How to behave in the church?

Man is designed so that God remembers most difficult moments in his life when assistance is no longer waiting on someone . Then God becomes the last hope . Hot and sincere prayer to God, often eliminating the problems of man , and he quickly forgets about God. Until next trouble or tragedy in their lives.

But among modern people many of those who would be happy to ask for help to the Creator, but do not know how to do it right, do not know how to pray, quite familiar with the rules of behavior in the temple.
How to behave in the church?
Going to the temple, we must remember that the most important is the purity of the soul, sincerity and kindness of our thoughts turned to the Creator.

Before entering the temple to stop three times and crossed himself each time making bows. For those who are going to cross the threshold of the church for the first time, this simple action is often a big problem. Take the time to go to the temple, if your hand refuses to obey you and does not want to be baptized. You are not sp
iritually prepared for communion with God. You go to the temple to ask God for something serious and important, and can not perform such a trifle! Your spirit is too weak to give the necessary strength to your treatment to the Lord and to be heard.

If you manage to sincerely boldly crossed himself and worship , you can safely go to the temple - the first exam you survived perfectly well. Women and girls of school age must go to the temple with his head covered , and men - to remove headgear .

Before starting the service, you can submit a note on the health of their relatives and separately - for the repose of the dead.

Upon entering the room of the temple, even crossed himself three times , each time bowing and reciting the short prayer : " O God, cleanse me a sinner ( tion ), and have mercy on me ", " God be merciful to me a sinner ( CB ) ", " Holy Mother of God , save me a sinner (CSOs ) . "

If at this time there is service do not prevent believers , take place where you will be well heard reciting prayers and singing of the choir . Do not take the main passage leading from the entrance to the royal doors . During the service should not be treated with their own requests to the Lord , you only need to listen to the prayers , choir and try to fully feel the energy of what is happening . Try to be and feel like a participant , not a spectator service.

Only at the end of life comes a time for personal communication with God. If you wait until the start of service to put the candle , you can do it now. It does not matter where you put the candle , and what they will be in size and price. However, in the days of the death of your family , it is desirable to put a candle in the canon , and standing next to the table to put him any meal in remembrance of their souls . This can be a biscuit , a package of cereals, candy, bread and others .

If you come to the temple to pray for health, about the success of children in school, help the sons serving in the army ; for help in starting a family , or the conception of children in advance to find out which of the saints pray for the best . You can figure it out and serving the church.

After finding the desired icon, light a candle. It is a symbol of the purity of your soul. It does not matter if you are at this moment will choke tears, weep, give yourself the opportunity to purify - you will feel great relief. You will be much easier to present its request and to make it more convincing. Speaking from a personal prayer to God or the saints need to fully concentrate on what you want to ask. At least for a moment abandon all earthly things. Sincere prayer is able to hot link the man with the supreme source of what people know very well that God hears.

Not everyone gets the answer to his appeal to the Creator . Cold , false and hypocritical heart never rewarded with God's grace , yet will ask blessings for themselves , and at the same time to hurt , humiliate and cheat people. Such a person can get a coveted benefit, but not from a divine source , and quite another in which it is better not to walk because he sucks as a swamp , and leads to the abyss .

Unfortunately, not all people, even among those who are constantly happens in the temple, they know how to behave in church. There are some rules that are desirable to observe. So, we should not idly walk through the temple, especially during the service. If this is the new temple for you, and you will want to consider carefully all the icons, slowly move from one icon to another, the one that is located in the neighborhood, nothing missing. Do not make comments, if someone behaves inappropriately. In the temple, you need to think only about their own sins and shortcomings, but not to judge others. If you come to the temple with the child, talk to him very quietly, do not let him eat and drink in the church. If the baby cried with him to go outside to calm him down and go back to the temple. On a baby crying during the baptism, of course, this does not apply.

At the exit of the church need to cross three times and worship.

If your appeal to God to be heard, do not forget to come to the church to raise a prayer of thanks.

If you are seriously ill , weakened by prolonged depression or stress , you need to remember that your power is broken, and therefore particularly vulnerable . In such a state does not always participate in the service of the common people is good. Until the recovery is better to go to church and go to the service before it started , while in the temple not crowded .