As a communion in the Church?

Religious beliefs - a deeply personal subject for each person. Some make it their moral compass, the other almost no attention to religious feelings. But the vast majority of our compatriots, and humanity as a whole, takes a position between these views, adhering moderately respectful view of faith and attending church only on major holidays. Perhaps you, too, belong to this large group, just interested in the communion of the church, but does not own a deep enough knowledge of this ritual. Meanwhile, the sacrament - it is one of the Seven Sacraments of the Christian Church and the foundation of its service.

What is the sacrament
Holy Communion , the Lord's Supper and the Eucharist - are all different names for the same sacrament. Through him Christians attached to the Body of Jesus Christ and His blood , eating the consecrated bread and wine . The Gospel contains information about what the Redeemer himself established this ritual at the Last Supper on the day before the crucifixion . Since then, the ritual
meal symbolizes the memory of Him , His death and resurrection . It is not only the memory of the deity , but a literal connection to him when he enters the faithful with food and drink.

Communion in the Church is the first step of man to God , but not everyone can accept it. This action should be informed and voluntary. As evidence of his intention to force a parishioner should morally and actions to prepare for the sacrament , some effort . Demonstrating the true purity of thought and desire , you will be entitled to receive communion in the church and connect with her. But this is always preceded by a certain preparation .

Prepare for communion
Only small children up to 7 years old, because of their age and internal fairness, do not require special purification before Communion.
  1. Observe a fast physical and spiritual.It can take from one to three days, depending on the state of your health. Before the start of fasting should be to make peace, to ask forgiveness from all those who might be offended by you. Observe moderation in eating and drinking, to abstain from fasting foods, which are meat, eggs, butter and dairy products. If the post is strict, then at that time and fish should be excluded from the diet. But the most important thing in the post - "is not the other, and themselves," that is not to experience negative emotions, sadness and anger, do not show aggression to behave kindly and help others. A stricter attitude to yourself, do not let the cursing and swearing, notice all of their misdeeds and fix them. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, as well as intimacy. Do not go to places of entertainment, television viewing replace reading books.
  2. Pray house in the morning and evening.Prayer contains a special rule to prepare for Communion : Canon of the Lord Jesus Christ , Prayer Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos , the canon of the Guardian Angel , they are read in a few days . Canon succession for Holy Communion is read separately on the eve of Communion . You should also read the morning and evening prayers .
  3. Read spiritual literatureGospel.
  4. Attend worshipIncluding the evening, on the eve of Communion and Divine Liturgy, immediately before or after that (in different churches in different ways) takes the rite of Communion.
  5. Confessed before the liturgy.We need to know when the priest takes confession is your temple. Pre- think about what will repent , to comprehend his life and deeds . In order to not forget the exciting moment of their sins , they can be written on paper and the priest read from the sheet . You will feel that the upright confession not only allows communion , but also makes you a cleaner, easier and freer internally . If you have to confession for the first time , it is enough to recognize their misdeeds , sincerely sorry for them, and purify the conscience of repentance .
The most important thing to have in your heart was humility, repentance and determination to continue to lead a pious life . Communion may even have all baptized Christians who are experiencing these feelings . It is believed that their soul is purified Confession and Communion protects the soul from temptation and fills grace.

How is the communion of the church
On the day appointed for your communion , do not eat breakfast , come to church early and feel its atmosphere and tune in a desired fashion . Then, confess and expect to communion during the service ( it can be as Mass and the liturgy )
  1. Shortly before its completion will sing "Our Father" , will open the Holy Doors of the iconostasis and the congregation will make a holy relic - the cup of the body and blood of the Savior. It is consecrated bread and Cahors , they styled wine and bread . The cup is set on a hill called the pulpit , the priest at the time reads a special prayer , " Lord, I believe , and I confess that Thou art truly the Christ, the Son of the living God ."
  2. Each of those present in the church who approach the chalice, the priest gives Communion from the spoon.
  3. People far from the church and the temple is rarely, often confused with the need to taste the wine and bread with a total for all present spoon. If so, you took a really hard decision to partake, then faith must relieve you of this fear and, especially, of disgust. You may soothe the fact that it is not aware of any case where someone has been infected by the Communion, even in the hospital chapel. Moreover, those gifts that remain after Communion Chalice believers, consume clergymen, and not be afraid to get sick, even during epidemics. Thus, every believer must subdue his disgust, and with it the pride to take the Blessed Sacrament.
  4. Before you leave the walls of the temple , wait for the Divine Liturgy and kiss the cross. All these activities bring you closer to Christ , gives your heart the happiness and salvation. These priceless gifts , it is important not to lose , but to preserve the heart and outside the temple .
  5. Communion in the church in the morning or in the afternoon, spend the rest of the day calm and wise reflections about God and about his life, pray, do good deeds and keep internal harmony, finding in the temple.
Church lovingly accepts and gives communion to his children, except for some special cases. So, you can not partake of those who did not accept Christianity and / or is not of a pectoral cross, as well as to those who forbade the priest himself communion for one reason or another. And, of course, you can not partake of those who are not prepared for this sacrament spiritually, who are not on it's own will or for compliance with foreign procedure. As for pregnant women, they are not only possible, but necessary communion, but the church frees them from the obligation to comply with the physical (food) post.

The frequency and the number of acts of communion in the life of every human being is not regulated and is not limited. In a general sense, you need to partake when it asks your soul, when you pull into the church invisible inner strength. More specific guidance can give a spiritual person. But as the Communion, that is, communion with the Holy Mysteries of Christ, the supreme grace, try not to miss this opportunity to attend the temple. Most parishioners partake once or twice a month. There are also special cases: wedding, baptism, name, great feasts, when the sacrament can not do without. However, it is forbidden to receive communion more than once in a single day. And even if during the service gifts handed out two bowls, taste can only be one of them.

Lent - the best time for repentance and prayer, penance (confession) and Communion during this period should bring you joy and grace. But if you plan to take communion during Lent, remember that you can do it on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the rest period, the Communion of the faithful takes place every weekday. But the most important thing in this sacrament, and that every Christian must understand - not the date and time, nor the act of Communion, and those feelings and thoughts that pop you in the preparation and adoption of Communion.