How fast before Communion?

Sacrament of Holy Communion ( Eucharist ) is impossible to pre- Lent, home of prayer and confession. Fasting allows us to humble their bodily passions , renounce earthly pleasures , look inside yourself and get closer to the realization of sin . Prayer is a "bridge" between the physical and spiritual nature of man ; She is a further strengthening to prepare for sincere repentance committed on confession. But it all begins with the post.

In Orthodoxy for one calendar year there are four multi-day fasting ( Great , Petrov , Assumption and Christmas ) and a large number of one-day ( Wednesday, Friday , Epiphany Eve , The Beheading of St. John the Baptist , Exaltation of the Cross ) . With strict observance of special multi-day fasting fasting before communion is not necessary. The only exception is fish - from the need to give it three days before the sacrament.

Believers , do not follow the established Church positions at the beginning need to talk with the priest , who plans to confess. Admission to the sacr
ament of confession is carried out after - accordingly, this conversation can not be avoided . Typically, the priests set strict ( permitted use of plant foods , fresh and cooked , seasoned with vegetable oil ), a three-day fast, but depending on the capabilities of the human and other factors led only to them , this period may be extended to seven days.

Believers strictly observed as multi-day and one-day fasts, in turn, can look forward to some relief , but they are also in the beginning must agree with the priest . The same goes for people who suffer from some diseases , and pregnant women , if for health reasons they can not refuse from taking a particular food and medicines , in the beginning they should notify the priest, and only then proceed to the post .

Medicines should not be taken before the communion , since communion - the medicine is not only for the soul , but also for the body. Herbal teas , vitamin supplements and ointments during Lent allowed. It banned drugs are only used inside products .

Minimum post before Communion lasts three days. It involves the rejection of animal foods - meat and dairy products, eggs, butter, alcohol. Smokers should stop smoking, or at least try to do it. During Lent, it is desirable not only to refrain from the "forbidden" food, but also of everything that brings a person pleasure in earthly life - sex, entertainment (discos, theaters, concerts, watching TV, etc.) and all kinds of excesses in including lean food (fasting and overeating - are incompatible!).

On the eve of the sacrament , since midnight , it prohibited the use of any food and water. Brushing your teeth after midnight as it is impossible. If Communion is necessary for the night ( Christmas, Easter ), the strict fasting begins - at least eight hours before the sacrament (around five in the evening ) .

Many Orthodox go to Communion on Sunday . In this case, the post before communion actually lasts three or four days to lean Thursday, Friday and Saturday joined almost always lean environment , with the only difference being that while it is allowed to fish. On the continuum Week ( week when fasting Wednesday and Friday are canceled ) medium turns out not lean , but the post before Communion still need to comply with .

Children under seven years of fasting and communion without confession, but the sooner parents will teach them to abstinence and realize their sins, the better.