How to distinguish love from love?

Perhaps not among the entire spectrum of human emotions stronger feeling than love. She rules the world, inspired by the exploits and just support life on the planet. While it is true whether to attribute these achievements that feeling? And do not confuse it with the one called Basic Instinct? Indeed, in a fit of passion the opposite sex may seem so attractive that confess her love for him will not make the slightest labor. Especially if we are talking about an age in which the hormones are a kind of "test drive" and experience does not yet allow good enough to navigate in what is happening. That is, it is young girls and young people often do not know how to distinguish love from love and just drive.

However, there is nothing reprehensible, because the emotions affects all people, and love - all ages. In a burst of feeling, even a mature person can be difficult to soberly assess their condition and behavior. And still need to strive to observe, analyze and draw correct conclusions about what is happening
not only in body but also in soul and mind. Featuring bright but fleeting and superficial impression of genuine, long and deep experiences. It is not too difficult, if the time to pull myself together and how to find out, without neglecting the important features that distinguish love from love. He made them we offer to talk. But getting to know the following information, do not forget to interpret and apply it to yourself. The only way to avoid mistakes and to distinguish love from love.

What is love
Emotional sphere - is very complex and multifaceted. All people are different, and the expression of feelings is very much dependent on the temperament, character, education, life experience, and even the hormonal status of every person. Still, psychologists and neurologists are working in vain. They managed to create at least a schematic representation of the steps that takes almost everyone who met on the course of life a strong passion. No matter whether the feeling would be mutual, and how the development will have a new relationship, love can be divided into two main parts: enthusiasm and love itself. Each of them has its own characteristics and typical manifestations.
  1. Inspirationthere is almost the same moment, when you see the person you are interested in. You do not know who he is, what his name was and how old he is, but he is different in your eyes from surrounding other people. With this second you'll be as The beaten him on the general background and unconsciously seek among others. You admire in all new acquaintance: his voice, eyes, facial features, facial expressions, manner of dress, humor and hobbies. But at the same shortcomings leveled, and great value may acquire such minor nuances among these values ​​as the shape of the lips, eye color and even the style of shirt. Inspiration can last from a couple of days to a couple of months, then either dissipates or moves to the next, a little more conscious stage - love.
  2. LoveIt comes in the wake of enthusiasm if you were able to continue to communicate with the person concerned. Do you dare to speak to him and found that he really is as beautiful, what seemed to you at first glance. When he's around - your heart beats faster, cheeks flushed, and the time flies by. When he was not around, you will find yourself on the fact that almost constantly think about it, remembering his words and imagine what he was doing at that moment without you. All this indicates that in your mind living this way is not really existing, and you met the person, and imagined how would you like to see your ideal chosen. If you understand this time, you can even derive some benefit from this state: it will help you understand exactly what you are looking for in a life partner, what want to see a loved one and what its quality need most. But avoid tightly bind these traits with reality - probably most of them invented by you.
Love at both stages has the features inherent to a greater extent than love.
How to distinguish love from love?
  • The idealization of the partner- A rose-colored glasses that you wear 24 hours a day and look at the beloved exclusively through them. There is not a man more handsome , smarter and more attractive than your sweetheart . All the other people seem to be unworthy of his little finger. Deficiencies he is not and can not be by definition !
  • Over-emotionalIn a state where you reside . You talk a lot and loudly , often smiling and ready for any madness , especially when watching them the object of your passion. You so want to make it exclusive, the most favorable impression !
  • Obsession partner.Wherever you are, whatever doing, your thoughts always returned to him, and actions are directed at him. In a clothing store you're looking for something that would fit him in the grocery store - that it seems tasty. Even in the dog show you manage to find exactly the rock that had to be to his liking !
  • Impatience in the desires and acts.You need all at once , here and now . A slight delay , or being late for an appointment is equivalent to a disaster , because you will spend the extra 5 minutes apart . You probably prefer to spend polzarplaty airfare than three times as long to go to a meeting with dear friend on the bus. There is no time to wait !
  • Touchinessfor everyone who dares to question the value of your feelings to your beloved or exclusivity . Are you ready to respond without thinking it rude to rush to protect her lover and prove to the world that no one dares to speak ill of your partner . Insults against him you are taking into your account , and the point !
What is love
Love - an amazing feeling, especially because it is associated with love and strongly separated from her. Love often comes from love, but at the same time can completely deny its ideals. These two feelings are similar and do not look at the same time. But, just like love, love has its periods and regular tapas development. And it should be noted that they can only occur after two stages of love described above. If, within three to six months, sometimes up to a year, the relationship between the new acquaintances have not stopped, they will inevitably develop into force unit of the human psyche, and sooner or later will come to the following steps:
