchase, name brand (model) of the product, its cost. Then should specify under what circumstances and when the defect was detected. Clearly specify your requirement to return the money for the product or replace it with quality. If, nevertheless, acquired the whole thing you are satisfied, you may request removal from the store detected defect; reduce the value of the goods in proportion to the detected defect, as well as compensation for expenses incurred by you to independently overcome the disadvantages of the goods. Your request should be properly reflected in the statement.

In the document you can write that check has been lost, and to indicate the witness who is ready to confirm the purchase of the goods in the store. The application is written in two copies , put the date and the signature of the buyer . One copy is given to the representative of commercial enterprise and the second applicant reserves currently. At the instance of the applicant must necessarily be a mark of the responsible person . Usually this merchandiser or director . They have to put the date of receipt of the application , indicate their position, surname , name and sign .

As for the terms , return the defective product to the store can be for the entire warranty period, the purchase and the expiration date of the goods. Other possible in cases where the period of return of the goods otherwise stated terms of the contract when buying expensive things .

However, no harm will know that there is a list of goods that can not be returned under any circumstances . First of all, it is - cosmetics and perfumes , textiles and some other goods , the list of which is determined by RF Government Decree .

If you buy just do not like
Return can not only defective goods, but also one that is simply no longer suit you.

Application for return must contain the exact name of trade enterprise , full details of the buyer. The text of the statement must specify when , what goods and at what price you have been bought . Then you need to articulate a claim not approached the size, color , equipment , etc. As in the case of low-quality goods , the buyer has the right to require it to replace the goods that will satisfy all of its characteristics, or to request a refund .

The application for a refund or replacement of goods must be submitted no later than 14 days from the date of purchase.
  • the thing you bought was not used;
  • marketable items preserved in perfect condition;
  • goods lost their consumer properties;
  • present factory labels;
  • the seals are broken.

Of course, if you still have this check, the problems with the refund will not.

Application for return contains the exact name of trade enterprise , full details of the buyer. The text of the statement must specify when , what goods and at what price you have been bought . Then you need to articulate a claim not approached the size, color , equipment , etc.

The application is written in two copies, one of which is transferred to the representative of the store, and the second, a receipted goods manager or director of the receipt of the claim remains with the applicant.

It is enough that the seller made the reception of the goods and you do not need the money back.

If a commercial enterprise solution to delays or even refuse to satisfy the claim , contact the Committee on Consumer Protection , which will help you make a claim and resolve your question in court.