How to respond to a compliment?

" Today you are adorable !" "How are you this dress !" " The work is perfect! " - All this you can listen to the music - forever. Compliments make the heart beat faster , the surrounding reality is painted in bright colors, and the mood improves. Only reason we often mumble in response , "Yes, this is an old dress , I had almost no wear ," or " Nothing complicated about it was not the report as a report ," confused and internally shrinking into a ball ?

And this happens very often. In response to the nice words in his address , we with crimson cheeks Burkan something unintelligible ! Meanwhile, the right to respond to a compliment is not too difficult. It is only necessary to learn how to respond to compliments . And since in our plans - to hear pleasantness in his address frequently and regularly , learn the art of answering them immediately need . Let's get started .
What prevents glad compliment?
The reasons can be several.

In addition, we often believe that praise is not deserved. For example, compliment
ing his business qualities we can take quite favorably , but the praise of outstanding external data is an internal disturbance . Or vice versa. We are willing to accept only those accolades , with the content of that agree . So pay attention to what kind compliments confuse you the most , and work on your self-esteem in this area .

Another reason that praise can not be joy you feel that you have it to something binding, or suspect , that says it all with an ulterior motive : to you need something . Forget it - most often spoken words of admiration quite frankly , and certainly to anything you do not oblige . Maximum - praise in return.

What to say in response?
Sometimes, to enjoy the good things in your address only impediment that we do not really know how to respond to a compliment . And since we do not know - let the winds : refute " false " information justifies or even ignore what was said. None of this needs to be done , especially the latter : since you can offend a man who sincerely tell you nice things . Take a compliment , or even better - trust in him.

Be sure to smile at someone who said a pleasant , he must see that his words reached the goal . And thank . Average sincere "thank you " will suffice . If you praise a specialist in some question ( makeup complimented makeup , a friend that you think the standard of taste and style , noted how well-matched bag , and the tax inspector was delighted by your statements ) , say: " From you it is especially nice to hear.

In praise of your work from the chef cheerfully replied: " Thank you ! We try ! " . And if you do not try it alone - it's time to order corporate solidarity to mention those who are with you hand in an excellent result. Without prejudice to its own role in this , but not others attributing itself merits .

Even if all of a sudden you treacherously zaaleli cheeks and you're ready to sink into the ground, will not fail, but to be honest: "You embarrass me even, but I am very pleased to hear it!" - And do not forget to smile.

Beware of flattery!
So we are arranged : a man who tells us compliments and shows sympathy , it seems very nice and deserves all the attention and participation. But if after a series of praises followed by " small request " to perform that you do not want to - do not perform . And if the line of duty or because of the social status you often listened to praise in his address and some of them do not seem to you sincere ? Recipe: " smile and thank ," and there will be effective .

In order not to become conceited from an abundance of compliments, remember the words of Martti sometimes Larni that compared with the spirits of the flattery: you can revel in their scent, but it does not need to drink.