How to distinguish love from love?
  1. Love classic.Perhaps it is not for nothing is the best, most valuable and rare feeling among people. To reach it is possible to love after only a small part of the partners, particularly in view of varying degrees and the depth of their love to each other. And only if the purpose of life positions and personality traits of the two people are the same, they form a solid couple, bound by this love. It is a long felt that feeling, two genuinely care about each other, seek help and support. They are ready to sacrifice themselves for the welfare of a loved one and to give more to him than to take yourself. This balance of comfort is still observed - provided that the feeling is mutual and equivalent on both sides. Such love can be called sales.
  2. Affection- A deep, peaceful feeling that comes after love. It is more measured, it does not involve explosions of passion and takes all character flaws, age, behavior of a partner. Even difficult to name two people at this stage of the relationship partners - because they have become family, really inextricably linked. The attachment can be regarded as the final stage of a love relationship, but that does not mean what it says about the final. On the contrary, the attachment may last until death spouses and sometimes takes the lion's share of the lifetime. Love love - a love multiplied by habit, comfort and mutual understanding. It is the pinnacle of feelings that a human being is capable of experiencing.
Like love, love inherent characteristic features.
  • Knowledge Partner, The features of his character and personality traits . Not only its advantages , but also disadvantages. For your favorite - just a man . It is the road for you personally , but in the world there are other people , and the best and the worst . You do not need nobody but loved - but not because it is perfect but because he - he , and others simply do not have these . And even if it is - you will not go and find out . Nobody else you just do not need .
  • Tranquility- Peaceful , steady state of confidence , without emotional outbursts . You always remember a loved one , but the thought of it does not close cause stress and calm and warm feeling. You are not afraid to leave him for a minute , even for a day, because exactly know what will soon see , and both will be glad this meeting . The inner and outer harmony - that's a sign of this , "quality " of love .
  • Development- Own and assistance in the development of a loved one , broaden their horizons together and singly , the exchange of experience and new knowledge . In general , a lot of important and constructive information about the world and life in addition to the relationship. All this makes love itself deeper , productive and fulfilling . Because only the union of two individuals can be developed and strong interest for both.
  • Patience and tolerance.Your sense was not born yesterday, and you do not expect it from one day to the final day. You do not think about time , do not rush things , do not customize a partner - and simply live for today and enjoy the moment. At heart, knowing exactly what you do in front of a lot of time to be happy and you will have time to complete all the planned and what has yet to come up and want later.
  • The ironystems from the knowledge of yourself and your loved one , as well as understanding the nature of the relationship , all the pitfalls and the inevitability of some moments in life. It gives you the strength to meet the test , with a smile and dignity to overcome them . This acceptance of their own choice , understanding its values ​​, awareness of their own imperfection and indulgence to the faults of others . Ultimately, it is the reluctance to compare .
Love and Love: similarities and differences
How to distinguish love from love?Thoughtful comparison sign of love and love is in itself should show you their expressive features: both advantages and disadvantages. Both the first and the second lot in both senses. And yet, it is almost impossible to make a choice in favor of something one and reject the second - in fact in this case, your life would be devoid of many faces. Because love and love - is, in fact, the manifestation of the sensual side of human nature . In this they are one and inseparable , that is their value and interaction .

And if you're still in doubt about what is on stage are your personal feelings at the moment, try to pass a little test yourself honestly answer yourself the following questions . Periodically, they would not want to ask , you can even arrange a regular re-certification - for example, every spring , or after meeting with the new nice the opposite sex :
  1. What is your appetite?
  2. Do you feel an emotional "break" in the absence of a partner or can safely wait until the next meeting with him?
  3. Covers Do you have a sense of jealousy at the thought of your beloved at this time can talk and / or spend time with other people, even of the same sex?
In general, even these few answers will be enough to sort out what was happening. Just keep in mind that true love does not deprive of appetite and sleep, without getting nervous and did not provoke outbreaks of jealousy. All these manifestations are characteristic of passionate love and are fraught with the emergency "go-ahead" - as if the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. So try to keep yourself in their hands and not to the will of the storm of emotion, as if you wanted to. Keep inner balance and self-confidence. It is only such a tactic helps to attract, retain and fall in love with the person they want. And then only the two of you will depend on whether you can turn your love into love. Take care of each other, their feelings and be happy!